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  1. Ed67

    Junior Bird Down!!!

    Love it!
  2. Ed67

    SPOT messaging service

    I’m way out if touch but I am looking for a new gps. Since the inreach is garmin, can you download maps and use it as a gps also? I like the idea of being able to text from the mountains. Thx
  3. Ed67

    Baja East Cape

    I like that
  4. Ed67

    Baja East Cape

    I haven’t figured that out yet
  5. Ed67

    Baja East Cape

    I just booked two days with Los Barriles Sportfishing and will be staying at the Los Barriles Hotel. I’ll report back in July after we go.
  6. Ed67


    Pm sent
  7. Ed67

    Baja East Cape

    Thanks I’ll take a look
  8. Ed67

    Need help pricing an outboard motor

    Lol not saying I got a good deal but I really wanted that motor. It sits in my basement all year until June when I dust it off and put it on the lake. Choke, 3rd or 4th pull and starts up. At the end of the summer I treat it with Stabil and put it away.
  9. No doubt a little hiking will get you away from the other hunters but don’t let it discourage you even when you see others. This past year a guy killed a beautiful buck 300 yards from me in a canyon I was watching in one of the 36s. I never saw the buck until he killed it and up until the shot I didn’t even know he was there and he probably didn’t know I was there. I moved to a different ridge but still watching the same canyon and killed a buck about an hour later. Just get out, do your own thing and have fun.
  10. Ed67

    Need help pricing an outboard motor

    I have the same motor and year. Not many hours. I paid 1300 for it about 7 years ago. Great motor
  11. Ed67

    Baja East Cape

    Anyone here ever fish the East Cape? Thinking of a trip this July and looking for accommodations and guide recommendations. I don’t want to stay in Cabo
  12. Ed67

    Killer badlands deals

    Just ordered the -10 degree bag. Thx for the info!
  13. Ed67

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Thank you
  14. Ed67

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Great thanks. His trans seems fine at 130