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    Spending time in the outdoors with my wife & kids, hunting, trail riding ,camping, scouting, setting trail cameras BBQ'S & ice cold beverages .

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  1. 257 STW

    First youth turkey

    Sweet congratulations. We had a rough time was super windy
  2. 257 STW

    Remington Model 600 243 reduced-price

    Price drop for $450
  3. 257 STW

    Few Things to Sell

    Where you located I'm interested in the Tripod Jack for the fifth wheel
  4. 257 STW

    New Mexico draw

    just a fat return here
  5. 257 STW

    1916 Spanish 7x57 Mauser

  6. 257 STW

    New Mexico draw

    They are starting to show results on the New Mexico's website my uncle just called and he has a carcass tag in the mail for deer but not elk. In New Mexico you get 2 tags one for the antlers and one for the carcass. Not like Arizona where you only get one tag Andy transportation tag if somebody else is transporting your harvest4you
  7. 257 STW

    Glenfield Model 60 22LR

    Sold pending funds if it falls through I will call accordingly the other two in line
  8. 257 STW

    Rimfire Guys!!

    Magnum Research in 22 magnum or 17 HMR
  9. 257 STW

    New Mexico draw

    4 different portals in my house and everybody's applications still say pending. Are you guys that have a tag on the way applying fourth and fifth choice where you get a management hunt and they stick you in whatever unit that's left over? Anybody have a screenshot of their results
  10. 257 STW

    Glenfield Model 60 22LR

    Glenfield Model 60 22LR semi-auto $100
  11. 257 STW


    Smoking deal
  12. Remington 700 short action Hogue stock with bottom metal $125