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  1. Ed67

    FS Savage Ultra Lite 300 WSM

    Great deal on a nice lightweight rifle!
  2. Ed67

    Hits already?

    Just had one pop up on my Mastercard for my son in law. 6A rifle bull. Only choice. It showed up at 6pm
  3. Ed67

    Savage 110 Ultralight 6.5PRC

    Good deal, wish this was up 3 weeks ago. I just purchased retail 😮
  4. Ed67


    I had a 2000 7.3. First attempt was the Glendale Cabelas parking lot, 2nd time out of my driveway where they successfully stole it. It was a standard transmission. I got it back but the truck was trashed.
  5. Ed67

    Norma brass

    Great info all around thanks to all.
  6. Question on Norma brass I just bought a 6.5PRC then picked up some cheaper Norma ammunition on Ammoseek just to zero the rifle. I’ve never used Norma for any reloading. Anyone reading this ever use Norma brass for reloading? Thoughts?
  7. Ed67


  8. Ed67

    Remington 700 SPS 270 WSM FS $800

    SPF to Couesdeer
  9. Up for sale is a Remington 700 SPS 270 WSM, Leupold VXII 4-12 AO fine duplex scope, leupold turret for the Accubond ammo, Leupold rings and bases, sunshade, Timney trigger (installed at White Cloud Gunsmith), original trigger, 52 rounds Nosler Accubond 140G ammo, 16 rounds Winchester 150G Power Point, 20 rounds Federal 130G Power Shok, never used RCBS two piece die set, 75 pieces of once fired brass. Bipod not included, will not separate items at this time I am the original owner, approximately 250 rounds fired. Phoenix/Ahwatukee $800
  10. Ed67

    Impact Wrench recommendations?

    I bought a Kinswood 20V 1/2” rechargeable off Amazon for 89.99 for the same think. It works great
  11. Ed67

    Vortex Razor HD compact spotter

    PM responded
  12. Up for sale is a great condition Vortex Razor HD 11-33*50 angled spotting scope. At 10.5” long and 25oz this is great for lightweight packing. $325 obo. I’m in Ahwatukee