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  1. az41mag

    Chest Holster Questions

    Diamond D is another brand to take a look at. I like mine.
  2. az41mag

    My 1st Wyoming antelope

    Congratulations and nice write up. Very cool that you were able to get to share it with your son. Tell us a little more about the handgun you used. Contender?
  3. az41mag

    Surface Planers

    Feed rollers are going to be tough to find, or at least a used one that's in better condition than the current one. Best of luck in your search.
  4. az41mag

    Surface Planers

    That Rockwell in the picture looks to be built like a tank! Ebay is probably your best chance for finding used parts. I've had to go that route on some older machines I have that no longer have parts available. What's wrong with the Rockwell you have? I have a Dewalt 12.5" that I've been happy with. It's small and you can't really "hog out" material, but it's been problem free aside from changing knives.
  5. az41mag

    Marinades and brats?

    Not a marinade, but I like to simmer brats in beer with onion, garlic, red pepper, and some salt and then finish them off on the grill. I think it gives them some extra flavor.
  6. az41mag

    Best re saw band saw?

    If going the bandsaw route, be sure it has a high enough horsepower motor to do what you want, especially since you mentioned resawing oak. Resaw blades generally have large teeth to hog out a lot of material (avg 3 teeth per inch), so you'll need some decent power behind it. Since it sounds like this is for occasional use, I'd be looking at no less than a 1hp motor and a 2hp being even better. As for using pallet wood a cheap metal detector wand will pay for itself... nothing dulls a bandsaw blade quicker than metal. Hope that helps.
  7. az41mag

    Looking for a mechanic in the Valley

    This is very true and especially if the engine has AFM/ DOD on it. Mine does not have that thankfully, but my ticking issue is a little different. It will only start after it's at operating temp and has been idling for about 10-20 minutes. It starts as ticking and will get progressively worse turning into a knock within a few minutes. Increasing the throttle a little will make the noise go away temporarily, but it will return after a few minutes. The oil pressure also increases when you accelerate (and noise goes away), so we're leaning towards oil pressure issues. I'll also add Lindsay's to my list to call today. Thanks
  8. az41mag

    Looking for a mechanic in the Valley

    Thanks for the input guys, I'll give the aforementioned places a call.
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for a good mechanic to do some engine work on a Chevy 6.0L gasser. Just wanted to see if there were any CWT members that do this sort of work, or if there's anyone in the valley that could be recommended. Engine's making some tapping/ knocking noise when at operating temps and idling for extended times (~10-20 min.). The best guess so far is that there could be some bad lifters and/or possibly an oil pump issue. Chevy dealer recommended replacing the entire engine (their typical protocol), but I'm not sure that I'm ready to invest that kind of money yet. The engine only has 95K on it, so I have to think there's still some life left in it. Located in Maricopa, so would like to find someone in the valley. Thx
  10. az41mag

    Youth turkey hunt - update and pics

    Any good recipes that you guys have tried for the turkey legs? For turkey legs and thighs I like the Meateater recipe for carnitas. It takes some time to make them, but they've turned out great the 2 times I've tried it. Here's the link Beer and Citrus-Braised Wild Game Carnitas Street Tacos | MeatEater Cook (themeateater.com) Big congrats to your son too.
  11. az41mag

    2019 Polaris Ranger Crew--SOLD

    Mileage/ hours?
  12. az41mag

    Hunting with glasses

    I also have to remove my glasses to use binos, or at least to use them effectively. My problem is that even with the eye cups of most binos screwed all the way in, the lenses of my glasses will hit the lens of the binos before I can get my eyes close enough to the binos for the correct eye relief. If it's just a quick glance through the binos freehand I can make do, but I end up just taking my glasses off to glass from the tripod for long periods of time. It's a hassle, but it's the only way I've been able to glass comfortably. As others mentioned I've been able to adjust my binos to see perfectly without my glasses.
  13. az41mag

    ***SOLD*** H 1000 for sale

    I'll call seconds if first one falls through. Thx
  14. az41mag

    Found some please delete

    Monday bump. I have some extra Varget and H335 powder to trade if that helps anybody out.
  15. az41mag

    Found some please delete

    Probably a long shot, but does anybody have some 30 caliber Berger 210 Hunting VLD's or Elite Hunter 205's they'd be willing to sell or trade?