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  1. kimberx2

    Avenza and Flatline Map.

    I have to turn off Google Location Accuracy, or my Avenza doesn't track correctly. Every time I restart phone (android) it turns it back on, have to go to settings and shut it off.
  2. kimberx2


    Sold, thanks CW
  3. kimberx2


  4. kimberx2


    Ya, just give me a yell.
  5. kimberx2


    Ttt New lower prices. Will be in east valley this weekend.
  6. kimberx2


    Ttt Obo
  7. kimberx2


    Open to reasonable offers. Be in east valley end of this week also.
  8. kimberx2


    16" 5.56 AR15, M16 style build. Aero Precision. Less than 25rds. $500 16" 5.56 AR15, ARFX skeleton stock. Magpul flip up sights. Anderson Lower (with AeroPrecision tension screw machined in) Ambi charge handle. Less than 25 rds. $550 (can switch to M4 style stock for $500) All come with 1 mag Sold, thanks Coues.
  9. kimberx2

    ISO/WTB Mathews Switchback XT

    Thanks Traveler, I had a Switchback XT for years before I got this bow and really want that specific model again. It has a little longer brace height and is a couple inches shorter axle to axle than the Drenalin. Cams for these older bows are starting to get harder to find, but are still around, so I would be open to SXT of different draw lengths too.
  10. Looking for a Mathews Switchback XT Right 29" Have a Mathews DXT Right 29" I'm willing to trade or buy.. Anyone have one sitting around and are willing to get rid of? DM me Thanks, Kirk
  11. kimberx2

    Swarovski SLC 15x56 HD Binoculars

    Ttt Not interested in firearm trades at this time. Thx
  12. For sale: Swarovski SLC 15x56 HD binoculars with outdoorsman stud. Like new condition. Bought new in '18, only used on one 13A mule deer hunt. Sold
  13. kimberx2

    Arizona Taxidermy collection for sale

    Elk, Antelope, and turkeys still available. If you want I can let them loose in the back yard and you can hunt them yourself archery if you like. Lol..
  14. kimberx2

    Arizona Taxidermy collection for sale

    Ttt Elk, muley, antelope and turkeys still available.