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  1. chuckster

    Herters Foam Duck Decoys

    Bump OBO
  2. Looking for an OEM laminated stock that came on the Winchester Model 70 Classic Laminate Rifles. Must be short action and fit the 2 piece bottom metal. I'm in Chandler, please PM me if you have one you'd like to sell. Thank you
  3. chuckster

    Herters Foam Duck Decoys

  4. chuckster

    Herters Foam Duck Decoys

    Price drop. Open to trades; rimfire rifle, new popup blind, Slik CF tripod, whaddya got?
  5. chuckster

    Herters Foam Duck Decoys

    $200 total of 16 decoys. 6 magnum mallards 4 super magnum mallards 2 magnum readheads 3 super magnum bluebill 1 magnum armored canvasback Prefer not to split up at this time. Haven't been in the water in 7+ years. Most are rigged with lead decoy weights. All have typical wear. Usable as is or give them new paint. Great for big water spread. Text me 480-620-3309. Location: Chandler
  6. chuckster

    Updating portal

    Results are on the portal
  7. chuckster

    ISO New Mexico Unit 17 map help

    Game Planner Maps is local and a good guy to boot. He makes very good custom maps. https://gameplannermaps.com/product/new-mexico-hunting-maps/
  8. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon/wp-content/uploads/archive/2020-21-Arizona-Hunting-Regulations-200428.pdf
  9. chuckster

    New Mexico draw results

  10. chuckster

    New Mexico draw results

    Rodger that! Good luck.
  11. chuckster

    New .277 Sig Fury

    News to me, it seems Sig Sauer has developed proprietary cartridge for the military and its .277 cal. Claims 3000fps in a 16" barrel from a short action! Could this catch on if they actually offer other calibers and reloading components? https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/277-sig-fury-demystified/ https://www.sigsauer.com/store/sig-cross-rifle.html
  12. chuckster

    Classic knives.

    Tang stamps are a good indicator of age on the Western knives.
  13. chuckster

    Classic knives.

    Western L66. Not sure how old it is. I bought it 12 years ago at a thrift shop. Revived the stacked leather handle an put a new edge on it. Used it on every hunt and animal since. I like old high carbon steel knives.
  14. chuckster

    Need a map

    Game Planner maps in Chandler can probably make what you're looking for. Nice guy, local.
  15. chuckster

    Map of 4B

    Game Planner Maps is local, makes nice custom maps.