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  1. Bullet_Slayer

    Vortex rangefinder

    Price drop…$225
  2. Bullet_Slayer

    Vortex rangefinder

    Vortex ranger 1800 ranger range finder. Has scratches on the belt clip but other than that it’s in great condition. Located in Globe but travel to Safford often. $250
  3. Bullet_Slayer

    Tikka t3 7-08 for sale

    I’ll take it if Schmitty backs out. Great deal
  4. Bullet_Slayer

    WTS Leupold VX5HD

    Where you located?
  5. Bullet_Slayer


    Have any pictures of the others?
  6. Bullet_Slayer

    VX5 HD Sold

    Tried sending you a message. Still won’t go through.
  7. Bullet_Slayer

    VX5 HD Sold

  8. Bullet_Slayer

    Wts wtt browning hc lr max in 6.8 western

    Interested. I tried messaging you but it won’t go through