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    Spending time in the outdoors with my wife & kids, hunting, trail riding ,camping, scouting, setting trail cameras BBQ'S & ice cold beverages .

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  1. 257 STW

    WTB: 4Runner, Cherokee, or something similar

    I have 2 97 XJ's ill get you pictures what's your budget?
  2. 257 STW

    26 nosler

    You guys are shooting the eld-x out of a 26 Nosler? I put together a load for the 6.5 300 Weatherby in the 143 ELD X and had a lot of copper foliage after three to four rounds. But they perform awesome out of my daughter's 260 Remington which shoots them at a lot slower speed.
  3. Anyone have a load for a 26 Nosler 140 Berger's or the 155 or160 Matrix vld
  4. 257 STW

    Remington Model 600 243 reduced-price

    Okay last time $400
  5. 257 STW

    Cabin in Unit 10 NM

    I've sent you a p.m. with my phone number did you not receive it?
  6. 257 STW

    Cabin in Unit 10 NM

    Sent you a pm
  7. 257 STW

    Handyman Helper Needed Immediately

    Nobody wants to work I didn't think about posting job opportunities on here as well I've been looking for a few guys for a while the first thing they always ask is how much you going to pay me and what time we going to be done, they already want to be done and get paid before work even starts times certainly have changed
  8. 257 STW

    Honda EB 2800i generator

  9. 257 STW

    Honda EB 2800i generator

    This is a picture off internet of the gen it pretty much looks brand new i can post actual picture tomorrow
  10. 257 STW

    Honda EB 2800i generator

    I have a like new honda EB 2800i generator only used twice been sitting in garage $800
  11. 257 STW

    First youth turkey

    Sweet congratulations. We had a rough time was super windy
  12. 257 STW

    Remington Model 600 243 reduced-price

    Price drop for $450