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  1. sjvcon

    Looking for 300 win mag

    Guy has a CA Mesa on here for $1300...do a search. Should be close to what he wants I'd think.
  2. sjvcon

    Gun Smiths

    What action on the rebarrels? That will matter for some guys.
  3. sjvcon

    Legal advise

    DeSaules Law Group represents Home Owners I believe. You'll need to look up the phone #.
  4. You might think about a 6.5 WBY RPM. It was designed for a 30-06 length action with a rebated rim to work with non-magnum bolt faces. I have a 30-06 that I was going to do 6.5-06AI with, and decided to possibly do this instead. It is supposedly better than a 6.5-284 and a 6.5 PRC for the old "reach out and touch" ... supposedly.
  5. sjvcon

    Hornady 44 Mag Ammo 240 Grn XTP $30

    Where are you located?
  6. sjvcon

    Mauser Wood Stock

    Spoke for 40-year
  7. sjvcon

    Mauser Wood Stock

    Responded. Gilbert. Work in Phoenix.
  8. sjvcon

    Mauser Wood Stock

    Freebie. Was on a JC Higgins Model 50 in .270. FN Mauser Style Action.
  9. sjvcon

    Security system tech.

    They have been doing our locksmithing for years. Great guy who does great work.
  10. sjvcon

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    All I can say at this point is where they heck is LARK when you need him. He used to call the 7-08 a doorstop ... wonder what he thinks of the Creedmoor???
  11. sjvcon

    Trailer tool box

    Thanks! Great transaction!
  12. What kind of shape is the rest of it in?
  13. sjvcon

    Trailer tool box

    Where you at? I'll take it.
  14. sjvcon

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    Or a Corn Bagger....don't be a Corn Bagger either.... Sorry....that was my favorite all time post.
  15. sjvcon

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    Man ... you guys are BRUTAL.