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  1. cannonball

    Womens Hand Gun

    i bought my wife a 638 but she hated it. She preferred my Hellcat. Id look at Shield EZ
  2. cannonball

    Harvester EVO Suppressor

    yep got mine in
  3. cannonball

    Harvester EVO Suppressor

    Ive got one in jail at FFL
  4. cannonball


    Stockys is working on their carbon stocks for the M70. Should be releasing them soon
  5. cannonball

    WTB - Pair of 15's

    Get the Meoptas listed on here!
  6. cannonball


    4.5" barrel?
  7. cannonball

    Let's see those side by sides!

    More for family fun rides than hunting
  8. Unfired. I got this to make up a super light backcountry rig but I’d rather sell and pay for my daughters Tikka T3x compact. I removed the gel in the stock and it now weighs 5.22lbs with the rifle and DNZ game reaper 1” scope mount. I got it under 6lbs complete with a light sightron scope. SOLD
  9. cannonball

    WTB Youth 20 Gauge

  10. cannonball

    Recognize mountains?

    Eagletails https://www.blm.gov/visit/eagletail-mountains-wilderness
  11. cannonball

    Can you enter draw at 9?

    I was able to get her an AGFD customer number and purchase a license as well as enter her for elk and antelope. Interestingly when I tried to select bonus point only I got an error saying she wasnt old enough, but I was able to enter specific hunt numbers....thanks all
  12. cannonball

    Can you enter draw at 9?

    My daughter is 9 and will be 10 in May. Is it possible for her to purchase a license and enter in the elk/pronghorn draw (bonus point only). She's doing the online education course now. I figured its never too early to start building up points. thanks!
  13. cannonball

    Pinched nerve - Cant draw bow

    I took a quick look at the CHAMP application but I thought I read it was for permanent vs short term disability, which Im not even considering
  14. Anyone dealt with a pinched nerve in their neck? I woke up Dec 8 with my trap muscle tight and sore and unable to lift my left arm above waist level. Been doing chiro/PT since and its getting a little better but Im still weak in my left arm. Also have a neuro appointment 1/23 (earliest I could get in) As of today I have most of my range of motion back but my left arm is still very weak. I can now lift my bow but cant draw it. There isnt anything wrong with my arm/shoulder structurally (muscles, tendons, ligaments etc.) its just the brachial nerve isnt controlling it right. Sucks since Im missing OTC. I was thinking of trying to find a bow like the Diamond Prism that adjust way down to like 5-10lbs but also has 28" draw just so I can work on form and build back strength.
  15. cannonball

    Bear quota question

    but there is another tab for annual that says open and the totals for spring + fall don't equal the annual? I just dont understand the math for the annual limits. The math for the animals harvested does. Likely the open column on the annual just calculates harvested/annual limit and doesnt factor in season limits or dates. Still confusing though. https://harvest-tracking.azgfd.gov/harvest-tracking-2-3/