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  1. SpotNStalk

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Avondale Toyota. Speak with Alex. One price no BS. I’ve bought 2 4Runners, 1 Camry and 2 Tundras from him. If you go this route connect with Jacob in service. Good kid and gets things done for you!
  2. SpotNStalk

    Card Hits!

    Son drew 5b late bull! Got a big ole “YES!” When he found out it was his tag .
  3. SpotNStalk

    Phoenix Suns Tickets

    That sucks
  4. SpotNStalk

    Phoenix Suns Tickets

    Durant slipped on the court during pregame. He’s out today
  5. SpotNStalk

    Phoenix Suns Tickets

    Man this would have been a bummer!
  6. SpotNStalk

    Card Hits!

    2 others I know of just showed up. It’s still happening . It’s not over
  7. SpotNStalk

    Card Hits!

    Just got a hit
  8. SpotNStalk

    Card Hits!

    Years past there would be pages of the members that drew tags. G&F denied all apps from CWT members for all the bitching about the draw process!
  9. SpotNStalk

    Card Hits!

    Anybody know of any Lope hits ?
  10. SpotNStalk


    Lol! 180 Kick flipped the spoon.
  11. SpotNStalk

    Looking to buy Swaro SOC

    Looking to buy Swaro SOC for 95 obj and STX eye piece. Please PM if you have on for sale. Thx
  12. SpotNStalk

    Phoenix Suns Tickets

    He said all have been sold.
  13. SpotNStalk

    Phoenix Suns Tickets

    I’ll take March 8th tix
  14. SpotNStalk

    Changing out the signs

    Swung by Cabelas today and it looks like they are getting ready to hang Bass pro signs up.
  15. SpotNStalk

    2023 Buffalo