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  1. wish2hunt

    Something good unexpected

    You should never drink and type. Lol
  2. wish2hunt

    Hey Ewe Three!

    The 2nd pic looks like a really old ewe.
  3. wish2hunt

    5B north archery hunt

    I don’t think he was coming back.
  4. wish2hunt

    Unit 10 Elk

    It will be cold.
  5. wish2hunt

    18 years ago today!

    How time flys by.
  6. wish2hunt

    Where am I?????

    I thought that was trphyhntr at first glance!
  7. wish2hunt

    Where am I?????

    That is one good looking fish right there.
  8. wish2hunt

    UofA seriously?

    Let them all go home I doubt we will suffer if they do.
  9. wish2hunt

    Best place to get a cowboy hat

    Heritage. Great guy to work with.
  10. wish2hunt

    First tag for elk, 7W, any help appreciated

    I would say that’s a pretty good place to start.
  11. wish2hunt

    well place shot

    Anywhere in the ribs behind the shoulder will normally do it.
  12. wish2hunt

    5B north archery hunt

    1st and probably last post.
  13. wish2hunt

    Funky Rack

    Looks like he might have ran into a tree when in velvet.
  14. wish2hunt

    Dad Passes

    Sorry to hear hang in there and thinking about you.
  15. wish2hunt

    5B north archery hunt

    You have plenty of time to go learn it.