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  1. Tannert


    @BigMoqui Just let me know. Like I said I don't think I could get out there till maybe Friday later in the day unless you are coming north at all in the next day or so.
  2. Tannert


    LOL we posted at the exact same time. Ill take PRDAT's spot if no one wants it just because of his comment. But please go in order.
  3. Tannert


    @PRDATR No, I offered him on the pistol and a case of ammo, the ammo I wanted was spoken for but he said I was first to ask about the pistol so he gave me first shot at it. I opted out just because If i were going to drive all the way to Gilbert I would want to get ammo and pistol. I think he's just doing what's right and going in order. I don't think hes doing anything sketchy as you are making it seem.
  4. Tannert


    PM Sent.
  5. Tannert

    Benelli Supernova 12ga AND ammo $900 OBO

    If you would take my $400.00 offer, would you consider a trade? I have a Ruger Red Label, I will trade you for the Red Label and you pay me $4000.00. Ill toss in a box of bird shot as well if you meet me half way. LMK
  6. Tannert

    Benelli Supernova 12ga AND ammo $900 OBO

    Dang, I missed the crap talking. Well since your listing is OBO, I will offer $400 and you keep the ammo, light and front post.
  7. Tannert

    Benelli Supernova 12ga AND ammo $900 OBO

    Looks like you deleted your last listing. Again, you should move on and post on Armslist. I don't think anybody here is going to pay nearly double what the gun is worth, especially from someone who joined the site a few days ago. Sorry I had to comment since you deleted the last listing.
  8. $500 is what the guy owed me . It's the amount I allowed for the trade I'm only breaking even I'm not trying to make any money on it. Give me a call if you'd like 602-489-3371

  9. Tannert

    14' x 9' Deck (Trailer?) Free

    Looks like its getting picked up. Will update if it does.
  10. Tannert

    14' x 9' Deck (Trailer?) Free

    @ewilly Looks like its still around. Shoot me a PM and ill send you my address.
  11. Tannert

    14' x 9' Deck (Trailer?) Free

    Scottsdale. As of now it looks like its spoken for.
  12. I have this deck that I took off my boat trailer. I have zero need for it anymore and have held off from cutting it up as I think it could make a great trailer. Have not got around to doing that. Need this gone. Its heavier than it looks (900Lbs-1100Lbs Im guessing). Used to hold two Jet skis over top of the boat. I only have the deck, everything else was snagged from pickers and I have had a handful of guys say they are coming back to get the deck but no one has. Would anyone be interested in taking this before I cut it up and haul it to the scrap yard? Would make a great trailer. Exact width is 107 1/2".
  13. Tannert

    28 Nosler ammo for sale

    Same question as above. Location? Interested in all of the Hornady 162 grain Eld-x
  14. Tannert

    223 rem Saiga and hi-point 995

    Ill take the hi-point