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  1. Toad

    13B Early November Rifle

    I knew this was going to be an outfitter post as soon as I saw “13b early November “
  2. Toad

    Winchester Model 70 Coyote-lite

    I have ammo, dies and brass for this
  3. Toad

    Blackhorn 209

  4. Toad

    Ruger Mark ll .280 Sold

    Is this rifle still available?
  5. I will take this - sending pm
  6. Toad

    A bunch of BS!

    Well that is probably why the AZ lottery leaves it up to the establishment. Given there is an option for the vendor to take credit or not seems to disprove an actual state "law" in my mind. If we go back to the "services rendered" argument - wouldn't buying event tickets in advance violate these "laws"? I guess I am trying to apply logic to this.... I am no lawyer LOL
  7. Toad

    A bunch of BS!

    No I get it and I have been told the same at most places. I have always assumed that this was an actual law but the more I try to find the less I believe it. The G&F saying there is a "law" doesn't mean much to me personally. I have a suspicion it has more to do with amount of refunds they would have to process and also the amount of applicants they would loose based on fronting the money. I am not necessarily a proponent for fronting the money but I would take that way over the current process. The idea of my card being compromised in the 3 week delay between updates and charges makes me sick in all honesty.
  8. Toad

    A bunch of BS!

    There is actually no law in AZ preventing someone from using their credit card to purchase lottery tickets. I am struggling to find any reason why funds cannot be taken upfront other than the G&F not wanting to deal with thousands of refunds after the draw. \ https://www.arizonalottery.com/winners/player-security/#:~:text=Only buy Lottery tickets from authorized Arizona Lottery retailers.&text=Buying tickets with a credit,you must have your ticket.
  9. Toad

    A bunch of BS!

    Out of curiosity.. when was this “law”passed about taking funds up front for service not rendered?? Wasn’t it just a few years ago that we could send in a check with a paper application? Must be pretty recent as I can’t figure out a difference between paying upfront with card or check.
  10. Toad

    WTB Blackhorn 209

    I have been a muzzleloader hunter for a long time - “futuristic” is used in terms of whether or not I end up with a tag but I see where it sounds ironic. I guess it’s as ironic as calling Blackhorn primitive but I am not going down that rabbit hole 😂
  11. Toad

    WTB Blackhorn 209

    The stuff definitely goes fast - thankfully I have the load development all done and just need enough for some “futuristic”hunts.
  12. Toad

    WTB Blackhorn 209

    I haven’t seen any in Phoenix for a while.. I kick myself for not picking up a few bottles the last time I bought some.
  13. Toad

    WTB Blackhorn 209

    I will take that 1/2 bottle. I will pm you with what I have for shot gun shells. Thanks!
  14. Toad

    WTB Blackhorn 209

    Good to know it’s still around in places..
  15. Toad

    WTB Blackhorn 209

    Gander doesn’t ship and there local option is out of stock unfortunately