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  1. chuckster

    ISO 110gr .277 Barnes TTSX

    Looking for a box or two. Buy or trade. Text please 4806203309
  2. chuckster

    Ruger 77/17 17 Mach 2

  3. chuckster

    Ruger 77/17 17 Mach 2

    Scope is a Simmons 22mag 134 rounds of ammo.
  4. chuckster

    Good Guy Seller List

    @AZ7maghunter Good guy, easy communication
  5. chuckster

    Scheels has 6.5 ELD-X

  6. chuckster

    IMR 8208XBR powder

    I'll take it.
  7. chuckster

    Ruger 77/17 17 Mach 2

    $1000 Like new. These were only made for a couple years, 2005-2006 I believe . Comes with Ammo. Very accurate, the ultimate squirrel rifle. FTF at my house in Chandler. Ray and AZ Ave. Text Please 4806203309
  8. chuckster

    **All Sold**WTS: Primers - Lg Rifle & Lg Mag Rifle

    I'll take lot #1 Appears your inbox is full
  9. chuckster

    Primers/Powder for sale

    PM sent
  10. chuckster

    Vortex Optics Truth

    Bushnell Elite DMR Gen II, Gen III are a lot of scope for the money. I'm making hits at 2000yards with my 338 edge and DMR II. I have enough elevation to get to 2200yards with my current load. I hear the glass is pretty dang good in the newer GEN III. Scopes are built like tanks. I replaced a Vortex PST II with a Bushnell LRTS on my 300 win mag. Its working well for me at 1 mile. I bought both mine used, less than $800 a piece.
  11. chuckster

    H1000 for trade

    PM sent
  12. chuckster

    .222 Remington Ammo

    Coming to Chandler anytime soon?
  13. chuckster

    222 Rem Brass

    I found a local deal on some Lapua brass that was too good to pass up.