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  1. RCBS .45 ACP die, bullets, brass here. What are you wanting to trade? PM is fine
  2. Ed67

    WTB .243

    Ammo or rifle?
  3. Ed67

    .410 Ammo

    Interested in 3 of each. Sending PM
  4. Ed67

    WTB .204 or 22-250

    Keep looking for sure, I just bought a nice 22-250 off a member, brass from another member, dies from eBay and powder from Bruno’s. Pulled my press out of storage and set it up yesterday. I plan to spend more time putting the smack down on yotes this year.
  5. Ed67

    6.5 Creedmoor

    Interested in the die if you would sell it separately
  6. Sending pm. I’ll buy the 22-250 if it hasn’t sold
  7. Ed67

    Elk archery setup

    Try Magnus Stingers
  8. Ed67

    Misc. Brass For Sale

    I’ll take the 22-250 brass, sending pm
  9. Ed67

    Savage Axis 22-250-sold

    Pm sent
  10. Ed67

    Savage Axis 22-250-sold

    Do you have any ammunition to go with the rifle?
  11. Ed67

    45 ACP American Eagle, 200 rds $125

    Pms answered. SPF
  12. Ed67

    45 ACP American Eagle, 200 rds $125

    Trade for .223 varmint rounds
  13. 200 rounds American Eagle .45 ACP 230g FMJ, 1-100 round value pack and two 50 round boxes. sold together $125 i live in Ahwatukee, will meet within reason
  14. Ed67


    Interested in the RL16. PM sent