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  1. Outdoorlife602

    WTB - 10x42EL

    There is definitely a difference in the different gens of ELs and their performance. The originals had the Swarobright coatings and are “not hd.” They started making the the SV (swarovision) model around 2010 and the field pro model around 2015. The glass and coatings between the SV and field pro model are the same but anything pre2010 you’d notice a difference in glass quality/performance. That’s when they added the field flattening lens as well. The changes between the field pro and sv model were cosmetic like the objective lens caps and harness connection points. I’d buy the sv or fp model 👍
  2. Outdoorlife602

    Cabelas Bighorn 3 tent with Vestibule. **Price Drop**

    That’s a steal @ $400!!! Bighorns are great tents and the vestibule adds a ton of space.
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    Lowered price
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  5. I’ve had a lot of messages about my location. I’m off 15th Ave and Northern in Phoenix. Items must be picked up, I will not ship.
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    Btx and 85 $4200

    Swaros warranty would fix the eyepiece for free for the new owner. GLWS
  7. Kifaru duplex belt Med RG - $70 3 boxes of 7mm 150 grain Barnes, Winchester - $100 for all Magview xs/max ZL and Swaro atx adapter - $100 Apeman Trail camera x2 -$10 each Swarovski BTX 65 outdoor vision case $60 Exo mountain slurpy stalker, missing one should strap $20 Phone Skope XS max case - $20 Garmin Oregon 600 GPS, perfect shape - $90 Alaska guide creation bino harness -$50 Kifaru stove pipe for med stove 6ft -$50 Marsupial enclosed bino harness, WG size L, no straps $60 Marsupial CB bino harness (not enclosed model) $60
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    Price drop 1050
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    That would help… added
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