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  1. Ed67

    Wtb tire chains

    Found some
  2. Ed67

    Have you seen the price of gloves

    Cabelas/Bass pro sell the wooltimate line of gloves from $30-70 and they look pretty good. I have the wooltimate jacket and it’s really warm. Plenty out there for less than 120
  3. Ed67


    Same about projectiles I’m looking for
  4. New scammer Aydin4222
  5. Ed67

    FS: Factory Spare Tire 2020 Tundra $50

    18” rim? I believe all the tundra spares are the same but mine has factory 20” rims and I think the spare is 18”. I’m kind of interested. I’ll check my spare
  6. Ed67

    Tactacam worth the money?

    I hinted with a guy in Texas who had them on his bow and AR. The videos came out great. Shots were within 50 yards.
  7. Looking for 60 grain projectiles. Partial box ok.
  8. Looking for projectiles, have cash or trade
  9. Ok let me know. I have about 4 5’ sections you can have. I’m in Ahwatukee
  10. I have some rebar if you need it. I think it’s 3/8
  11. Ed67


    Yep I’m referring to the outdoorsmans adaptor plates in the second picture as plates
  12. Ed67


    Interested in the plates. Where are you located?
  13. I usually resize the pics a little smaller then save and post. Seems to work