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  1. BlairHunter

    Phoenix Suns Tickets (2)

  2. BlairHunter

    Phoenix Suns Tickets (2)

    Selling my 2 tickets for tonight's game. Round 2, game 2. Section 225, Row 8, Seats 1&2. Dallas Mavericks at Phoenix Suns. Selling them for what I paid- $124 per ticket. First come first serve. 928-215-0036
  3. BlairHunter

    Phoenix Suns Tickets (2)

    The only tickets left are for the Trail Blazers game this Wednesday. Marked down to $140. First come first serve
  4. BlairHunter

    Not for sale

    Where are you located?
  5. BlairHunter

    Phoenix Suns Tickets (2)

    Jazz tickets sold!
  6. BlairHunter

    Phoenix Suns Tickets (2)

    Sat 10-30 @7pm Cavaliers $140 Wed 11-10 @7pm Trail Blazers $175 Mon 12-6 @7pm Spurs $88 Thurs 12-16 @7pm Wizards $130 Wed 12-29 @7pm Thunder $170 Mon 1-24 @7pm Jazz $175 Thurs 2-10 @8pm Bucks $500 Wed 2-16 @7pm Rockets $88 The prices are for the set of 2 tickets.
  7. BlairHunter

    Phoenix Suns Tickets (2)

    Hawks, Mavericks, Warriors and Lakers are already gone.
  8. BlairHunter

    Phoenix Suns Tickets (2)

    Hello all! I have 2 Phoenix Suns season tickets that I am selling. We live 4 hours away so we can't make all the games so I'm selling some games. The tickets are located in section 121, row 19 and seats 14/15. They're aisle seats and a few steps from the bar and restrooms! I'm selling them at a cheaper cost than what you'll pay on ticketmaster or other ticketing companies to avoid fees and taxes. If interested, message me or text me at 928-215-0036. I do have this Saturday against the Cavaliers available!!
  9. BlairHunter

    Weatherby Vanguard 300 WBY mag

  10. BlairHunter

    Weatherby Vanguard 300 WBY mag

    Weatherby Vanguard 300 WBY mag for sale. I bought this rifle with the plan of setting it up but never did. I'm selling the rifle with the die set, 100 Hornady ELD-X Bullets, cartridges and a box of Ammo. Message me an offer or send me a text. 928-215-0036.
  11. BlairHunter

    mountain lion mounts

    Yes. Only shot I had on him.
  12. BlairHunter

    mountain lion mounts

    Any recommendations for a Mountain Lion taxidermy? I just killed a 5 year old Tom this past Wednesday and would like a full body mount done. Let me know please. Thank you.
  13. BlairHunter


    PM sent.
  14. BlairHunter

    Mule Deer Cape

    I am needing help in finding a mule deer cape for my daughters buck. I capped out her buck to get mounted but the cape got ruined from being held in a refrigerator for over a week to be scored 🤬🤬. The cape needs to be around 24" in the neck area. Please message me if you have one or know of anyone who has one so I can get her buck mounted. Thank you for looking at this.
  15. BlairHunter

    Kids 2018 Youth Hunt

    Oh ya.. Little sister has the bragging rights and she is letting him have it every chance she gets! HA HA HA