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  1. Thanks for looking. I will cover the ride if you cover any PayPal or credit card fees. Donkeyman
  2. DonkeyMan

    Coues killer for sale

    Bradley, is that you? Former military guy? We know each other. message me
  3. DonkeyMan

    Gila Wilderness Hunting

    Yes it is I talked with Tommy recently. Really nice guys
  4. DonkeyMan

    New Mexico draw

    I drew a deer rifle tag in November unit 16!
  5. DonkeyMan

    New Mexico draw

    Great tag!
  6. DonkeyMan

    New Mexico Wildfires

    I am hopeful the intensity of the fire is not as bad because of the Silver fire from years back.. Less fuel to burn.
  7. Hello, Like new condition, super lightweight scope perfect for coues hunting. Located in Phx Metro Thanks Donkeyman
  8. Hello folks I have one of these available. $1800 shipped. You pay any credit card or PayPal fees. Thanks Donkeyman
  9. Hey there folks, Got lucky in the draw this year in NM. Its an any antlered tag. I know the unit has Muley's, what's the Couesy situation? Thanks Donkeyman
  10. DonkeyMan

    Anyone draw nm unit 23 ?

    I drew 16 this year
  11. Hello, I have a full 8 lb tub of IMR8133 available and some other random 1 lbs cans of various powders. Looking for H1000 or RL23. Willing to sell the 8133 for cash as well
  12. Hello, I have a pair of these available, glass wise they will be better than anything vortex makes except fo the Razor. Yes even better than the kaibabs. Please message me for details. Comes with a tripod mount adapter, hard pelican style case, soft case and eye cups. Thanks Donkeyman 342C4525-A5CA-4EE6-AC65-A66775ED683D.heic
  13. DonkeyMan

    This day in history...

    Very interesting, can you point me in the direction of where you found this information? Thanks Donkeyman
  14. DonkeyMan

    7mm and 6.5 mm reloading bullets for sale

    Roger that I will give the gentleman 24 hours to respond
  15. DonkeyMan

    7mm and 6.5 mm reloading bullets for sale

    I’m up by cave creek, how about you?