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  1. Brand new in box Retails for $299 message me located in phx metro
  2. DonkeyMan

    Savage 10 .243 win with scope

    Open to reasonable offers
  3. DonkeyMan

    Savage 10 .243 win with scope

    Pre-Owned Savage 10 in .243. This would make a great truck gun or a starter rifle for a youngster Comes with ~30 rounds of Hornady American white tail ammo and a 3x9 scope. Scope works fine and is zeroed at 100, cosmetic blemish on the ocular ring. $425 OBO Located in Phx North Metro
  4. DonkeyMan

    257 Weatherby. Price reduced.

    PM sent
  5. $950 Cash OBO. Located in Phx metro. Message for a photo of the sealed box. Thanks Donkeyman
  6. DonkeyMan

    Whitetails in 3C

    Congrats on the Bucky!
  7. DonkeyMan

    Kelbly Prometheus SA

    Easy to swap bolt faces though isn't it?
  8. During the rut I have found the deers are less affected by the moons..
  9. DonkeyMan

    Cbp shutting down ports

    Hopefully this is just confined to Lukeville.. I have to cross at AP in January
  10. Brand New In Box Going a different direction These retail for $1600 or so. $1250 cash takes it OBO Located in Phx Metro but willing to meet up most places in the state
  11. DonkeyMan

    Kelbly Prometheus SA

    Would this work for a 6.5 PRC?
  12. DonkeyMan

    Personal best?

    Once upon a time I did ok.
  13. DonkeyMan

    Personal best?

  14. DonkeyMan

    How bout them Devils!

    ASU didn't have far to fall.. buncha gutter dwellers..
  15. DonkeyMan

    2024 Hunt Start Dates?

    Very helpful, thank you!