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  1. az41mag

    Knife Sharpening

    I sharpen my own. A worksharp is good and works very fast, I like it for kitchen and steak knifes. For my hunting knives I use a Blademaster honing kit. It uses a clamping system with a guide rod on the stone handle that helps you maintain a more consistent angle on your knife edge. It is a slow process and takes some getting used to, but I feel like you can get very precise edge on your blade with that system.
  2. az41mag

    Spoken for please delete

    357 brass is spoken for. 9mm and 380 is still available. All gone. Thx
  3. az41mag

    Spoken for please delete

    Was given a box of goodies and have no use for this brass. Has 357 Mag (mostly nickle), 9mm luger and a little 380. Mixed headstamps and no idea how much it was used. Free if anyone can use it. Located in Maricopa
  4. az41mag

    Turkey calls- What do you like?

    Another vote for Little Creek Calls. They are well made, have great sound, and it's always nice to support someone local.
  5. az41mag


    I'll take the lapping kit and the outdoor edge knife. PM on it's way.
  6. az41mag

    Parker Canyon

    I'll give that a try. Thanks
  7. az41mag

    Parker Canyon

    How is the trout fishing this time of year at Parker Canyon? The stocking schedule shows it being stocked through the winter months, but I've never fished it before. Just looking for a trout spot until the northern lakes get going again.
  8. Your list looks good. A few things I carry in addition to most of the stuff you listed is a small 12V air compressor for tires, jumper cables and/or rechargeable booster pack, and a small collection of wire crimp connectors for emergency electrical repairs.
  9. az41mag

    Poor Man's Sheep Hunt

    I've been trying to figure out an umbrella system for the exact same thing, but haven't found one I like yet. I appreciate the insight and will have to try one with a longer handle to go down in my pack. Thanks!
  10. az41mag

    Poor Man's Sheep Hunt

    Well done! What's your setup for the umbrella in the first picture? (at least it looks like an umbrella)
  11. az41mag

    Sold please delete

    They're SPF to Zonalivn. WT hunter, you're second in line if it falls through. Thx
  12. az41mag

    Sold please delete

    Bump for the guys with late hunts.
  13. az41mag

    Reloading in the field

    Thanks guys, there's some good information here. I especially like the idea of setting everything out before the first shot so it's ready.
  14. So I'm new to using muzzleloaders and was wondering how you guys carry the stuff to reload while in the field?( primers, powder, bullet, hand starter, etc.) I'm thinking of the scenario where a follow up shot might be needed, and you'd need to do it quickly. I'd want to have my stuff handy instead of fumbling around in my pack for something, but are there any sort of containers or small packs that keep it handy and accessible? Thanks in advance.
  15. az41mag

    Sold please delete

    Let's try $30 $25 for all the chains