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  1. Lov2HuntCoues


    I'll take it. PM on it's way.
  2. Lov2HuntCoues

    Leupold Kenai Spotting Scope & Steiner Rifle Scope

    East Mesa
  3. Listing a couple items for a buddy. 1 - Leupold Kenai Spotting scope, 25-60 X 80 Asking $550 2 - Steiner GS3 3-15 x 50 Asking $650 PM for contact info.
  4. Lov2HuntCoues

    Antelope decoy fs

    I'll take it.
  5. Lov2HuntCoues


    Photos? Price? Need a bit more detail.
  6. Lov2HuntCoues

    SOLD-Bear Kodiak Hunter 55#

  7. Lov2HuntCoues


    Your PM's are full.
  8. Lov2HuntCoues

    ISO - CZ 455 22Mag

  9. Lov2HuntCoues

    Gold tip kinetic pierce platinum 340

    I'll take them.
  10. Lov2HuntCoues

    ISO - CZ 455 22Mag

    How about any 22WRM?
  11. Is this still available?
  12. Lov2HuntCoues

    Lost range finder

    He called, but nobody has turned it in. Was hoping getting the word out here might be more productive.
  13. Lov2HuntCoues

    Lost range finder

    A buddy of mine lost a vortex range finder, 1800 model, 3 weeks ago at the Usery range. He has an elk hunt this year and would really like to not have to buy a new one. Thanks in advance.
  14. Lov2HuntCoues

    ISO - CZ 455 22Mag