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  1. sjvcon

    Foot of snow in alpine

    I am bummed I missed that. I was up in Alpine a week ago on Saturday and it was clear. Would have loved to have gotten some snow while there.
  2. sjvcon

    Bowtech carbon icon

    What lengths can it be adjusted to?
  3. sjvcon


    I bought LOWA Camino GTX boots … they are AWESOME. Much better than the Danner's than they replaced.
  4. sjvcon

    Reloading Equipment (complete set)

    That is a SWEET setup right there. Giving me ideas!!!
  5. Another vote for .257 if you have access to a 7MM for Elk. The 7RM is basically the reason to .264WM nearly went the way of the DODO. Does the same thing with more smack.
  6. sjvcon

    WTB Winchester Model 70 Stock

    What are you wanting? Wood or Syn?
  7. sjvcon

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    For about the 19th year in a row, I have drawn NOTHING for Elk. NOTHING.
  8. sjvcon

    Credit Card Hit

    Ugh...nothing still and my buddy and his family pull 3 Bull tags. I am THE FRIGGIN COOK AGAIN!!!!
  9. sjvcon

    Credit Card Hit

    Not holding my breath.....
  10. Gilbert...SE corner of Gilbert
  11. sjvcon

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    No. Don't respond. Block it. Hopefully you did see an ID and it was an AZ DL or ID.
  12. sjvcon

    Wtt vortex razor 12x50 hd for razor 10x42 hd

    Let me ask my son if he's up for that. How old are they?
  13. sjvcon

    Credit Card Hit

    I got a hit on my card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my application fee … the only thing I've paid for on Elk in 18 years. Good luck boys and girls.