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    Spending time in the outdoors with my wife & kids, hunting, trail riding ,camping, scouting, setting trail cameras BBQ'S & ice cold beverages .

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  1. 257 STW

    Couple Levers

    Ill take the 94 if it falls through
  2. 257 STW

    ADG 6.5 SAUM Brass in stock *** already sold out***

    If you're on there back order list i would call them. I just called and they haven't processed the back orders yet . But were able to let me know my order will be shipping sometime next week.
  3. In great shape barley shot has a 20 moa rail , have 7 boxes of 115 berger HSM ammo $850
  4. 257 STW

    Wts ruger m77 7mm-08

    Sent you a pm
  5. 257 STW

    Manners EHSL remington short action

    Trade for a Remington 700 short action or compact 380 or 9mm
  6. 257 STW

    WTB Manners T5 or T5A

    Im looking to buy a Manners T5 or T5A in rem sa sendero if Someone on here has one . Pleas no scammers wanting me to contact you're friend cause he has what im looking for.
  7. 257 STW

    Wanted: Berger .30 cal. 215 Hybrid

    I just got my order in 2 week ago you might want to check around
  8. 257 STW

    Manners EHSL remington short action

    NO thanks
  9. 257 STW

    Which Hunting Rig?

    Jeep cherokee XJ . Good luck
  10. 257 STW

    2021 success

    My 9year old glassed up this buck for his big sister. This is her fourth tag she's now 4 for 4 .
  11. 257 STW

    December Tags 2021

    Congrats to all who tagged out . My wife didn't pull the trigger on this hunt we seen several bucks but she was set on one particular buck that we had seen earlier in the year . She ended up glassing him up on the 29th but he was 1200 yards out . We hiked in to about 600 yards from were we last seen him and he pulled the grey ghost never seen him again the rest of the hunt. Had a great time hopefully my buddy that put us on him will draw the tag next season and harvest him.
  12. 257 STW

    New reloading componets

    Sent you a pm