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  1. sjvcon

    WTS - Tikka T3 RH Long Action w/Std. Bolt Face

    Ever come across Magnum Bolt Face actions,?
  2. Yeah.. Scottsdale Chick Magnet.....
  3. sjvcon

    target shooting in the desert

    You can go to Saddleback, Church Camp or Baldy (if that one is open yet).
  4. sjvcon

    New record Coues ?? Does anyone have the scoop?

    That would be an amazing truth!!!
  5. sjvcon

    New record Coues ?? Does anyone have the scoop?

    Any details yet???
  6. Man...I read 13 whole pages of this...... Good year for you. Find that Muley though...the thought of a wasted death is sad to me. Even if it's dog meat it is worth finding. There will always be detractors. Your OP was "excited", if a little optimistic, but I didn't take it with any arrogance. I see how some might...but who cares. As to carrying on a golf course, I wouldn't...get in the way of my swing. But I never judge someone for carrying in this crazy world. I carry quite a bit, and I'm NOT small or inexperience in the art of H2H confrontation. Simply put...there is always someone bigger and better...so leave nothing to chance. Be nice kids...we only get one ride on this rock.
  7. sjvcon

    ISO Colman Camp Oven

    Sent you a message. Thought you had it covered from some previous posts. I'll buy one on Amazon and have it shipped to you.
  8. sjvcon


    You don't need Kuiu, Sitka or First Light. Killik, Kings, Nomad, Rustic are all fine and less $$. Cabelas has some decent stuff too, as does Bass Pro. And heck...I hunted in Walmart stuff for YEARS.
  9. sjvcon

    Outdoorsmans bag and trainer

    You go $200 on the trainer? If so I'll buy it.
  10. sjvcon

    Outdoorsmans bag and trainer

    How many 45's will fir on that trainer frame?
  11. sjvcon

    Sight in Rests

    I should say that I am only talking about a good solid zero. I don't practice with a rest. I practice a lot of ways...off a pack, off hand, off shooting sticks, etc. I am just looking for a point of reference.
  12. sjvcon

    Labrador Puppies

    Ever had OFA checks on the lineage?
  13. sjvcon

    Need a gunsmith

    Tim is a good guy. Have used him a few times and he always does good work.
  14. sjvcon

    Guess the score.

    Not discounting any work he put in to get a great buck. But if he'd done all that and still didn't get it, for whatever the reason, he didn't lose. The fact he was willing to put in that work shows he's a winner no matter the outcome. The work put in is a testamemt to the character of that young man. Congrats to the young man on a buck anyone would be proud of.