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  1. dse

    Who was I

    Ben dang auto correct!
  2. dse

    Who was I

    Been Lily
  3. dse

    fur friendly cartridge

    The 20 tactical but it's not much slower than the 204. 222 rem, 221 fireball, 22 K-hornet all fill the bill for fur friendly be odd balls.
  4. Same with Eld-x or the Sierra game changer. Bond them and they would be awesome!
  5. 180 gr. Swift Scirocco or 200 gr Nosler Accubond. Not the best b.c. but they won't fall apart. Norma has a 180 gr bonded bullet that they are claiming a bc of .615 but only available in factory ammo I believe.
  6. dse

    How Was Your Day?

    Cause fish don't eat feathers!
  7. Way easier to get another job than another AZ goat tag!
  8. dse

    Size XL

    I thought so
  9. dse

    Dual mount

    Outdoorsman's sells them I believe.
  10. dse

    Hello from Commiefornia!

    About any rifle will do so long as you can shoot it well out to 3 to 400 yds. Glass quality is more important than power. 14 power will be plenty and a Leopold VX-3 would be a very minimum as far as quality. Coues will vanish into almost nothing, especially with bad optics.
  11. Send it. The dent will blow back out like it never happened.
  12. dse

    Hornady ELD-X

    A friend that knew I was loading this bullet sent this to me. Didn't stop from the first and covered some ground after the second. Didn't find any bigger pieces and no exit but don't know how hard they looked. Don't know what they hit but was told both shots were good.
  13. dse

    Mt Rushmore

    Anything in the Black hills is worth doing. Deadwood, Hotspings, Wind Cave, just driving around you should see deer by the thousands, lots of elk, buffalo antelope turkey and lots of cool looking country!
  14. dse

    Hornady ELD-X

    200 gr eldx from a bear shot at 600 yds with a 300 SAUM.
  15. Whatever handgun and caliber you shoot best. If you can't put one in the brain or spine quickly, your not going to stop a serious charge regardless of what cartridge you use. A lesser shot with a hand cannon or a rifle may kill the bear but after he has mauled you for a minute or two. If a crappy shot or bear spray stops them or turns them, they were bluffing to start with.