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  1. az41mag

    Youth turkey hunt - update and pics

    Any good recipes that you guys have tried for the turkey legs? For turkey legs and thighs I like the Meateater recipe for carnitas. It takes some time to make them, but they've turned out great the 2 times I've tried it. Here's the link Beer and Citrus-Braised Wild Game Carnitas Street Tacos | MeatEater Cook (themeateater.com) Big congrats to your son too.
  2. az41mag

    2019 Polaris Ranger Crew

    Mileage/ hours?
  3. az41mag

    Hunting with glasses

    I also have to remove my glasses to use binos, or at least to use them effectively. My problem is that even with the eye cups of most binos screwed all the way in, the lenses of my glasses will hit the lens of the binos before I can get my eyes close enough to the binos for the correct eye relief. If it's just a quick glance through the binos freehand I can make do, but I end up just taking my glasses off to glass from the tripod for long periods of time. It's a hassle, but it's the only way I've been able to glass comfortably. As others mentioned I've been able to adjust my binos to see perfectly without my glasses.
  4. az41mag

    ***SOLD*** H 1000 for sale

    I'll call seconds if first one falls through. Thx
  5. az41mag

    Found some please delete

    Monday bump. I have some extra Varget and H335 powder to trade if that helps anybody out.
  6. az41mag

    Found some please delete

    Probably a long shot, but does anybody have some 30 caliber Berger 210 Hunting VLD's or Elite Hunter 205's they'd be willing to sell or trade?
  7. az41mag

    WTB Outdoorsmans Atlas Trainer

    Outdoorsman's had them on sale for Black Friday. Might try looking on offerup, I thought I saw one on there the other day.
  8. az41mag

    New Draw

    Application wasn't bad. You will need your Customer ID number though. Also, it's $13 per hunt so $78 if you apply for all 6. I must have misread it originally and thought it was just one $13 application fee for all, (no such luck).
  9. az41mag

    30 cal. Bullets for sale

    I'll call seconds on the Berger 210 VLD's, if for some reason it doesn't work out.
  10. az41mag

    Heel Lift in Stiffer Boots

    I'm sure everyone's foot is a little different, but for me it took changing out the factory insole and a lacing technique to make my Crispi Nevada's fit like they should. When I bought mine at Ross the guys there showed me some different ways to lace them that actually made a difference to the way the boot fit (at least for my feet). Might be worth a trip over to Ross to have them show you if you're not too far away. Overall they've been very good boots for me. Hope you find a technique that works.
  11. az41mag

    WTB Foam sleeping pad

    Not sure if it's what you want or if it's cost prohibitive, but some fabric stores carry foam pads that could be used as a sleep pad. I purchased some from Jo Ann's Fabric last year for reupholstering some seat pads on benches. As mentioned already, a topper might be cheaper if you aren't looking for anything too thick.
  12. az41mag

    spring turkey 2021 status?

    Very cool footage of the fly down!
  13. az41mag

    Silent success

    Not from the spot that I was sitting, but about 400 yards back. That's a very interesting concept about their sense of location. Makes me wonder how many turkeys I've missed out on in times past.
  14. az41mag

    Silent success

    Just wanted to share my recent turkey success. After striking out earlier in the morning with a couple of uncooperative gobblers, I decided to try a different spot in the afternoon. I made a big loop in some country I had hunted several years ago, stopping to call every so often. After no responses and not seeing any sign I decided to make my way back to the truck. I stopped to take a break and sat down on a log when this Tom came in silently on the same path I had just been walking, almost like he had been following me. A couple of really soft yelps got him to stop and investigate. He jumped up on a downed log 20 yards in front of me and it was a done deal. Earlier this year I was able to pick up a box call that was made by the late Marvin Robbins. I figured it would be a cool piece of Arizona hunting nostalgia, and was excited to try it out on this hunt... guess it did the trick. 😉 Good luck to all those still out hunting and those with upcoming tags.