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  1. SpotNStalk


    Appreciate the good words. It was a pleasure meeting you! Meant to ask you about your Buffalo..
  2. Looking to trade Hornady 6.5 prc brass and 1lb H1000 for Precision Hunter 6.5 prc eldx or match eldm
  3. SpotNStalk


    380 sold
  4. SpotNStalk


    40 and 9 sold
  5. SpotNStalk


  6. SpotNStalk

    Looking for some help!

    Definitely Hybrid
  7. SpotNStalk

    Looking to buy a Hatch bipod

    That’s why I was hoping to find one used
  8. SpotNStalk

    XLR Element Chassis for Remington 700 SA

    Bump for an Awesome chassis! I just ordered the magnesium with carbon fiber!
  9. Looking to buy a 14ft trailer tandem axle with brakes . Please PM me if you or know of one for sell. thanks
  10. SpotNStalk

    Looking to buy a Hatch bipod

    Looking to buy a Hatch bipod.. Seeing if anybody has one for sell or they are thinking of selling. thanks
  11. SpotNStalk

    Vaseline tubs-$50/ea

    Lol! In a Vaseline post!! Classic
  12. SpotNStalk

    Looking for a stucco guy

    Built block seating in the backyard and looking to get (3) columns stucco to match the house. If you or you can refer someone I would appreciate it . Thanks located in the WValley