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  1. sjvcon

    I want a 280ai

    Custom. Get exactly what you want. I am a CRF guy so I love my Winchesters, but the 700 style actions have all the aftermarket support. Find a good action and a good barrel and the sky is the limit on parts. Like the round a lot. We have one built on a FN Mauser. Lights out shooter.
  2. sjvcon


    Pics of AR stuff?
  3. sjvcon

    CZ550 American 6.5x55 SE

    Traded a CZ 550 once...regretted it ever since. Great firearm.
  4. sjvcon

    Tripod Carbon Manfrotto 290

    Great price for a great tripod..
  5. sjvcon

    Poulan Pro 18"--SOLD

  6. sjvcon


    Gone...PRDATR picking it up.
  7. sjvcon


    Oster Jerky Squirter and Spice Kit. Never used. Sitting for years. Won't use it. Come get it. FREE!!!!!! Located in Gilbert. 602-738-3373. Call or Text.
  8. sjvcon

    Poulan Pro 18"--SOLD

    Like the title says. Starts, but doesn't want to keep running. Ran fine before, but sat an extended time. 3 extra chains and a case. I just don't have the patience to work on small 2-stroke Motors. $40.
  9. These are ST rated? So trailer tires?
  10. sjvcon

    IFly Indoor Skydiving

    Thx Levers! Enjoy.
  11. sjvcon

    Eatery Gift Card

    Ttt … another price drop. Last one.
  12. sjvcon

    IFly Indoor Skydiving

  13. sjvcon

    IFly Indoor Skydiving

    Have $150 in gift cards. I am a big boy and have no desire to leave the geound...#275 doesn't bounce, it THUDS. $100 will get you $150.
  14. sjvcon

    Eatery Gift Card

    Ttt...price drop.