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    I love anythin hunting my family and my absolute passion is predator hunting

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  1. Rumhunter84

    7 Rem mag ammo

    OK shoot me a text and we can work something out my phone number is above
  2. Rumhunter84

    6.5 PRC ELD-X 143 grain for sale

    Did this sale ? I’m interested
  3. Rumhunter84


  4. Rumhunter84


  5. Rumhunter84

    Bow accessories and gun powder

    Bow accessories and gun powder CBE Tek hybrid pro .10 single pin never used just mounted bow sight have all metal sight tapes and sight cover $120.00 Firm 2. Beestinger hunter stabilizer system 10 inch front bar / 9 inch back bar have Have all hardware $100.00 Firm 3. IMR 4064 1LB $20.00 call or text Chris 480-298-6160 meet up at N PHX Sportsmens warehouse
  6. Rumhunter84

    Tundra oil change.

    Yeah it’s crazy, I’ve been doing all my own work for over 10 years now . But yes there are honest shops out there .
  7. Rumhunter84

    7 Rem mag ammo

    Did you want this ?
  8. Rumhunter84

    Tundra oil change.

    Wow. Back when I had my Tacoma I had a lot of issues of noticing them not changing the oil filter , paying for an air filter and they didn’t do it and that’s what made me work on all my own vehicles if I don’t know how to do it I YouTube it and figure it out I do not trust shops at all warranty or not
  9. Rumhunter84

    6.5 PRC

    Who built it ?
  10. Rumhunter84

    7 Rem mag ammo

    What .223 are you looking for ?
  11. Rumhunter84


  12. Rumhunter84

    7 Rem mag ammo

    Ammo for sale 7 REM mag 18 rounds Hornady 162 ELD-X 25.00 Meet at N PHX sportsman’s Text - 480-298-6160
  13. Rumhunter84


  14. Rumhunter84

    ISO - Springfield Armory Hellcat osp

    Same here I just wish everyone wasn’t going crazy because of the virus
  15. Ready to buy Text chris - 480-298-6160