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  1. Ed67


    Maximus is selling .308 Lapua brass
  2. Ed67

    Cleaning out-misc good deals

    All sold except for holster
  3. Ed67

    Cleaning out-misc good deals

    Box of 45 is available
  4. Ed67

    Cleaning out-misc good deals

    All spf except for 45 ammo and holster. Waiting for response from chop on 45
  5. Ed67

    Cleaning out-misc good deals

  6. Ed67

    Cleaning out-misc good deals

    30-30 brass and 22 spf to crazy monkey
  7. Ed67

    Cleaning out-misc good deals

    Tripod spf
  8. Safariland 6378 holster for Glock 20/21 with or without light great condition $50 Sirui lightweight carbon fiber tripod, 1.8 lbs, 13” folded up to 54” extended, great condition. $65 SOLD Vortez Tactical 30mm medium rings, no scratches or dings, never mounted, great condition $50 SOLD Remington 525 rd brick 22lr $20 SOLD American Eagle full box .45 ACP, 23 gr ball, $25 SOLD 30-30 brass-unprimed Winchester, open bag but never used bag of 50 $25 SOLD 1 full box 6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX $40 SOLD 1 full box 6.5 PRC 143 ELDX $40 SOLD 1 unopened box of 100 Hornady 129 gr Interlock $20 SOLD I am in Phoenix/Ahwatukee near the 202 freeway, cash FTF
  9. Ed67

    FS Reloading powder, bullets and brass

    Great price on the brass!
  10. Ed67

    2023 October Hunts

    Terrible for me. Hunted all my usual spots in 36B and turned up only one small buck. I did see two very large bobcats though.
  11. Ed67

    Coati hunting

    Saw a bunch yesterday in 36B
  12. Ed67

    36b october hunt

    I’ll be down there for the October hunt, leaving early Thursday and looking forward to it. It looks like the weather will cool down 10-15 degrees which will be nice. Good luck to all
  13. Ed67

    Anyone use Power Tank to air up/down?

    Seems pricey for its use. I carry a charged pancake compressor that does fine for much cheaper
  14. Ed67

    Opening day Kaibab bird

    Went out early this afternoon and took my almost 4 year old grandson. 10 minutes in he passed out. Went back to camp, started a fire and cooked hot dogs.
  15. Ed67

    Opening day Kaibab bird

    Nothing this morning and not as cold. The plateau must have had a pretty good soaker within the last week. Lots of water in the road ruts. it looks like most hunters showed up last night.