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  1. Anyone have some 215 Berger's for Sale/Trade? Not necessarily looking for a full box, just wanna try them in a new rifle. Shoot me a PM.
  2. chuckster


    PM Sent on the 7828 and Retumbo
  3. chuckster


    Got what I needed from Bwinkle. Thank you sir, it was a pleasure talking with you.
  4. chuckster


    No, they don't need to be the same
  5. chuckster


    Anyone got a deal on a partial box, ~30-50 bullets for barrel break-in. 150-180gr. I'll pick them up asap in Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, west Mesa area only. Please PM what you have and asking price.
  6. chuckster

    New Draw

    Anyone think they're not going to throw in some early bull and kaibab/strip deer hunts next year? Apps go 🚀
  7. chuckster

    Reloading Bullets and Powder

  8. chuckster

    Reloading Bullets and Powder

    Price drop
  9. chuckster

    ISO Tikka T3X Lite 308

    Any one have one they'd part with for a reasonable price. Please PM with details.
  10. chuckster

    Cci no.41 primers for sale

    I'll take them. PM sent.
  11. chuckster

    Reloading Bullets and Powder

    Price Drop. Can ship bullets on your dime. Will not ship powder. FTF at my home in Chandler or PayPal F&F SOLD 6.5mm Berger Long Range Hybrid Target 144gr 7mm Federal Edge TLR 155gr - Qty. 59 $40 SOLD 7mm Hornady ELD-X 162gr Not shown .308 Hornady FTX 160gr - Qty. 200 same lot $80 SOLD Reloder 19 Reloder 7 One unopened pound $50 SOLD IMR 7977 First I'll take it with a PM gets the item.
  12. chuckster


    I'll take them if still available. PM sent.
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  14. chuckster