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  1. Mattman215

    Daniel defense DDM4Vll milspec 300aac

  2. Mattman215

    Daniel defense DDM4Vll milspec 300aac

  3. Mattman215

    Spring vs Fall Bears

    Spring is tough as the bears don’t move much so you really gotta be in their kitchen. I have got 2 bears both fall. I don’t dog hunt though so not sure about any of those odds. Never successfully called a bear in either just glassing for me.
  4. Mattman215

    21-22 pred season

    Haha nice ! I still want a 250, I just keep going back to the same rifle.
  5. Mattman215

    Daniel defense DDM4Vll milspec 300aac

  6. Mattman215

    21-22 pred season

    Daniel defense 300bo/ sig 1-4 ffp omega can. 110gr vmax.
  7. Mattman215

    Last 5 years

    Bear hunting has been tough to say the least. I started seriously hunting bears in 2017 and never saw a single bear for 3 years. The last two years I have been blessed to get two back to back. It is a fun yet challenging hunt.
  8. Thought I would post some of my 21-22 season. Overall was a good season as I did not get out much due to being sick.
  9. Mattman215

    Kitty cat

    Never got around to posting this but managed to get this guy last pred season. First one so making it a rug for the wall. 100 yard shot dropped it.
  10. Mattman215


    If only these were 34 long …..
  11. Looking to sell my Daniel defense 300 blackout. just looking to change things up great rifle, Daniel defense no longer makes this model. I paid $1800, you cannot find these anywhere. I will post actual photos shortly. About 500 rounds through it. added an adjustable gas block so it will run flawlessly with a suppressor. $1500 shipped ffl to ffl or $1450 face to face with ccw in phoenix or Tucson area. Scope not included I have the muzzle brake as well a few dings from the field shown in pictures, which is why its 400 less than I paid for it
  12. Mattman215

    Christensen Arms Ridgeline Stock Short Action

    Does this take a Remington bdl bottom metal?
  13. Mattman215

    Ammo Trade

    I would be willing to buy it….don’t have it to trade sorry.
  14. Mattman215

    The trophy room!

    That’s a NC FOX squirrel.