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  1. az41mag

    Slik 340 DX Tripod

  2. az41mag

    Slik 340 DX Tripod

    Selling a Slik 340DX tripod. A little scuffed up but still works great. About 53" fully extended w/o head attached. I do have the factory head for it, but it's not much use for glassing so you'll probably want to add your own. $50 and located in Maricopa.
  3. az41mag

    HAM Hunting

    Not a 357 Mag, but I used to hunt them with a 38 Spl. I was usually able to get within 30 yards of the herd, and at that range it was plenty to put one down. My favorite bullet was the Sierra 140 gr HP, but factory 125's and 130's did fine too at those short ranges. If you choose a holster for your belt make sure that it sits below the lumbar belt on your pack (if your pack has one). They're lots of fun with a revolver. Here's one from several years ago
  4. az41mag

    RCBS Pro power trimmer

    Does this take the shell holder plates that are caliber specific, or is it the newer "one size fits all" style shell holder?
  5. az41mag

    Sold please delete

    Bump Archery javelina and deer hunts are coming up.
  6. az41mag

    Replacement boot laces?

    Thanks for all the input. I'm going to give the paracord a try since I have some on hand. If that fails I'll try some of the other suggestions mentioned above.
  7. az41mag

    Replacement boot laces?

    The boot laces on my Danner Pronghorns finally gave out after 7 years and a lot of miles. The Danner brand replacement laces I purchased are pretty wimpy feeling and small in diameter compared to what originally came with them. Does anyone have any suggestions for good replacement laces? Thanks
  8. az41mag

    Sold please delete

    TTT, and lowered the price.
  9. az41mag

    Sold, please delete

  10. az41mag

    Sold please delete

  11. az41mag

    Sold, please delete

    Located in Maricopa.
  12. For those of you that have hunted the OTC archery deer hunts in December, I have a couple questions. I'm mainly interested with the desert muleys in south/ central AZ around 2500-3500 ft level. I normally hunt this area in mid January when the rut gets going, but am unfamiliar with hunting them in December. I have some extra time this year (and an unfilled tag), so I'm toying with the idea of making a December trip. So my questions are, what kind of success have you had in December? Any advice for that time of year? (as I'm almost certain that the rut won't be occurring at this time) Thanks in advance.
  13. az41mag

    Sold Please Delete

    To the top.