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  1. Tannert

    Layke Industries AR

    Used to go by Layke Tactical...not sure if they did a name change. They are primarily an Aerospace shop and got into Firearms a little while back. Pretty sure the Son of the owner is taking the company over. If I am not mistaken they were first making their own triggers and trying to be the first to the market with the wood stock and rail. Not a huge company so not many people know of their AR's. I wouldn't know pricing on the rifle but I did sell them their cnc machines and EDM's and they are quality machines that are cutting their parts.
  2. Awesome! They are all hers. I work in the airpark area if you want to meet tomorrow. My phone number is at the top of this listing if you want to send me a text to figure out when we can meet.
  3. Alright no more price drops. I would rather give these away to a young hunter. Anyone have a kid that is getting up in the hills and would put these to use?! I am located in Scottsdale but will be driving through Prescott and Chino tomorrow evening.
  4. Here is the link to the trigger. $259.00 New https://www.elftactical.com/elf-ar-15-match-drop-in-trigger Here is the link to the Ambidextrous Speed Safety $40.00 New https://www.elftactical.com/ar-15-ar-10-ambidextrous-speed-safety-push-button Here is the link to the Non Rotating anti-walk trigger and hammer pins $25.00 New https://www.elftactical.com/AR-15-Non-Rotational-Anti-Walk-pins_p_41.html If you were to buy everything new it would cost $325.00 Plus tax. I will sell everything together for $225.00 Price Drop $200.00 Call or text 480-358-5193
  5. Believe these are both RCX-1's. One comes with a back plate as seen in pictures. I used the back plate one 1 time. Both in perfect condition. $100.00 for both shoot me a text 480-358-5193
  6. Ill let you know. I might be going with the VX-6HD
  7. Ill keep you posted. Eric should be finished with my Rifle next week. Ill need something pretty soon!
  8. Lance.....Why are you doing this to me?! I need this!!