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  1. Tannert


    PM sent.
  2. Tannert

    2019 Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56 Rifle Scope

    Have this on my new rifle. Don't think I will ever get a different scope. Love this thing. GLWS
  3. Tannert

    My 13A Muley

    Im in Scottsdale but always in your area seeing family and such.
  4. Tannert

    My 13A Muley

    Yes, I know that. I was with him yesterday morning shooting dove and talking about your buck. Hes beyond pumped for you. I know you guys spoke on the phone a few times. His sister is my Mother. We were also shooting dove with Brett and all of his boys. We gotta get together sometime.
  5. Tannert

    My 13A Muley

    lol Happy Thanksgiving... Tyler I believe it is.
  6. Tannert

    My 13A Muley

    But he's one of the guys Jason spoke to for info as he stated. Is Jason B. the only person that should get a "Shoutout" for the deer killed? You have made yourself look very dumb in the entire feed. You should read through it all and see that not one person has sided with you. You have made your uncles company look bad. Stick to giving out free gym memberships.
  7. Tannert

    My 13A Muley

    This is classic. This Mathews dude is a plug and needs to kick rocks. Jason, Im assuming you are talking about Kip Fattaleh (My uncle)... He would never in a million years expect a "Shoutout" on CWT, he would just be extremely happy that you killed one heck of a buck. Congrats!
  8. TTT still have this. would love to sell it or Trade for pistol or Rifle + cash on my end.
  9. Tannert

    Leupold VX6-HD 4-24x52 Tmoa

    Great price!
  10. Tannert

    Leupold Mark 5 5-25x56 Tremor 3

    Great deal on the best scope I have ever owned.
  11. Tannert

    Keep an eye out for stolen goods

    This sucks. Sorry that happened to you. Would definitely post a more specific list of the Optics.
  12. Looking for one before Thursday if possible. Located in Scottsdale. Please text or call if you would sell yours. 480-358-5193
  13. Tannert


    Lol not sure. My PM only worked for a few weeks when I started on this site. Shoot me a text 480-358-5193