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  1. Well stayed and thank you for the kind words. For the record the pistol was for a photo op. It stayed in my bag the whole round..
  2. I hope I can find him. Looked most of the day yesterday, no crows spotted. Going back out today.
  3. I did not. Lost blood after about an 800 yard track. I don’t think he’s dead. Poor shot on my part high and back of center
  4. I’ve literally never met “Casey”.. but apparently he likes to stalk my Facebook and remain anonymous
  5. I did…. And then on a third attempt..
  6. We will see in the morning Casey
  7. You are an absolute coward. Hiding behind the veil of a keyboard.
  8. Thx man. I’m I’m sure someone has bought 4 Coues tags in one year for Mexico and filled them. The question is, has anyone checked these 4 boxes in one year? AZ Coues NM Coues Mexico Coues San Carlos Coues
  9. Thanks man! I will never complain about any deer harvest, let alone a 102 Coues!
  10. Thank you I really appreciate that!
  11. Look outside your window. I had two days to hunt with this storm rolling in. You are absolutely insufferable. May god have mercy on your soul.