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  1. CWpredator

    Max Bonus points

    Anyone have any recommendations on where I should apply with 5 points in Wyoming? Not concerned with a trophy unit just want good public access. I feel I can dig up a good buck if I have a lot of public land to cover. Any information appreciated as this is my first time applying for WY.
  2. CWpredator


  3. CWpredator

    VORTEX RAZOR 27-60X85 straight

  4. CWpredator

    Looking to upgrade my optics...

    I have a vortex razor spotting scope for sale for a cheap deal if youre looking to add to the Arsenal without breaking the bank if youre interested.
  5. CWpredator

    VORTEX RAZOR 27-60x85mm straight spotter price drop

    Bump price drop $1100
  6. As the title says vortex razor gen two 27-60x85mm straight spotter. Perfect condition. Purchased new in November and only used on my sheep hunt. Come with iPhone 6s phone skope case and scope adapter and vortex soft case. Still have original box and packing for it as well. $1100 located in Tucson. Only pic I currently have of the scope but it is on perfect new condition. Thanks -Travis
  7. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated and Im sure Andrew (forum member BowfishAZ) and his family will be greatful! Thank you everyone. Link and photo of raffle flyer attached. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iKziK7Wl4j9XsFvcJcJEJ5ZkPN-zIj5do2p6sFhviLg/edit?usp=drivesdk
  8. CWpredator

    Sheep Clinic

    I'll be there. Gonna go look at beautiful mounts and laugh at the BS G&F tries to feed everyone. After that head to the lake to get some bowfishing in and shoot some carp and Buffalo.
  9. CWpredator

    Good Family Could Use Some Help

    Thanks for posting this here justin. We are also working on a few raffles coming up soon for some bows and other hunting equipment. When we have it all worked out I will add details.
  10. CWpredator

    2017 Draw Results

    Not true... Elk and antelope were Monday.
  11. CWpredator

    2017 Draw Results

    Funny thing is, some people are probably still checking.Cant we have hope?I lost hope by 8am 7/7. Brian at least you were one of the smart ones and have common sense.
  12. CWpredator

    Side x side opinions

    Honda Pioneer 1000 4. Has an actual transmission not belt driven. Honda reliability and plenty of power and can still do about 45-47 mph. 1500lb capacity and a new one comes in around 14-15k
  13. CWpredator

    Card Hits

    you know I'm a desert rat and hunt that desolate garbage country. I think me and my crew will turn up a ram or two
  14. CWpredator

    Card Hits

    Cabeza Prieta either 46AE or 46AW. Time to lace up and get ready for some serious miles.