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  1. azhunter42

    Leupold vx2 4*12-40 (250.00)

    leupold vx2 4*12*40. In excellent condition. 250.00
  2. azhunter42

    (Reduced)Kryptek Ragnar and Valhalla Pants

    I just might take those also..
  3. Upgraded to a new scope now I need it installed properly. I don't have the proper tools to balance it and all. Any recommendations on the west side for a gunsmith?
  4. azhunter42

    ISO Leupold CDS scope

    Yes they will custom make a new dial and also engrave your name if you want. Like you said send them the ballistics info.
  5. azhunter42

    Leupold vx2 4*12-40

    In excellent condition. I am upgrading so no longer need it. 300.00 comes with leupold base and rings. Base for a remington 700
  6. azhunter42


    I'll take the 700 model one for 20.00.?
  7. azhunter42

    Vortex spotting scope. 325.00

  8. azhunter42

    Vortex spotting scope. 325.00

    In excellent condition. I am upgrading so no longer need it. 325.00
  9. azhunter42

    7MM REM MAG Hornady Precision Hunter

    Still available?
  10. azhunter42

    Southwest wildlife taxidermy coupons

    Still available?
  11. azhunter42

    Guns for sale

    Messaged you on the 7mm08
  12. azhunter42


    Good point
  13. azhunter42


    The pressure will not be too bad. They have 350 cow tags in late October. 175 archery tags the week before our bull hunt. That was my reason for putting in for this hunt. This hunt has 500 tags, but it's decent size unit. Come Monday and Tuesday 2/3 of the hunters will be gone,either they give up or only have time for the weekend to hunt.
  14. azhunter42


    I have the same tag this season. I started "scouting" this past week. More or less to get familiar with a new area, also helps to look for sheds while out. It was nice seeing elk while out "scouting". I don't expect them to be in the same place once December gets here but it sure does beat being in town lol. The more time you spend out the better you will understand the layout of the unit.
  15. azhunter42

    Huge sportsman sale

    30/30 sounds interesting