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  1. wish2hunt

    WTB .300 Weatherby Mag Ammo

    That’s twice what he wants to pay.
  2. wish2hunt

    Popcorn thread

    A lot of the time spent is at night, but he is still out there.
  3. wish2hunt

    BOLO: Stolen camp trailer from San Tan Valley

    That is the problem in this country, no on is held accountable.
  4. wish2hunt

    Bull shot... what happened??

    Hillary is more like a coyote!
  5. wish2hunt

    First Timer here

    You mean pecking trees?
  6. wish2hunt

    Micro Arrows

    I think it’s more like 4 inches which is a huge difference
  7. wish2hunt

    Elk Rut

    It won’t be long before this one does.
  8. wish2hunt

    Some afternoon fun

    My daughters first limit of doves.
  9. wish2hunt

    Tundra oil change.

    Same thing happened to me, but they told me I needed a tranny service
  10. Not as big of waste as the money they spend for designs on the side of the freeways.
  11. wish2hunt

    Tundra oil change.

    You are just hoping for a lot lizard!
  12. wish2hunt

    Tundra oil change.

    Plus the time they let it run at the dealer after changing.
  13. wish2hunt

    Tundra oil change.

    Drain it, burn it up fill it back full of oil and get a new engine. That would really suck though.
  14. wish2hunt

    Late archery salt licks

    He needs help with salt licks.