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  1. montejello

    15 hp twin evinrude

    Does it run? Pictures? My father in law may be interested.
  2. montejello

    FirstLite Gear and 6.5cm Rifle/Scope for sale

    Rifle and ammo sold.
  3. montejello

    Rage Hypodermic BH // Seagull S6 Guitar package

    Price drop on Guitar
  4. montejello

    FirstLite Gear and 6.5cm Rifle/Scope for sale

    Replied to PMs
  5. montejello

    FirstLite Gear and 6.5cm Rifle/Scope for sale

    The hospital is good as far as payment plan. Its the other bills associated. One for each doctor that came in, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, etc. So when you setup payment plans with six plus entities that adds up fast. If it was one bill with one reasonable payment id definitely be keeping my stuff.
  6. montejello

    FirstLite Gear and 6.5cm Rifle/Scope for sale

    Dog made it out alive. We rehomed her to the in-laws. She been with us for 7 years just got pestered by the 4 year old. Snapped at her and got her in the face, mainly the nose. Required a plastic surgeon but she been running around like nothing happened. Thank you for the prayers she has done well. Just the usual medical bill aftermath.
  7. Selling all my hunting gear. My daughter got bit in the face by our family dog. Between the surgery and hospital bills we are in a bind so I am getting rid of everything to make ends meet. Most items are brand new or only been worn once so in like new condition. If it wasnt for the current situation I would not be ridding of any of this. Hopefully it goes to a good home! RIFLE: Purchase rifle and ammo together $830 SOLD Ruger Go Wild 6.5CM with Vortex 4-14x44 Diamondback Tactical FFP with Vortex pro rings, $800. BRAND NEW never been fired and scope was just mounted. 60 rounds of 6.5cm Fusion ammo $50 SOLD FIRST LITE GEAR: Purchase separately hunting clothing or if you buy it all one price of $750 for everything!! Corrugate Guide Pants - size medium, fusion pattern $135, brand new https://www.firstlite.com/products/corrugate-guide-pant Aerowool Neck Gaiter - osfa, fusion pattern $25, like new https://www.firstlite.com/products/corrugate-guide-pant Wick Quarter-zip - size large, fusion pattern $90, like new https://www.firstlite.com/products/corrugate-guide-pant Kiln BootTop Bottom - size medium, fusion pattern $75, like new https://www.firstlite.com/products/mens-kiln-boot-top-bottom Kiln Hoody - size large, fusion pattern $115, like new https://www.firstlite.com/products/mens-kiln-hoody Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket - size large, fusion pattern, $200 like new https://www.firstlite.com/products/sawtooth-hybrid-jacket 5 Panel Tech Cap - osfa, fusion pattern, $27 brand new https://www.firstlite.com/products/5-panel-tech-cap Bramble Gaiter, S/M fusion patter, $75 like new https://www.firstlite.com/products/brambler-gaiter Catalyst Soft Shell Glove, size medium fusion pattern, $75 brand new https://www.firstlite.com/products/brambler-gaiter Aerowool Touch Liner Glove, size medium fusion pattern, $27 like new https://www.firstlite.com/products/aerowool-touch-liner I live in the East Valley
  8. For sale. Brand new unopened rage hypodermic broadheads (msrp $45). $39 obo for broad heads. For sale. Brand new Seagull Original S6 acoustic guitar (msrp $450) with roadrunner hardcase (msrp $119) and snark tuner (msrp $10). Sold as a package. $460 $400 firm for the guitar package. Located NE Mesa
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    Price drop $350
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    PM sent
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    SOLD. Thank you.