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  1. clock

    4 door rock rails Bronco

    2022 Ford Bronco rock rails, all hardware, as new HD Modular bumper off the same Bronco $650 for bumper, I’ll throw in the rock rails for $100 Iam in Tucson until Monday then headed back to Flagstaff, I will deliver to anywhere in between Ray
  2. clock

    WTB H4198 powder

    PM sent
  3. clock

    Have powder to trade

    I sent you a pm, clock
  4. clock

    50 years ago today

    Wow, I almost forgot about it. I was at NAU and was going back to Phoenix, but the Rye creek bridge was washed out, and I had to turn around, clock
  5. clock

    Black River, Ten of Diamonds

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone has been up to Black River at Ten of Diamonds crossing on San Carlos? It’s been a long time for me, but I want to know if river flow will allow for fording up the seven crossings. Thanks in advance, clock
  6. clock

    2 stocks for Rem, McMillan + laminate

    Pending sale on both stocks, thanks ,clock
  7. I have one McMillan Hunters Edge Lightweight stock for a Remington 700 BDL, right hand long action, grey, inletted for a Shilen 5.5 barrel contour, magazine box opened for Wyatts box, standard box will work with spacer.95% $300 obo. I also have a new factory Remington 700 BDL grey laminate for a right hand long action factory magnum barrel contour, 100%, $75, both plus freight. for pics or more info, e-mail me at rkrobson@aol.com, thanks, clock