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  1. dse

    Ammo ID help

    Just a guess but I would try Federal Premium w/ 160 gr Nosler Partition.
  2. Kind of an odd statement from someone who just had their undies in a wad cause someone saw thing differently than you.
  3. Seems like whatever bipod I have on the gun I wish I had the other so I just bring both a 9-13 and a 13-27
  4. dse

    Name that gun!

    1866 Springfield in 50-70
  5. dse

    Name that gun!

    I've had at least a dozen model 12s and don't believe I've had one that wouldn't slam fire. Still my all time favorite shotguns.
  6. dse

    Name that gun!

    97 winchester
  7. Several reasons actually. One my main deer rifle is shot out and holding a little over 2 moa. The 22-250 will shoot 2" groups @ 1000 yds all day long. Also I knew I may have to hunt solo a few days and with this rifle I can watch the bullet all the way to the target. My rifle selection is still a little short of options since the Goodwin fire pretty well took everything I owned three years ago. Lastly this is the third buck in a row that's been killed dead in his tracks from beyond 600 yds with this cartridge load combo. All bullets exited and left about a 4" hole from entry to exit. So why not?
  8. With a 9 twist I would look at the Berger 70 gr vld. Killed my buck last year with a 22-250AI and a 80 gr vld @ 733 yds. No tracking necessary.
  9. dse

    Telluride Fishing

    Haven't hit all of those but Ground Hog, McPhee, and the west fork of the Dolores are all good stuff! The west fork seems to get better in mid to late July for me anyway, but the small mouth just above McPhee should be solid about now.
  10. dse


    As long as there are no feeding issues I would only check base to ogive. It should make for better accuracy.
  11. dse


    I bought 2 boxes of 145 eldx and found up to .9 gr difference in one box and .8 gr in the other. I've loaded thousands of 40 gr and 53 gr V-max and never had an issue
  12. In rural Alaska the mail not being delivered is a fact of life. When the Post Master quits your Sol until they hire a new one usually only took a month or two.
  13. dse

    Yard art

    I had one of those too but it had the feet and was the tub in my parents house till about 10 yrs ago. After that the old man put it on the porch and grew the hottest green chillies known to man.
  14. dse

    Yard art

    It's been probably 10 years since I've been in there I tried pulling that cart out but didn't have any tools since I rode a quad from my house to get there.
  15. dse

    Yard art

    I had it narrowed down to 3 spots. That's where I was thinking but wasn't sure. I know right where it is now. Last time I was there it had signs up from some prospectors club.