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    Spending time in the outdoors with my wife & kids, hunting, trail riding ,camping, scouting, setting trail cameras BBQ'S & ice cold beverages .

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  1. 257 STW

    Swarovski 15x56 neu 2 pair

    These are sold
  2. 257 STW

    Swarovski 15x56 neu 2 pair

    Hunt 1 I didn't receive A PM from you so I sent you one let me know if you still want them
  3. 257 STW

    Swarovski 15x56 neu 2 pair

    One pair left
  4. 257 STW

    Swarovski 15x56 neu 2 pair

    Selling 2 pairs of 15s for a buddy $1500 each they both have outdoorsman studs and no scratches on lenses
  5. I know a guy thats has 2 pair of Swarovski 15s neu that he wants to get rid of if you're interested send me your number and ill get it to him he's not a member on here or i would have him message you
  6. 257 STW

    new 9MM CZ P-09 trade added

  7. 257 STW

    WTB Swaro Spotter

    STX with 85 $3500
  8. 257 STW

    Berger 215s

    I can trade 245 for 215 if TAUGHT doesn't
  9. 257 STW

    2014 Ford F150 eco boost 4x4

    No hot rodding at all . Thats why i posted it here first before advertising it elsewhere . Its a super clean truck.
  10. I'm selling this for my parents there the original owner its gurage kept bought here in AZ from sanderson ford . It has 69k miles i do not think it has ever been put in 4wheel drive , Michelin tires with plenty of life . It is the xlt with leather fully loaded , has the folding hard bed cover. The only reason for selling is they are switching to an suv. $33k
  11. 257 STW

    new 9MM CZ P-09 trade added

  12. 257 STW


    I wish it was 22-250 i miss mine never should of sold it. These are shooters free bump
  13. 257 STW

    2007 Toyota Tacoma The Ultimate Hunting Vehicle For Sale

    125k i had matching camper also and old man emu lift new tires and wheels mine was the trd off road with dsw and rear locker , factory JBL stero system with factory sub . I bought a 2021 with the crawl control and 6ft bed love it but the new motor doesn't have the power like the old 4.0. Tacomas hold there value and with a shortage of them right now add another 30%