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  1. SpotNStalk


  2. SpotNStalk

    Looking to buy portable evap cooler

  3. I’m looking to buy a portable evap cooler. Please message me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  4. SpotNStalk

    Danner Quarry GTX work boots

    Price drop. $100
  5. SpotNStalk

    4B OTC elk

    Sharing is caring !
  6. SpotNStalk

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Have some Doge and quite a bit of Nvidia !
  7. SpotNStalk

    Danner Quarry GTX work boots

  8. SpotNStalk

    Danner Quarry GTX work boots

  9. SpotNStalk

    Danner Quarry GTX work boots

    Cleaning out the closet and forgot about these. Danner Quarry GTX 6” work boots size 10 . They are brand new never worn. $120 located in the WValley near Cabelas
  10. SpotNStalk

    Credit Card hit thread

    Jr cow tag 5 min ago .
  11. SpotNStalk

    Bull Bison 2024

    I honestly would avoid going up there until the last 2-3 weeks depending on the snow melt. You will be fighting Russ, crew and his snow machines getting to the only salt that will be hit opening weeks. There’s almost double the salt out there than what’s listed. This hunts success rate depends a lot on the weather and snow melt. Soon as that happens and there’s access plan on being up there as long as you can. The guides are successful up there by sitting blinds, cutting track and spot n stalk. Dont get caught up sitting a blind for days unless you have sign of them hitting that particular salt. Hunt your hunt. Dont let anybody dictate how you would normally hunt. It’s your tag!
  12. SpotNStalk

    Bull Bison 2024

    The last couple weeks of this hunt is when things will turn on .
  13. SpotNStalk

    Bull Bison 2024

    Same BS. Hunt your hunt and you’ll be successful!
  14. Looking to buy a Ruger PC Carbine 9mm Luger. If you have one you’d consider selling please PM me. thanks