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  1. azhunter42


    I like the target if you ever want to separate.
  2. azhunter42


    Messaged you
  3. azhunter42

    Spartan Bipod(100.00)

    Excellent condition. 100.00 . Glendale area
  4. azhunter42

    Discount Tire member?

    I have never bought the certs, not once have I ever needed to use them. I have never had any issues with Discount,always have treated me well.
  5. azhunter42

    Discount Tire member?

    Need new tires for my truck and was wondering if anyone can help me out on a good deal?
  6. azhunter42

    Car transport

    Uhual has two options. One way from Fort Collins to Glendale is 450.00. Or I can rent the same auto transport here and haul it empty to Colorado for 54 a day which is heck of alot cheaper. My second option is what I am leanings towards.
  7. azhunter42

    Car transport

    Only way I can do it is a car hauler like the ones from uhual. Tires are not in the best condition to use a dolly or tow bar.
  8. azhunter42

    Car transport

    That makes more sense lol
  9. azhunter42

    Car transport

    It runs and drives but almost 1k miles one way is alot to put on that Ole jeep.
  10. azhunter42

    Car transport

    Good idea
  11. azhunter42

    Car transport

    Thank you
  12. azhunter42

    Car transport

    I have a 1971 cj5 that I need towed from Colorado back to Arizona. I figured I can do it with my truck and rent a uhual car transport. Just weighing out the cost on both. Anyone know of transport?
  13. azhunter42

    Anyone Uhaul rep?

    I need to rent a car hauler from Fort Collins, Colorado to Arizona early next month, 1970 jeep cj5 . Best deal available?
  14. azhunter42

    Draw Results Posted?

    Arizona game and fish department is a complete joke. I'll sit back and wait for excuses.
  15. azhunter42

    WTT .308 ammo for .270 or .30-06

    Messaged you.