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  1. Ed67

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    Ok thanks looking for a 30mm due to rings I have
  2. Ed67

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    What size tube on #1?
  3. Ed67

    I-8 dead antelope?

    Thanks for the follow up!
  4. Ed67

    I-8 dead antelope?

    Yes right around where it changes to Maricopa County
  5. Ed67

    I-8 dead antelope?

    Good to know thanks. Look on the left on the edge of the pavement
  6. Ed67

    I-8 dead antelope?

    EB I-8 yesterday I’m 90% sure I saw a dead female antelope on the left about 25 miles west of Gila Bend? Very odd and I was driving fast but pretty sure I saw what I saw.
  7. Ed67

    Cant wait for deer season

    Lol I had to think for a second but yes I did and no he’s pretty symmetrical
  8. Ed67

    Cant wait for deer season

    36A buck I shot on my 51st birthday 2018. Not the best pic but I was solo and the hill was steep. Good luck to all.
  9. Ed67

    looking to borrow 40qt cooler for a week

    Just got back from Cabo last week and igloos were just fine. They are more concerned about how the fish inside is packaged ie: frozen and vacuum sealed. Have fun.
  10. Ed67

    Water in 36A

    I’ve hunted 36A several times with success during rifle hunts and to be honest I never paid attention to the water sources. Other than a few dirt tanks off Batamote I have no clue where the water is but the mountains all hold deer.
  11. Ed67

    Leftover tag posted to my portal

    I drew 5th choice muzzleloader wt in unit 33 and I’m stoked. The wt youth hunts i went to with my kids 10 years ago are going to pay off hopefully! Thankfully in mid November the snakes should be less plentiful than October. I’ve never seen more rattlers and scorpions than in unit 33 in October!
  12. Ed67

    **f/s TIKKA T3 LIGHT 300 WIN MAG**

    FYI this seller does not respond. I made an offer to pay selling price through several pms 4 months ago and never received a response.
  13. Ed67

    Baja East Cape

    No we took all of it to the processor where it was cut, frozen and vacuum sealed for the flight
  14. Ed67

    Baja East Cape

    Update: We flew down on Monday and took a shuttle to the hotel. We met the captain out front of the hotel Tuesday morning, boarded and headed out to buy some bait. Afterwards we headed south past the lighthouse to troll some live cabalito for tuna. My son in law had the first hookup on a good sized yellowfin tuna and fought it for around 30 minutes. He finally got it close to the boat and unfortunately an 8’ mako shark decided he wanted it more. (Numerous sharks in the area) Second hookup was my son using live bait on a dorado which only lasted around 5 minutes before it escaped. Lastly was a nice blue marlin that I hooked and fought for 30 minutes or so before it escaped. Day 2, the cabalito live bait were in short supply so we picked up a few along with some frozen squid. We headed south to the same area and immediately got into some tuna. First hookup was my son in law on the largest tuna of the day using live bait and 30 lb line. He fought it for around 20 min before getting it in the boat. 58.8 lbs. Second hookup was mine on squid and lasted 5 minutes or so. 25 lb yellowfin. Lastly was my son using squid in a 26 lb yellowfin. We had a great time fishing down there and will go again. Los Barriles Sportfishing and Captain Carlos were awesome and the super panga was fine. The water was rough on day 1 but great day 2. We ended up at the Playa Del Sol hotel which had decent rooms and a good restaurant.