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  1. Ed67

    Target Face Choice?

    I’m a sissy I just use shoot and see primarily because I can just stick them to my target stand face which is made from rough sawn wood.
  2. Ed67

    WTB .243 90gr eldx or 90gr nosler ballistic tips

    i think I have a box of 90 grain ballistic tips. I’ll check in the morning. Interested in the 143 trade
  3. If I’m hunting the southern units, Glock 17 on my hip, 30 round extended mag in my pack. Anywhere else, Glock 43 in my bino harness
  4. Six Iron Will S (solid) 125 broadheads. These are deep six for use in 4mm arrows. All in great condition. A couple were fired into a broadhead target. Retail for $99.95 per 3. $125 obo Phoenix/Ahwatukee
  5. Ed67

    WTB 45 LC brass/die

    I’ll pm you
  6. Ed67

    870 youth 20g

    Great fun, good deal. My son is 25 now and still hunts with the youth 870 I bought for him a dozen years ago.
  7. 1lb unopened Accurate 2700 $45 1 unopened box of 100 Hornady 22 cal 50gr vmax $25 1 unopened box of 100 Hornady 6.5 Interlock 129gr $35 1 open box containing 60 Hornady 6.5 Interlock 129gr $25 Ahwatukee, cash, FTF
  8. Ed67

    WTB 45 LC brass/die

    I have the die, interested in brass and projectiles
  9. Ed67

    ISO 6mm bullets

    I don’t have the weights you’re looking for but I have some extra 80 or 100 grain spire points ill part with if you want
  10. Ed67

    Colorado draw?

    No doubt, cold for sure. Sometimes I’ve had to crank up my buddy’s basement pellet stove a few degrees 😬
  11. Ed67

    Colorado draw?

    We drew 3rd season 71/711
  12. Ed67

    WTB 45 LC brass/die

    I’m interested in buying if anyone has brass and or dies for 45 Long Colt. Thanks.