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  1. Outdoorlife602

    FREE Polaris ranger lift kit

    I’ll take one. Text sent.
  2. Outdoorlife602


  3. Outdoorlife602

    Free - Polaris Ranger Gun Rack ***SOLD***

    Pending for Couesimcool. Sent you a PM
  4. Outdoorlife602

    Free - Polaris Ranger Gun Rack ***SOLD***

    Available again. Please note I am in the Northwest valley and you must be willing to come my way to get it.
  5. Outdoorlife602

    Cant wait to take my kids hunting

    Did you end up drawing a tag?
  6. Outdoorlife602


    Haha thanks man. Definitely an elk hunting palace! TTT
  7. Outdoorlife602

    Cabelas Big Horn Outfitter Tent, Vestibule + extras

    $800 price drop
  8. Outdoorlife602


    TTT $800
  9. Outdoorlife602

    Free - Polaris Ranger Gun Rack ***SOLD***

    You're second in line if he doesn't take it lol sorry man.
  10. Outdoorlife602

    Free - Polaris Ranger Gun Rack ***SOLD***

    NW valley, i'll shoot you a PM.
  11. I was given a gun rack late last year for free from another member on this site. I've decided to go with a different set up so i'd like to offer it to another member for free as well. The rack is similar to the one pictured.
  12. Outdoorlife602

    Passing along a deal - 12x20 Cabelas Alaknak Tent $250

    Tent is gone, thanks for the interest.
  13. In my search for a 12x20, I looked at an alaknak today that needs a little TLC. There are two holes that are approximately 1.5-2 inches in diameter, one in the floor by the stove cut out and one towards the bottom of one side. The tent has an included patch kit with enough fabric to fix both. I looked it over pretty good and it did not appear to have any other issues. The vinyl over the windows and mesh screen were in great shape. It could use a good cleaning but it has all poles, the extra tent floor liner and the extra roof protector as well. I bought it and decided I don't want to mess with fixing it up. Located in the NW valley. Any one want to buy it for what I paid $250?