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  1. Jimmer Negamanee

    FYI - Meat Processing

    FYI - I was there today (11/17) and Von Hanson's is also full. They'll accept more starting the 24th.
  2. Jimmer Negamanee

    36B success

    Well done! Great write up and pictures. I agree with you that, with or without a harvest, it's a great unit and a great time. I head down there tomorrow and can't wait.
  3. Jimmer Negamanee

    FFL advice

    + 1 for Healy Arms. I've always had good experiences there whether buying from their stock or using them for FFL purposes for online purchases. (Plus, they are a CWT.com sponsor) https://www.healyarms.com/
  4. Jimmer Negamanee

    Deer tags. (In mail?)

    I had USPS return my mail to sender for no reason and called AZGFD yesterday (7/12) to see if my tag had been returned and the nice gentleman said paper tags have not been mailed out yet.
  5. Jimmer Negamanee


    Post a pic if you can. Maybe someone will fall in love. Good for you for rescuing her and trying to find her a home.
  6. Jimmer Negamanee

    Applying together point spread

    I learned something with this post. I understood it exactly as MogollonMan described it with the exception of the last part. I thought if there was 1 tag left and the hypothetical application with 4 people was picked, then the AZGFD would issue 4 tags. Under this procedure, the maximum # of tags issued would, at most, exceed the # of tags allotted by 3 which, in the vast majority of situations, would be insignificant from a game animal population standpoint. That way they wouldn't have to keep re-drawing until they got to an application with only 1 person on it. But the system described by MogollonMan makes sense because in cases where there is only 1 or 2 tags available, sending 4 hunters into the field could indeed have an impact on game populations.
  7. Jimmer Negamanee

    Arizona Trail - Any Fanatics???

    Good for you Stanley! I'm glad you're planning this. So many people put things off not realizing that it is later than we think. The ATA website has a lot of info. Thanks for posting the link. I'll be following this thread! -Jimmer
  8. Jimmer Negamanee

    Taking Care of Feral Cattle in Gila National Forest

    The negative ecosystem effects of feral horses, burros, and to a lesser extent cattle, have been well documented and there is no sound reason why they should not be removed. (And I don't consider being "majestic" or a "symbol of the West" to be sound reasons.) I think letting individuals hunt them for their personal consumption seems like an elegant solution. It wouldn't cost the gov't money unless they wanted to issue tags and do check-ins or something like that. Even with that, the costs would be minimal. For some unknown reason, YouTube routinely suggests hunting video to me and I've seen a bunch from Australia where they hunt horses, cattle, and camels. And the camel back-straps they cook up over the campfire look dee-licious.
  9. Jimmer Negamanee

    National Egg shortage

    Three conspiracy theorists walk into the same bar at the same time. Coincidence? That's what the government wants you to think.
  10. Jimmer Negamanee

    Buckles n Bolos

    Great work! Fun Fact: By statute (ARS Sec. 41-857) the Bolo (AKA Bola) tie is Arizona's official neckwear.
  11. Jimmer Negamanee

    Wildlife of Yellowstone

    I know it's an older post but I'm just now seeing it. Well done! Thanks for posting them.
  12. Jimmer Negamanee

    Couple Does

    Cool pics! Thanks for posting.
  13. Jimmer Negamanee

    Thanksgiving Hunt

    Well done! Thanks for posting!
  14. Jimmer Negamanee

    ID this 22-- what is it ??

    Cool! I've never seen anything like it. Looking forward to the answer.
  15. Jimmer Negamanee

    Whitetail processing

    To me, the ultimate question is "Did they do a good job?" meaning did it cook up good and taste good? If so, it may be worth the price. I'll happily pay a premium for good processing, or taxidermy, or anything requiring a high level of experience or skill. It's like the old joke about the person who made this complaint about a restaurant: "The food was horrible and the portions were so small!" Obviously, large portions don't make up for bad tasting food. Similarly, a low price does not make up for an inferior product. So before I can chime on on the value proposition, I need to ask, "How'd it taste?"