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  1. sjvcon

    Outdoorsmans bag and trainer

    How many 45's will fir on that trainer frame?
  2. sjvcon

    Sight in Rests

    I should say that I am only talking about a good solid zero. I don't practice with a rest. I practice a lot of ways...off a pack, off hand, off shooting sticks, etc. I am just looking for a point of reference.
  3. sjvcon

    Labrador Puppies

    Ever had OFA checks on the lineage?
  4. sjvcon

    Need a gunsmith

    Tim is a good guy. Have used him a few times and he always does good work.
  5. sjvcon

    Guess the score.

    Not discounting any work he put in to get a great buck. But if he'd done all that and still didn't get it, for whatever the reason, he didn't lose. The fact he was willing to put in that work shows he's a winner no matter the outcome. The work put in is a testamemt to the character of that young man. Congrats to the young man on a buck anyone would be proud of.
  6. sjvcon

    Guess the score.

    The "Score" was getting out there with friends and/or family. The deer is a bonus...and a toad.
  7. sjvcon

    Needee: tree removal stump grind

    Did you find anyone? I know a guy.
  8. sjvcon

    Sight in Rests

    What is everyone using for.precision sight in?
  9. sjvcon

    Airedale pups available

  10. Anyone have any real world experience with this supposedly "improved" version of the 270WSM? Is it worth building one if I have a WSM Action that I could use? Was thinking a Hells Canyon Carbon Barrel in 8 twist, M70 FN WInchester Action, and probably a McMillan Game Warden. Timney Trigger ... because I just like those guys. Thoughts? Worth doing, or should I just build a 6.5 PRC on that action?
  11. sjvcon

    Vortex Optics Truth

    On Lance's recommendation a while back, I finally broke down and got a NF Nx8 ... for me that was breaking down. So far I love it. Clear as a bell. Great reticle. Good solid clicks to adjust. Time will tell ... but so far so good.
  12. sjvcon

    East valley plumber needed

    Pro press done right is just fine. We've used it on 2" mains in building when sweating it isn't feasible. Code legal.
  13. sjvcon

    Upholsterer in AZ for Tent Repair

    I had Phoenix Tent and Awning fix my tent. 2 days. Was cheap.
  14. sjvcon

    .338 lapua what happened?

    Is the Edge still a thing? Used to hear about those all the time too...now not so much. The 338 RUM that SHOULD have been......
  15. Engine by whom?