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  1. Ed67

    WTB Alaknak vestibule

    I did not but thank you I will check. Thanks!
  2. Ed67

    WTB Alaknak vestibule

    Looking for vestibule, 12*12 Alaknak tent.
  3. Ed67

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD $650 OBO

    PMs replied
  4. As mentioned in the title, flawless glass, includes installed outdoormans stud $650 OBO Ahwatukee
  5. Ed67


    I have a pair of Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD that I’ll sell you for half your budget
  6. Ed67

    Rut Activity

    Unit 1 has had steady bugles since the beginning of the hunt but tonight things turned up a notch. It’s starting to get crazy. I passed a double main beam 6 at 530 pm. Prolly regret it. Few hours of sleep then back at it.
  7. Ed67

    Unit 1 & 2 Bull Elk Deperdation Hunt

    Check with PapaJohn on this site. He’s done this hunt a few times. Good guy.
  8. Ed67

    My bear hunt got cancelled

    Where is this dump so I can start destroying my son in laws life?
  9. Ed67

    WTB Fishing Kayak

    I dumped it on Craigslist late this morning for $65. Yea it looked rough but functionally it was fine and the guy was just looking for something fish out of for his son. Good luck.
  10. Ed67

    WTB Fishing Kayak

  11. Lol no I was looking for elk and this dink just got in the way
  12. Not a bull but a nice unit 1 mule deer in velvet from Thursday night sorry for the crappy pic
  13. Ed67

    Almost time

    Yea very dry. A lot of dirt tanks in unit 1 look to have another two weeks of water if they don’t get any rain. Fortunately there are lakes and streams for the animals, which is not the case in many other units. Forecast shows good chance of rain Sun-Thursday next week. Fingers crossed.