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  1. Ed67

    Hog hunt help

    Dos Plumas near Sweetwater Texas is great. I just did a 3 day hunt there and killed three hogs. You can hunt bow or rifle. I highly recommend them.
  2. South Butte area east of Florence on the south side of the river is really nice in the spring. Access off the Florence-Kelvin Highway and drive north to the river.
  3. Ed67

    Elk decoy

    I’ll buy it, sending Pm
  4. Ed67

    2015 Bowtech RPM-360 price ****

    Any particular trades you’re looking for?
  5. Flatline map, 4A perfect condition $25 2 packages unopened 2 blade Rage Hypodermic 100g, 2’ cut $20 each I-10, Loop 202 S Mtn Freeway area
  6. Ed67

    Colt Python is Back!!!

    Unfortunately Del Re’s closed a couple years ago
  7. Ed67

    Draw odds

    I didn’t draw 1 last year with 11 (resident)
  8. Ed67

    Ruger M-77 MK-ll

    I bought one the same year in .243. Shot my first buck in 91, and both my kids shot their first deer with the same gun. My grandson is due any day now. No way I would sell it. Great rifles.
  9. Ed67

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    I’ll be in 4A with a relative who has the tag
  10. Ed67

    For sale: Swarovski 10x50WB SLC

    Dang, nice glass! Good luck with the sale
  11. Ed67

    Help in 36A I

    I hunted the first November hunt last year in 36A focusing on the west end in the NWR. I saw plenty of deer but the midnight hikers were waaay to thick for this solo hunter. I moved off the refuge, killed an average buck and has a great time.
  12. Ed67

    My Biggest Coues Yet.

    Very nice
  13. Ed67

    Flatline maps for sale

    I’ll take 33
  14. Ed67

    11m elk

    Great hunting thanks for sharing and congratulations!