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  1. Jimmer Negamanee

    New Member Here

    Welcome to CWT.com! Like you said, the time with family away from all the hustle and bustle, passing on the outdoor traditions, is the whole point. But a javelina would be a cherry on top of the sundae! Looking forward to you posting about the hunt.
  2. Jimmer Negamanee

    Broke ankle in 16A need help

    Glad you made it out. Get the orthopedic consult ASAP so you get the best outcome. If they operate, do ALL the PT they tell you to do. Even if you have insurance, you may be out-of-pocket for some PT but it's important to do everything they recommend. If you're out-of-pocket, the PT place will usually have a cash price they'll accept. Godspeed on your recovery.
  3. Jimmer Negamanee

    Did not see much in the way of ATL in '18. or sheds in general.

    Good luck this year! Looking forward to you sharing your finds while I'm stuck in town.
  4. Jimmer Negamanee

    2019 ATL pics

    Great haul! You mentioned "300 yards from the bike." Are you talking pedal bike or motor bike? I've always thought about getting a fat-tire cruiser bicycle but wasn't sure how feasible that was.
  5. Have you had it since it was new?
  6. Jimmer Negamanee

    Interesting as it lay

    Great buck and super unique find! I've never seen or even heard of a shed stabbed into a cactus before. And I think your guess as to how it happened makes a lot of sense. Thanks for posting.
  7. Jimmer Negamanee

    Uno mas for my "Lucky Kids"!

    I think those are all good life lessons and, to me, the best part is that HE made the decisions understanding the options, the risks, and the rewards. He did all that in light of the values and ethics that you shared with him, his own conscience, and the very real, urgent practical considerations. (He should definitely be EOM!) And you were there to talk to him about all those things as went through that decision making process. That's not just being a dad, that's being a mentor. Well done. Great buck!
  8. Jimmer Negamanee


    Gorgeous lake and hilarious picture! What great memories! Your post reminds me of the quote by author Madeleine L'Engle "The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been." Thanks for posting.
  9. Jimmer Negamanee

    Springfield Armory

    Thirds. If the sale falls through with original buyer and Antler Assassin doesn't buy it, I'll take it for your last asking price of $350.
  10. Jimmer Negamanee


    Happy Thanksgiving! It's my favorite holiday. It makes us focus on what we have and be grateful for it instead of thinking about what we don't have and feeling bad about not having it. Thank you CWT.com for almost 12 years of advice, insight, stories, pictures, and laughs. Tempus fugit. And thank you to Amanda and the moderators for a great site and all your work keeping spammers at bay and keeping topics from going of the rhubarb when we passions flare and negativity slips in. (And Amanda, I ordered my second batch CWT.com calendars. They are big hit as Christmas presents. Darren is a great photographer.)
  11. Lots of extras on the S7W M&P 22LR. Those won't last long. Thanks for posting the link and the CW hook up!
  12. Jimmer Negamanee


    No deer for me in a border unit this year but found my smallest shed yet. (I'm also attaching a pic of several other finds along with the 1933 book The Log of an Arizona Trailblazer by John A. Rockfellow. It was cool to read an eye-witness account of Arizona's formative years with an emphasis on southern AZ.)
  13. Jimmer Negamanee

    Got tickted by azgf

    I'd hate for it to interfere with our hunt. Maybe can ask to continue the arraignment (or whatever they call it) for the reason that you'll be out of town on the date set (you don't have to say you'll be out hunting). If you do that though, just make sure you are at the new date set. Who knows, maybe the prosecutor has a diversion type program or they may offer to let you plead responsible to some civil violation and pay a fine.
  14. Jimmer Negamanee

    Draw odds

    Interesting. I always figured you couldn't put in for the same hunt for your first and second choice so thank you for the information. Is there any benefit to doing putting in for the one hunt for first and second choices versus just putting in for that hunt as your first choice?
  15. Jimmer Negamanee

    Rut Activity

    ^^^ Great footage trphyhntr! Thanks for posting.