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  1. dse

    Savage stock

    Look on Bell and Carlson's site they have one available for blind magazine in a few colors and and several for dbm.
  2. 17 hornet would be my pick! Not much louder than a 22 mag but hits alot harder! I've had several coyotes get back up and running off after being hit well with a 22 mag.
  3. dse

    Favorite Christmas Gift Growing Up.....

    Not completely true they don't live forever if you stretch the bed out a bit where you can sit in it and ride it down the biggest hill you can find.
  4. dse

    Arizona Coues Highlight Reel

    I hope it's better than the third hunt! Just came back from 10 full days of glassing with 6 people glassing and the biggest buck we saw would be hard pressed to clear 75"
  5. dse

    Who was I

    Ben dang auto correct!
  6. dse

    Who was I

    Been Lily
  7. dse

    fur friendly cartridge

    The 20 tactical but it's not much slower than the 204. 222 rem, 221 fireball, 22 K-hornet all fill the bill for fur friendly be odd balls.
  8. Same with Eld-x or the Sierra game changer. Bond them and they would be awesome!
  9. 180 gr. Swift Scirocco or 200 gr Nosler Accubond. Not the best b.c. but they won't fall apart. Norma has a 180 gr bonded bullet that they are claiming a bc of .615 but only available in factory ammo I believe.
  10. dse

    How Was Your Day?

    Cause fish don't eat feathers!
  11. Way easier to get another job than another AZ goat tag!
  12. dse

    Size XL

    I thought so