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  1. sjvcon

    Hornady Varmint Express .204 40gr VMax

    Gilbert. Work in Phx.
  2. 26 rounds plus 14 fired brass. $60.
  3. sjvcon

    Nightforce NX8 4-32x50 F1 moar

    Still have this? What rings? Rings work with rail?
  4. sjvcon

    AKC Silver and Charcoal lab puppies

    OFA Certified Parents? CERF Certified?
  5. sjvcon

    CZ SP-01 Tactical 9mm Pistol

    CZ have Safety or Decocker?
  6. sjvcon

    Perfect Coues Rifle

    Shouldn't matter what the drop is at 500, as long as you know what the drop is. Right??? Pretty much any rifle that I have shoots better than I do. If I do my part, it will do it's part.
  7. Those are badges of honor......
  8. sjvcon

    Anyone do security camera installs

    Now THAT is dang funny.
  9. sjvcon

    Anyone do security camera installs

    Jim is the best! He's been doing my company's work for over 20 years.
  10. sjvcon

    Cabinet Repair

    If you still need a cabinet guy message me. I know a few.
  11. Should be ONE. Just my opinion. I'm generally not in favor of regulations, but some fat cat eatin' donuts in camp until one of the 15 spotters employed by his "guide" has the quarry bedded with a rifle already set up for him and ferrys him out in a stretch limo Ranger is BS. Just sayin'.
  12. sjvcon

    Draw Results

    Hope the growth is good for you! Good luck.
  13. sjvcon

    Draw Results

    I have to confess ... at my age I should think about dialing that 84# pig (80# limbs but it dials higher) down a bit. I can still pull it and shoot it, but GOOD GOD does the shoulder ache the next day!!!