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    I have two Cooper Discoverer AT3 265/75R16. These were on the back of my Tacoma for about a year and a half. Lots of miles left on these. $100 for the pair. Pick up at my house in Chandler. Text 4806203309
  3. chuckster


    Thats genius level thinking!
  4. chuckster


    Price slashed
  5. chuckster

    Hornady 6.5 143 precision hunter in stock

    Sold out already, get them on Gunbroker next week.
  6. chuckster

    Rifle cases

    PM Incoming
  7. chuckster

    Wanted 30-30 Win components

    I'm trying to scrape together brass, a couple hundred projectiles, and maybe powder. I'm in Chandler, and not desperate enough to drive even half way across the valley. Lets make a deal if you have some surplus or stuff you don't have a use for anymore. I'm looking for the following: 150gr or 170gr flat nose projectiles. Prohunter, Hot core, hornady let me know what you have. Brass new or used don't really care as long as its still has 3-4 reloads left in it. Powder: W748, let me know what you have. partial boxes of ammo I have primers to trade. Happy to pay reasonable cash prices too. PM me with what you have. I also have small pistol Fed 100. NOT interested in selling primers.
  8. chuckster

    Canvas Tent Repair

    Anyone know of a place in the east valley that can repair a canvas tent?
  9. chuckster

    Another scammer?

    This guy too
  10. chuckster

    WTB 1894 Winchester

    Putting out feelers for a used 1894 or other Winchester Lever gun. Prefer 30-30 cal maybe, 32 win. Just want a shooter at a reasonable price, worn in is just fine by me . Let me know if you have something you can part with. Please PM or text 480-620-3309 Thanks Ed
  11. chuckster

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Interesting read on an alternative treatment. https://conservativedailypost.com/wow-israeli-creates-nasal-spray-that-kills-99-9-of-covid-infection-reduced-95-within-1-day/
  12. chuckster


    Price drop
  13. chuckster

    WTB Canoe

    Includes 4 carrier pads and 2 paddles. I think a pressure washer would easily remove the paint. I'm in Chandler, Ray and AZ Ave. Sent you a PM.
  14. chuckster


    Bump price drop again.
  15. chuckster

    WTB Canoe

    I have an aluminium 17' Lowe 2 seater. It has some paint on it from back when I was a duck hunter. I'll post some pics tomorrow.