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  1. DonkeyMan

    Any Ramshot Magnum powders out there?

    I will message you.
  2. DonkeyMan

    Reloading bullets available

    .264/6.5mm 127 GR Barnes LRX 10 boxes of 50. $50 per box or $450 for the lot. .264/6.5mm 140 Berger VLD Target 2 boxes of 100 $50 per box Reasonable offers considered. Located in Phoenix Metro, but can get to Tucson and up I-17 as well
  3. DonkeyMan

    Anybody need any US869 powder?

    I have a few lbs available..
  4. DonkeyMan

    Any Ramshot Magnum powders out there?

    Would you happen to have some IMR 8133 handy by chance?
  5. DonkeyMan

    Any Ramshot Magnum powders out there?

    Ive got a lb of 4350 I can spare.. Maybe some other stuff too.. Shoot me a message please..
  6. DonkeyMan

    Brand New Leupold VX-6 3-18x50 Firedot CDS

    171572 Feel free to shoot me a message with questions. Thanks!
  7. DonkeyMan

    Any Ramshot Magnum powders out there?

    A few different kinds.. US869, 1 lb of Retumbo, Ramshot Hunter, RL17, H4350, a handful of others I can't think of.. What ya looking for?
  8. I would be happy to trade with some of the powders I have. Located in the Phoenix Metro and also can make it to Tucson.
  9. DonkeyMan

    WTB Rifle Scope 4-12 ish

    Hey there sir, I run www.blackmoutainoptics.com if I can be of help let me know. I have many budget friendly options..
  10. DonkeyMan

    scope mountng question

    Howdy Lance! The man, they myth the legend..
  11. That was a cool movie plot with Ice T and Rutget Hauer back in the early 2000's.. My magnum Weatherby may have something to say about that lol
  12. Couldn't agree more. These are all the reasons why we booked, and I am confident as these guys have killed some bomber bucks on a variety of nearby ranches. Its more about the experience for us.
  13. We had the conversation. The expectation has been discussed based on the area. I’m asking what’s normal vs say expectations on a public land AZ hunt
  14. I glassed up a UFO one time, broad day light at 9 am. Had two witnesses with me who also saw a 3 silver orbs attached and moving silently into the wind through a valley. This was not a balloon or an aircraft. Still scratch my head to this day, don't know what it was..