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  1. Ed67

    11m elk

    Great hunting thanks for sharing and congratulations!
  2. Ed67

    Kids are growing up quick!

    Great looking family!
  3. Ed67

    Camelbak Ranger Backpack

    Post is 8 years old. Prolly sold.
  4. Ed67


    I’m not hunting but in 3C and seen a few small bulls. It’s very warm out.
  5. Ed67


    I have the same cooler along with a 45qt. They are worth it
  6. Ed67

    First Archery Buck

    Great hunt and thanks for the story!
  7. Ed67

    Bunch of camo clothes in L

    I have some 9mm for you. Pm sent
  8. Ed67

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    Ok thanks looking for a 30mm due to rings I have
  9. Ed67

    WTS couple Leupold scopes

    What size tube on #1?
  10. Ed67

    I-8 dead antelope?

    Thanks for the follow up!
  11. Ed67

    I-8 dead antelope?

    Yes right around where it changes to Maricopa County
  12. Ed67

    I-8 dead antelope?

    Good to know thanks. Look on the left on the edge of the pavement
  13. Ed67

    I-8 dead antelope?

    EB I-8 yesterday I’m 90% sure I saw a dead female antelope on the left about 25 miles west of Gila Bend? Very odd and I was driving fast but pretty sure I saw what I saw.