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  1. CWpredator

    WTB Remington 700 short action

    Sorry should of listed that in the post. Looking for either Standard .470 or magnum .540 bolt face.
  2. CWpredator

    WTB Remington 700 short action

    Looking for a 700 short action preferably stainless. Will also consider complete rifle ADL, BDL, CDL. condition not of concern. Will take a long action 700 as well for the right price. Send me a message if you have an action or rifle your willing to part with. Thank you, Travis
  3. CWpredator

    FS/Trade - Hodgdon H1000

    Pm sent
  4. CWpredator

    45/70 thunder five revolver

    Pm sent
  5. CWpredator

    December Coues Deer Rifle

    You should apply for sheep instead… exactly what you’re looking for. Low draw odds quality hunt…
  6. CWpredator

    New Mexico land owner tag???

    Does anyone on here have any information or leads on who I could purchase a New Mexico Land owner tag for antelope for 2022? My Step Father is getting up there in age and has 26 points in AZ for antelope but who knows how long he’s still got before drawing here in AZ. I’d like to get it for him as a Christmas gift. I don’t need a guided hunt for him just the tag we can purchase as I can take care of all of the logistics. Any input of help would be Greatly appreciated. thank you -Travis
  7. CWpredator

    CCi 209’s and CCi 200’s

    PM sent
  8. CWpredator

    **BRAND NEW** FN 509 C

  9. CWpredator

    Shotgun primers

    I’ll take the CCI 209 M primers. PM sent
  10. CWpredator

    Out of stater with a few questions

    As you listed in your areas of interest “Saguaro National Park” I’d definitely focus on that. Best opportunity for hitting the rut in the time frame you’re working with. Just make sure to stay within the boundaries of the Saguaro National Park not outside of them. AZGFD watch that outside area surrounding pretty hard.
  11. CWpredator

    NL Pure 12x42

    I got two pairs of the 12x42 NLs so far. Best binoculars to ever hit the market to date. Money well spend who ever buys these. If you order new hope you’re willing to wait in line on who ever orders them.
  12. CWpredator

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    So no .338 285 Eld-M available?
  13. CWpredator

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I need some Hornady .338 270gn ELD-X and some 285gn ELD-M. Handful of boxes of each.
  14. CWpredator

    Updates on Outdoor Writer ???

    Well shoot I’m out of the loop. Apparently I’ve had elk tags in the wrong units too far away the past two years that hasn’t warranted a visit. Sorry trphyhntr looks like you’re stuck with waiting for BigLakeJake fishin reports.
  15. CWpredator

    Updates on Outdoor Writer ???

    If your looking for tuna reports (live or dead) just head up the hill to Pete’s Place...