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  1. SpotNStalk

    Echo weed whacker

    Good meeting you. Good to know guys on this side of town.. thx
  2. It’s a semi custom long range knife
  3. SpotNStalk

    Last Day Bull (pics)

    Way to get it done !
  4. SpotNStalk

    2019 Toyota TRD 4Runner wheels

    Price drop, $350 or trade
  5. SpotNStalk

    2019 Toyota TRD 4Runner wheels

  6. SpotNStalk

    2019 Toyota TRD 4Runner wheels

    Took these off with 4 miles on the 4Runner . $375 or trade
  7. SpotNStalk

    P38 Buck

    Thank you! For me there’s nothing better then taking the kids out hunting.
  8. SpotNStalk

    Hunter’s Big Chance 2019

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Congrats
  9. SpotNStalk

    P38 Buck

    Son got it done opening morning on a nice lope with great cutters.
  10. SpotNStalk


    Bear , Beets , BattleStar Galactica
  11. SpotNStalk


    Black bear
  12. SpotNStalk


    Went to cabelas a few days ago to pick up a bear tag . Lady struggles to fill it out. She ended up getting help from another employee. I pay for it and when she hands it to me she says “poor bear”. I told her trust me the bear won’t feel it when I put it on him!
  13. SpotNStalk

    Bison reports

    So I did the co-op thing and Russ even met with me in flag to go over maps before the hunt . He talked to me about the co-op and what goes on up there. What I was told to expect is exactly how the hunt started . As the hunt went on things changed. I learned quickly for me to be successful was to take all the info I had and info given from previous hunters , Russ haters and Team Russ guys and do this myself. I noticed info started flowing one way when you walked in and out of Russ's trailer and some of the things that I was told wasn’t happening. The things “not to do” he or his crew were doing. A few of us stayed together and traded info as the hunt was going on and as we left and came back. All 3 of us tagged out. If you know how to hunt and can gather the info for all the tanks you can do this on your own. There’s enough previous hunters willing to give info needed to be successful on this hunt. I’m not a Russ hater but I don’t agree with how things are going down up there. Dont be afraid to do you. Don’t allow him or crew to dictate how your hunt goes down.
  14. Near cabelas off the 101 and Glendale