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    polaris wheels and tires

    These are off a polaris rzr should be same bolt pattern as ranger and most of polaris 4x4 quads tires are in great shape wheels don't match color from fronts and backs tires are GBC dirt commanders I'm in east mesa tire size are in pictures $300
  2. sent you a pm if its not in a hoa let me know ill go look at it tomorrow
  3. These are the fluorite glass Will post pictures later $3500
  4. Sold sorry forgot to update
  5. 257 STW

    WTB 5.7x28 ammo

    looking to buy 5.7x28 ammo if anyone has any let me know
  6. This is a 280 Remington mountain rifle in great shape has base and Leopold 1" rings original Remington box and paper work $800
  7. 257 STW

    Arctic Fox 22H Travel Trailer

    If this were on Craigslist it would of sold yesterday
  8. 257 STW

    OHV decal

    Only 4 new Registrations and wrong decals and still haven't got it right
  9. 257 STW

    Warning: Scammers Contacting Users

    I got the same message from the same guy on a WTB add on a 410 i posted i knew it was a scam as soon as he wanted me to contact him through his gmail
  10. 257 STW

    WTB Ruger model 57

    Want to buy a ruger model 57 if anybody has one or know where I can get 1 let me know
  11. 257 STW

    WTB Ruger model 57

    Thanks everyone I worked out a deal with 5alivefishing
  12. 257 STW

    WTB Ruger model 57

    Sent you info
  13. 257 STW

    Wtb quad for teen

    wanting to buy a quad for teen preferably a polaris automatic with forward and reverse let me know but open to other options 4804953475
  14. 257 STW

    Wtb quad for teen

  15. 257 STW

    WTB Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader/ FOUND ONE

    Mine shoots holes through holes at 100yards . If you use the bullets it comes with and 4 triple 7 . I tried other loads and bullets it didn't like so much. I also installed a timney trigger and that made a big difference.
  16. 257 STW

    WTB 410 single shot

    anybody have a cheap 410 single shot i have a elderly friend that has a rattle snake issue and gave him a 20ga think might be a little to much for him 4804953475
  17. 257 STW

    WTB 410 single shot

    Trying to make it as easy as possible on the old timer i think a 410 is the best and easiest option for him if anybody has one
  18. 257 STW

    2016 Kawasaki Teryx LE 4

    Selling for my parents its a one owner gurage kept all maintenance done at dealer used for light trail use has 1800 miles well taken care of $13500 4804953475
  19. 257 STW

    H4350 Powder

    Sent you a pm
  20. That thing should shoot lights out with the bullets it comes with and 4 triple 7 pellets but it gonna kick like a mule put an aftermarket trigger in it
  21. 1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic Xj this has been my hunting rig the last two years lots of money invested over 20k + in-line 6 4.0 with 195k miles cold ac and hot heat ,everything works all Rubicon Express long arm 5.5 on 31" curry 1 ton steering bench works gear box with upgraded pump Rubicon Express SYE custom drive shafts 10k winch with synthetic rope custom bumpers frame stifners no cheep stuff i did all work myself jeep was stock way to much to list . I drove straight from my driveway here in mesa to New Mexico, Utah , and all over Arizona no problem , roof rack is big enough to roll your bed roll out and sleep on , has 8ft awning on passenger side for shade when glasing .$15,000 Cadillac of side by sides no dust, no freezing on early morning rides to hunting spots, or sweating on early elk hunts after packing out a bull all day
  22. 257 STW

    Jeep Cherokee Classic Xj hunting rig

    Not giving up hunting . Buying a new bronco have to many vehicles have another 1999 xj thats all stock might sell that if this one doesn't sell .