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  1. Ed67

    Berger Vld hunting bullets

    What are you looking for? I have 143eldx, 140sst
  2. I looked for #11s for a long time then just switched to a Mag Spark ignition system suggested by Edge so I can now use 209 primers.
  3. Ed67

    OTC handgun elk hunting

    Looks like you had some good opportunities, good luck!
  4. Ed67


    Those are darn good bullets, I’ve reloaded a bunch and incredibly accurate.
  5. Ed67

    WTB: .380 ACP and .22 WMR Ammo

    Bunch of 22WMR at sportsman’s warehouse in Chandler last week
  6. Ed67


    Is the Berger box full?
  7. Ed67

    Gunsmith needed

    I took it to Todd at southern express and he took care of it. Great guy. Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions.
  8. Ed67

    Gunsmith needed

    Thanks Vowell, I appreciate it
  9. Ed67

    Gunsmith needed

    I need to remove a front dovetail sight on an older Thompson Cemter Renegade. I’ve tried tapping it out with a brass punch and it won’t budge. Need a professional. Any Phoenix area recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  10. Ed67

    Any luck with Gun Safe in Garage?

    I kept mine in the garage for about 5 years but back in the house now that my son moved out. The only issues were some of the butt pads sticking to the thin cheap carpet in the bottom of the safe due to heat. No damage to them though.
  11. Ed67

    6.5 CM Lapua brass

    On Midway USA now, large rifle primer
  12. Ed67


    Sportsman’s Warehouse on Ray has one 8lb jug $369
  13. Ed67

    New Member

    I bought some broad heads from him 3 or 4 years ago out at an alfalfa farm in Buckeye. He was out shooting foam with some other guys. He was proud of the farm but sure didn’t seem like a farmer to me. I told him my cousins farmed a few miles west and he talked like he knew them but doubtful. They don’t have time to do anything other than work. I can’t remember what they were other than they were fixed blades. I’ll figure out what they were and get them to you if they belonged to you or your dad.