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  1. Ed67

    6.5 Creedmoor Christensen Mesa

    Nice setup, good deal.
  2. I’ll take a pound of H4350, sending PM
  3. Ed67

    A 2022 6A elk hunting saga

    Be sure to practice In every possible shooting position imaginable. I missed a bull 2 years ago at a mere 27 yards while hunting in a brush blind near a wallow. Bull came in while I was laying flat on my back during a time I wasn’t expecting elk. I sat upright, drew (it’s difficult while sitting), turned my body 90 degrees to the right to shoot and let one fly right under him. 😮
  4. Ed67

    Hurricane Kay

    Thank you
  5. I load 30 grains of 3031 with a 150g round nose soft point. Shoots great out to 100
  6. Ed67

    Hurricane Kay

    The last 10 days have been hot in SW Colorado but the temps drop Saturday for the muzzleloader bull opener. Hoping this weather pattern gets them going. Leaving tomorrow morning
  7. Ed67


    They were open November 2021
  8. Ed67

    Muzzleloaders for sale-price drop

    . Price drop
  9. I’m getting rid of a few muzzleloaders, too many in the safe. Both are shooters but not safe queens. 1. Thompson Center Renegade, 54 cal, Williams fiber optic sights, Mag Spark 209 primer ignition, standard nipple and Remington #11 caps if you want to change back, almost full bottle of Pyrodex RS, 1 full box of 50, 485 grain No Excuses lead bullets. Rifle is older, external metal is rubbed but overall good condition. Good shooter. $225 OBO 2. CVA Optima Magnum, .50 cal, 3-9 Weaver scope, extra breech plug, 2 full boxes of 20 Hornady Great Plains 385 grain bullets, 22 Pyrodex pellets. Recoil pad was torn off at some point and replaced with a slip on. rifle is a good shooter but well used would make a decent backup or primary. $125 OBO FTF cash, trades considered, I live in Ahwatukee near the 202 freeway 602 5one2-five345 text preferred or pm here
  10. Ed67

    Draw results

    I saw an exceptional amount of birds in 12AW last November
  11. Florencia is good, decent bar to sit at whlile waiting
  12. Coues post. Oops