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  1. dse

    FAST .224's for Coues

    Because my 22-250 Ai pushing a 95 gr matchking gets to 1000 yds going 400 fps faster with 200 ft lbs more energy than my 257 wm pushing a 100 gr Swift at 3400. Also no brake and almost no recoil.
  2. dse

    FAST .224's for Coues

    We took one Coues buck at 600 yds with mine. Didn't take a step and shooter got to watch in the scope. Rifle was a 22-250ai built on a Savage 11, 24" 1 in 7 twist barrel, 80 gr Berger vld, 41 gr. Rl-22, Nosler brass and fed 210 m primer. Shot in the .2s and got 3420 fps. Also did a number on a coyote @ 980 yds.
  3. 130 Scirrocco from a 270 Wsm. 12 Coues, 2 Mule deer, 1 cow elk, and a lion all dead on contact. Performed great at 188 yds and just as good at 700 yds.
  4. Was it a faster than factory twist? I've got the 40 gr v- max to 4700 fps from a 14 twist 22-250 ai.
  5. dse


    Only gone out last couple of days but not very good so far. Only seen a couple dozen birds up in 19a. Didn't see a single Mearns on my deer hunt in 35 B.
  6. I didn't know it was possible to blow up a V-Max! Got the 53 gr V-Max up to 4100 fps from my 7 twist 22-250 AI and they stayed together. Had some problems with the 75 gr A-Max at around 3600 fps.
  7. dse

    300 WSM

    200 gr nosler accubond or Eld-x over RL-22 and a 215M primer. Work up to around 67 grs. Should get you close to 3000 fps
  8. Just checked the bucks we took this year one of them has it as well. Never noticed it before but never looked either.
  9. 3500 fps and a bc over .600 makes the wind calls alot easier.
  10. dse

    Found One

    Older 38-55s can vary from .375 to .380, any thing modern will be .377 . Barnes makes the original in .377 dia and several ammo produce ammo with .377 dia bullets. Mine is shooting the 255 gr Barnes original at 1900 fps.
  11. dse

    Found One

    Just out of curiosity, why 375 Winchester? 38-55 is really close especially with handloads or Buffalo Bore heavy ammo. Ammo is more available with factory loads from 1300 fps to 1950 fps for 255 gr bullets. Also Winchester is making the model 94 in 38-55 again.
  12. dse

    Access in 35B

    I saw the gate on the Vaca. Didn't try to go into the ranch by Patagonia this year but still went 3 for 3.
  13. dse

    Antler Scoring?

    If I remember correctly there is one in Anthem.
  14. dse

    Antler Scoring?

    Get on B&C website should tell you what you need.