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  1. wish2hunt

    44bn tag holder

    Just once.
  2. wish2hunt

    44bn tag holder

  3. wish2hunt

    What do you see ?

    I see at least 3 rams
  4. wish2hunt

    Card hits??

    He will use one of the rifle pistols
  5. Biden has it all under control.
  6. wish2hunt

    My 2019 ram mount pics

    What does he score if you don’t mind me asking?
  7. wish2hunt


    There isn’t that much ammo in the state of Az.
  8. wish2hunt

    More shells for sell

  9. wish2hunt

    37a 2020 Ram

    I can’t imagine living in that environment 13 years.
  10. wish2hunt

    More shells for sell

    I don’t care if I sell them or not, I don’t need them so I thought I would see if someone might need them for what I paid for them.
  11. wish2hunt

    More shells for sell

  12. wish2hunt

    Weihrauch HW97K Thumbhole $500

    And you might be able to find pellets for it.
  13. wish2hunt

    Doe hunts????

    With one or two seasons. Now there are 4-5 hunts in all most every unit