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  1. dse

    When do you predator hunt?

    First and last stand of the day are the best but you can call in coyotes St anytime of the day or year.
  2. dse

    Guess the score

    Fronts are weak but still going to say 340.
  3. dse

    Bolt issues

    I've been shooting a 270 WSM as my main hunting rifle for the last 10 years, with excellent results. I like the WSM line but I've seen far more pressure problems from factory ammo than any other cartridge.
  4. dse

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Saw pictures of my place in Mayer with over a foot this morning.
  5. dse

    Factory 28 nosler suggestions

    Spend the money on the scope then put a Remington 700 under it and customize as the budget allows.
  6. dse

    Heavy Duty Storage Boxes

    Been using large husky tool boxes from Cheapo Depot. Cost $50 ea. and last pretty well, have wheels and a pull out handle.
  7. dse

    Advice for tripod

    Manfrotto 190x for me about double your budget with the head. Buy once cry once. I'd rather have decent glass on a good tripod than great glass on a crappy tripod.
  8. dse

    Weather report

    Around 6" on the hood of my truck in Prescott
  9. dse

    Texas whitetail meat hunts

    I did a job just a few miles north of this place a year or so ago. Unbelievable amount of deer. Would see 100 a day just driving to the job.
  10. dse

    FAST .224's for Coues

    22-250Ai by 250 fps and 105 ft lbs.
  11. dse

    FAST .224's for Coues

    Because my 22-250 Ai pushing a 95 gr matchking gets to 1000 yds going 400 fps faster with 200 ft lbs more energy than my 257 wm pushing a 100 gr Swift at 3400. Also no brake and almost no recoil.
  12. dse

    FAST .224's for Coues

    We took one Coues buck at 600 yds with mine. Didn't take a step and shooter got to watch in the scope. Rifle was a 22-250ai built on a Savage 11, 24" 1 in 7 twist barrel, 80 gr Berger vld, 41 gr. Rl-22, Nosler brass and fed 210 m primer. Shot in the .2s and got 3420 fps. Also did a number on a coyote @ 980 yds.
  13. 130 Scirrocco from a 270 Wsm. 12 Coues, 2 Mule deer, 1 cow elk, and a lion all dead on contact. Performed great at 188 yds and just as good at 700 yds.
  14. Was it a faster than factory twist? I've got the 40 gr v- max to 4700 fps from a 14 twist 22-250 ai.