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    Predator hunting, shooting, camping, 4x4’s classic cars, welding/fabrication. Outdoor activities.

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  1. Comanchero

    Any bulk 5.56/223 out there?

    Only ordered from the website so far. Been meaning to drive over and check them out. If you end up driving over there, please let me know what you think of their place.
  2. Comanchero

    Any bulk 5.56/223 out there?

    Try Trueshot Gun Club in Tempe. They are currently advertising 1000 rds of PMC Xtac 55gn fmj for $470 https://trueshotgunclub.com/ammunition/rifle-ammo/5-56-nato/pmc/pmc-x-tac-5-56x45mm-55-grain-fmj-1000-rounds/?utm_source=Battle Arms&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=True Shot | 6-24-2022 (WCqqvK)&_kx=CGwHGzXHiY1S_0LgyCQwHrnTvJ3MpwL7lNfKkDc_fV4%3D.XMtUDB
  3. Comanchero

    Any luck with Gun Safe in Garage?

    For anyone else considering the garage option: One other thing to consider is to make sure that your slab is not a post-tension slab if you are going to drill into it to mount your safe. This can cause a big problem if you hit one of the tensioning cables in the slab.
  4. Comanchero


    BTT drop to $900
  5. Comanchero


    BTT Price drop to $950
  6. Comanchero


    Thank you sir!
  7. Comanchero


    Thanks! I agree with you, a very underrated cartridge. Honestly amazed at how manageable the recoil is on this cartridge vs other magnums I have shot. If I had any future use for it, I would just keep it, but I don’t foresee being able to get out and do some of the things I wanted to at this time in my life.
  8. Comanchero


    Pulled due to no interest. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Comanchero


    Excellent seller here...deal with confidence!
  10. Comanchero

    (SPF) 80’s Vintage Stainless Taurus 66 .357 Mag

    I totally agree with you on the Taurus wheelguns, they are good stuff, especially these old Smith copies. The 700 is chambered in .17 Remington...yup, I love punishment 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Comanchero

    (SPF) 80’s Vintage Stainless Taurus 66 .357 Mag

    It is yours sir!
  12. (SOLD) I have an excellent Stainless 6 shot, Taurus M66 .357 Mag manufactured in 1982. Pre lock, pre MIM. 4” pinned barrel. These are almost an exact copy of the S&W 66 and much better quality than anything being produced today. Very nice smooth professional trigger job. This is a fantastic shooter with either .357 or .38 I would not let this go except for the fact that a friend of mine has a Remington 700 that I have to have, and of course I have no cash. $600 cash I am in East Mesa. I will need to see a valid AZ photo ID to prove residency. I won’t collect any info. Please private message me here on the board if you are interested. Thanks!
  13. Comanchero


    Beautiful shotgun, and old school American quality! If I wasn’t stone cold broke (as usual) this would be mine! Free bump
  14. Comanchero

    Found some. Disregard.

    Thanks! I need it...
  15. Comanchero

    Found some. Disregard.

    Need some projectiles to reload some 325 WSM rounds. I’d prefer 180 grain Spire Point, Hollow Point or Ballistic tips (basically anything besides fmj). I’d also consider other 8mm/.323 hunting projectiles of other weights, so let me know if you have any you’d like to let go. Also interested in 325 WSM ammo, or brass as well as 300 WSM brass. PM me if you have anything along those lines. Thanks