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  1. cannonball

    Would you spend this much on a Benchmade knife?

    I’m not opposed to spending that on a knife but it’s going to be a mcnees, Curtiss, or Chris reeves, not a BM
  2. cannonball

    Looking for a Tripod LOWER PRICED Not $500

    https://cameralandny.com/shop/sirui-t-024sk-compact-tripod-with-va-5-fluid-head/1d046d00-4a86-0137-4014-00163ecd2826?variation=1947226&query=sirui This one has been recommended a bunch
  3. cannonball

    Burris MTAC 6.5-20x50 - SOLD

    Burris MTAC 6.5-30x50 with sunshade. $250 in north phoenix / cave creek
  4. cannonball


    still available
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  7. cannonball

    .308 ammo

    Sold pending meetup
  8. cannonball

    .308 ammo

    176 rounds of .308. One of the boxes of UMC only has 16. Asking $165. im in north Phx
  9. cannonball


    Bell and Carlson Sporter stock for long action Winchester model 70. It has an Aluminum bedding block and I did not bed in the action on mine so its clean. Includes the 1 piece floor plate from Midwest gun works I needed for my Supergrade. $200 im in north phoenix
  10. cannonball

    WTB - 10x42EL

    not mine but: https://rokslide.com/forums/threads/swarovski-els-1809.325287/
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  13. Ive got Leupold BX-5's in 10x50 and 15x56. The 10's feel a little bulky on the chest and got me thinking if I should sell both of these and put the money into a single pair of higher quality 10x42's? Or possibly just selling just the 10x50's to get a set of 8x42 to reduce weight and bulk and keeping the 15's. What do yall think?
  14. cannonball

    Eberlestock RMEF pack - SOLD

    I bought it in summer of 2021 I believe. Used it for 3 days in Fall 2021 and its sat in the garage since Website says 2600 ci - but bigger with expandable shelf. More info on it here: https://www.rmef.org/elk-network/team-elk-pack-by-eberlestock/
  15. cannonball

    Eberlestock RMEF pack - SOLD

    Used for one unsuccessful hunt a couple years ago. No stains tears etc. All zippers work great. $175 I’m in north Phx/cave creek SOLD PENDING MEETUP