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  1. CWpredator

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    So no .338 285 Eld-M available?
  2. CWpredator

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I need some Hornady .338 270gn ELD-X and some 285gn ELD-M. Handful of boxes of each.
  3. CWpredator

    Updates on Outdoor Writer ???

    Well shoot I’m out of the loop. Apparently I’ve had elk tags in the wrong units too far away the past two years that hasn’t warranted a visit. Sorry trphyhntr looks like you’re stuck with waiting for BigLakeJake fishin reports.
  4. CWpredator

    Updates on Outdoor Writer ???

    If your looking for tuna reports (live or dead) just head up the hill to Pete’s Place...
  5. CWpredator

    G&F actions today "disenfranchised" many

    I almost paid a Non resident price for one tag... hope this sh*t gets figured out. Looks like I’ll be on the phone Monday for quite some time. I could understand if the charges fell back off but all 3 are posted and still only 1 tag for the 3 applications we put in.
  6. CWpredator

    G&F actions today "disenfranchised" many

    I was charged for 3 elk tags on Thursday. Myself, my wife, and my dad. All 3 separate applications. We checked our portals this morning and it only shows I’ve drawn a tag. The other two portals show not drawn. The charges have posted and remain posted to the account. This draw is completely Fu*ked up...
  7. CWpredator

    Pissed off

    Wrong... you have until the 17th.
  8. CWpredator

    Tick Tock

    Sorry this isn’t a Swarovski for sale post. I think you’re in the wrong topic. Repot back with your game and fish Digital pink slip...
  9. CWpredator

    Tick Tock

    I hope that everyone that is crying that G&F didn’t draw them when they expected don’t get tags. Love seeing the impatient suffer.
  10. CWpredator

    Aero precision LR308 complete lower with BCG $650

    pm sent
  11. CWpredator

    Double Pin Fast Eddie Spot Hogg

    PM sent
  12. CWpredator

    Where are all the scouting pictures of velvet bulls????

    Hit all my cameras today and freshened up batteries and cards after sitting since early June. Surprisingly not a single one stolen. Only 400ish pictures worth actually saving. I’m not much help though. I only post they dead ones. 2020 is going to be a solid year for AZ. Should be plenty of 260-280 bulls killed............😅
  13. CWpredator

    Max Bonus points

    Anyone have any recommendations on where I should apply with 5 points in Wyoming? Not concerned with a trophy unit just want good public access. I feel I can dig up a good buck if I have a lot of public land to cover. Any information appreciated as this is my first time applying for WY.
  14. CWpredator