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  1. flyphsr

    WTB Berger 7mm 180gn VLD match hunting

    oops Mark 602-689-8005
  2. probably along shot but I'm desperate
  3. flyphsr


    Thank you guys, I was able to get some.
  4. flyphsr

    WTB IMR 7828

    Thank you for your replies I am getting 2 pounds
  5. flyphsr


    Want to buy Hodgdon 869 Rifle Powder. Mark 602-689-8005
  6. flyphsr

    H4350 to buy or trade for

    i have an unopened 1lb bottle of H4350 i would trade for the cci 250 primers, or if you would like to sell them I would by them
  7. flyphsr

    Large Rifle Magnum Primers x 500

    call me 6026898005 Mark
  8. flyphsr

    2 pairs of Vortex Vultures 15x56 $300 each

    I'm working in Tucson and will take a pair if they are in food working condition... call or text 6026898005
  9. flyphsr

    ISO youth 20 gauge shotgun

    I still have all the choke's that came with the gun
  10. flyphsr

    ISO youth 20 gauge shotgun

    I have Youth rem 870 30 guage with a turkey choke and removable fiber optic sights $250
  11. flyphsr

    Tight spot quiver

    Is this still for sale if so will you take 80$
  12. flyphsr

    AZ unit 1 bull

    I'll help you out here Roland... great bull
  13. flyphsr

    good weekend

    No luck with the turkey
  14. flyphsr

    good weekend

    Found thease while turkey hunting with my son. The 4x4 is a set found right next to each other and the larger 3 point was ten feet away from that. Found the other 3 point half mile from that. We also seen a group of 7 deer witch I belive to be all bucks some still with antlers including three mature deer the largest i'm guessing around 160. I thought the bigger deer would loose their antlers before the smaller ones either way can' t wait to get back out there and try to find some more we seen that group twice in same general area.