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  1. doogan

    30-30 SOLD

    I’ll pm you
  2. doogan

    30-30 SOLD

    Interested in any trades?
  3. doogan

    20 guage shotgun shells and clay pigeons

    I’ll take the 2 3/8 shells. Pm inbound
  4. doogan

    Free ammo

    I’ll take the 16 gauge
  5. doogan

    Free ..... Nikon 3x9 rifle scope

    Text sent
  6. doogan

    Ruger SR 1911

    Pm sent
  7. doogan


  8. doogan

    Winchester model 70 270 wsm

    Still available?
  9. doogan

    Ruger .357 magnum $450

    Where are you located James W?
  10. doogan

    Winchester model 70 270 wsm

    Where are you located?
  11. doogan


    Straight trade?
  12. doogan

    Multiple rifles for sale

    Well gentlemen, I was informed by my buddy last night that he has a buyer for the whole lot. So unfortunately I will have to put this post and all sales on hold. Thank you all for your interest and if the sale falls through or if there are some he doesn’t take I will put them back up for sale. I apologize for the inconvenience.