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  1. Huntnfish

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Flag is getting some good rain.
  2. Huntnfish

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    Somebody's gonna need a bigger house😉 Nice work!
  3. Huntnfish

    RCBS RS3 reloading press - $60

    I will take it. Sending PM.
  4. Huntnfish

    Hate Me Some Thieves

    Yep, sleepy Joe says they were entitled to your cat.
  5. Huntnfish

    H380 powder fs

    Pm replied to.
  6. Huntnfish

    H380 powder fs

    2nds on Varget if Milam doesn't take it. I live in Verde also.
  7. Huntnfish

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Yep, 143 ELD-X, 147 ELD-M and 200 ELD-X
  8. Huntnfish

    Score Guesses???

  9. Huntnfish

    Pissed off

    Looks like you have until Friday the 12th to update your card.
  10. Huntnfish

    Sheds? To Early?

    Seen a pretty nice pile in the back of a pickup rolling down I-17. Looked to be a mixture of browns and whi, aah not so browns.
  11. Huntnfish

    Mule In The City

    We have a 6' chain link fence at our yard in Flagstaff, and have watched deer jump it several times.
  12. Huntnfish

    Lifetime License

    Make sure and hold out for a trophy unit.
  13. Huntnfish

    caught stealing tree stand pics!

    Technically those particular ones would be called shittens.
  14. Too late. He has been in politics for over 40 yrs. and has done nothing good for this country.
  15. Huntnfish

    Big Bo Owner

    Sorry for your loss. Not many of his kind left in this world.