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  1. wish2hunt

    Unit 9 bull archery hunt

    And in between.
  2. wish2hunt

    Unit 9 bull archery hunt

    That’s exactly where I would hunt.
  3. wish2hunt

    Top units

    He will be leaving a day early if he finds out
  4. wish2hunt

    Tree Stand

    That’s not going to be easy to set in.
  5. wish2hunt

    Mountain lion or Bobcat??

    It’s a lion. So now tell us what you said?
  6. wish2hunt

    Anyone in Vegas or north of there?

    It might be cheaper to swing by Bass Pro in I-15 just south of town.
  7. wish2hunt

    Popcorn thread

    Yes but the bigger ones are gone.
  8. wish2hunt

    Sitting water might be a good strategy.....

    Let’s hope and maybe more.
  9. wish2hunt

    Scouting unit 10

    They have all moved.
  10. wish2hunt

    What do you think this bull will score?

    I have to agree with Jasper
  11. wish2hunt

    Popcorn thread

  12. wish2hunt

    Scouting unit 10

    4A and 5A are pretty dry even up on top.
  13. wish2hunt

    Scouting unit 10

    Wait for the monsoon to die down?When have the monsoon got started?
  14. wish2hunt

    Taxidermy advice

    I didn’t see any scores made up. Except maybe on the cup.
  15. wish2hunt

    The way it should be

    My daughter shot an Elk about 3/4 mile off the road and he drove out and loaded in his truck and hauled it out to my truck. Great guy I have never had any issues with him.