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    Avenza and Flatline Map.

    I have to turn off Google Location Accuracy, or my Avenza doesn't track correctly. Every time I restart phone (android) it turns it back on, have to go to settings and shut it off.
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    16" 5.56 AR15, M16 style build. Aero Precision. Less than 25rds. $500 16" 5.56 AR15, ARFX skeleton stock. Magpul flip up sights. Anderson Lower (with AeroPrecision tension screw machined in) Ambi charge handle. Less than 25 rds. $550 (can switch to M4 style stock for $500) All come with 1 mag Sold, thanks Coues.
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    Sold, thanks CW
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    Ya, just give me a yell.
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    Ttt New lower prices. Will be in east valley this weekend.
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    Ttt Obo
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    Open to reasonable offers. Be in east valley end of this week also.
  9. Looking for a Mathews Switchback XT Right 29" Have a Mathews DXT Right 29" I'm willing to trade or buy.. Anyone have one sitting around and are willing to get rid of? DM me Thanks, Kirk
  10. kimberx2

    ISO/WTB Mathews Switchback XT

    Thanks Traveler, I had a Switchback XT for years before I got this bow and really want that specific model again. It has a little longer brace height and is a couple inches shorter axle to axle than the Drenalin. Cams for these older bows are starting to get harder to find, but are still around, so I would be open to SXT of different draw lengths too.
  11. For sale: Swarovski SLC 15x56 HD binoculars with outdoorsman stud. Like new condition. Bought new in '18, only used on one 13A mule deer hunt. Sold
  12. kimberx2

    Swarovski SLC 15x56 HD Binoculars

    Ttt Not interested in firearm trades at this time. Thx
  13. kimberx2

    Arizona Taxidermy collection for sale

    Elk, Antelope, and turkeys still available. If you want I can let them loose in the back yard and you can hunt them yourself archery if you like. Lol..
  14. Downsizing, moving out of my house. Must get rid of my Arizona taxidrmy collection. 8x6 Bull elk shoulder mount 346 gross. Lots of mass and wide.$400 Antelope wall pedestal shoulder mount, wide average horns.$200 (2) Merriam turkey mounts, kits. $40 for both Complete set. $575 to a CWT member. Would be great for a log cabin or man cave. Thanks for your interest. Kirk (602) 463-2518 I hate to sell these, but no more room. (New updated prices) Gilbert and Warner, Gilbert
  15. kimberx2

    Arizona Taxidermy collection for sale

    Ttt Elk, muley, antelope and turkeys still available.
  16. kimberx2

    Results out on portal, post up your hunts

    13a rifle for me and my buddy! I still can't believe it..
  17. kimberx2

    Arizona Taxidermy collection for sale

    Bump New, even lower prices.
  18. kimberx2

    Hitting Cards

    13A for me !! Just have to see if archery or rifle!
  19. kimberx2

    Arizona Taxidermy collection for sale

    Ttt New prices Velvet muley and euro bull elk sold. Reasonable offers welcomed. No trades.
  20. kimberx2

    Once fired brass

    300 blk and 300 wsm sold pending funds.
  21. kimberx2

    Once fired brass

    Getting rid of my brass I've been collecting. Don't know values of these so any input would be appreciated. 7 boxes 300wsm Winchester nickle plated 1 box 300wsm federal 6 boxes 308 federal,nosler, Winchester 1 box 300 blackout Remington hog hunter- nickel plated 620 cases 300 blk-out misc in bags 284 308 misc in bags 258 45 acp misc 212 223 misc 118 9mm misc 43. 38spcl + 4 rounds loaded 9. 40 Cal I know they buy it by the pound locally, but I was hoping someone on here would have interest. Thanks, Kirk (602)463-2518
  22. kimberx2

    Once fired brass

    Ok, blackout brass still available. Phone number listed above. Call or text. Or pm. Since not much other interest will probably just sell rest to Craigslist guy.
  23. kimberx2

    Arizona Taxidermy collection for sale

    The bull was done by Cole, he use to do some taxidermy out of Archery Headquarters. Can't remember his last name. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I have them listed for more on Craigslist. I don't do Facebook, and I don't want to deal with shipping them on eBay. So I thought I would post on here with some good prices. Remember your taxidermist may be able to mount your own antlers on these mounts if you like them, and save you some $$. All were taken archery except the bear (rifle). I Will tell you exactly where harvested with purchase. Lol.
  24. kimberx2

    Bill Quimby

    Very sad news. Best wishes to his family. His CWT family will miss him too.