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  1. It would be great if it turns out it wasn't for sure. With all the crap going on in Portland, Minneapolis, etc. it's hard for the mind not to go there when this happens a day after some somewhat unruly behavior in Tempe.
  2. I really want to see the report on this. If it was sabotage, they need to really put the clamp down on the Antifa/BLM BS...well...amend that because they need to do that anyway. But here is AZ they need to step it up if this was sabotage.
  3. Yep. I was there watching that … all of us Construction Guys from ASU were.
  4. sjvcon

    Free--Full Size Mattress

    My youngest son's bed for several years. Got him a new one. Figured someone could use it for a Camper Mattress....better than the gound. Any takers??
  5. When in doubt … don't do it. That's my motto. Kept me out of (most) trouble for 53 years now.
  6. sjvcon

    Canvas Repair

  7. sjvcon

    BNIB Ruger/TALO nightwatchmen 1911 10mm

    Thanks Casey. See you Tuesday.
  8. sjvcon

    650 ATV FOR SALE

    Carb or EFI?
  9. sjvcon

    Popcorn thread

    Now I don't care who you are … that right there is some funny SCAT!!!!
  10. sjvcon

    Fly Tying for 2nd Deg Black Belt

    The Black Belt journey is a great one. Good on him for making his own money for the fees.
  11. sjvcon

    Lifetime Coolers

    I was planning on getting one direct of their website, though I did see the 65 QUart one at Sam's and it is priced very well.
  12. sjvcon

    Skin stapler for first aid kit

    I've used Super Glue in a pinch.
  13. sjvcon

    Lifetime Coolers

    I may have to give one a try.
  14. sjvcon

    Lifetime Coolers

    Anyone try them? Price is good...how's the performance?
  15. sjvcon

    looking TO BUY 4x4 Quigley van conversion

    Buddy of mine took an old Chevy Class C and made a 1+ Ton 4x4 out of it. Took quite a bit of.fabricating, but the thing is AWESOME.