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  1. wish2hunt

    First muley with a bow

    Cool congrats.
  2. wish2hunt

    Uh oh...

    I look at as beer alters people’s thinking and actions, yet I can drive up to window with truck and buy a case of beer and never get out of my truck. No difference in my thinking.
  3. wish2hunt

    Must be the full moon

    I bet a tweeker chick would be strange.
  4. wish2hunt

    Anyone find a 3x3

    They were all good girls at one time or another.
  5. How much planning do you need? You have his cordinates.
  6. wish2hunt

    1st Archery Kill.

    Been there and done that. Just giving you a hard time. You got it done and that’s what counts.
  7. wish2hunt

    1st Archery Kill.

    Where are all of your arrows? Lol Congrats man
  8. wish2hunt


    What would you think the wolves feed on?
  9. wish2hunt

    Best place to buy Honda SXS

    Anywhere but Ridenow.
  10. wish2hunt

    Killer Home Depot deal

    You should know that everything turns into something here.
  11. wish2hunt

    Weatherby 340 weatherby mag

    Took a few to get zeroed in.
  12. wish2hunt


    Sounds like a great mother. We need more like her theses days.
  13. wish2hunt

    New Deleted post

    He was doomed from the start.
  14. wish2hunt

    Mathews Heli-m or Z7

    If anyone needs a bow they better grab this
  15. wish2hunt

    Rifle seasons.

    Which hunt would that be?