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  1. Too late. He has been in politics for over 40 yrs. and has done nothing good for this country.
  2. Huntnfish

    Big Bo Owner

    Sorry for your loss. Not many of his kind left in this world.
  3. Huntnfish

    Mule Deer 20/21 Rut Report

    Surprised your brother hasn't shot it already and took pictures under power lines, and claimed it was in a "open" unit.😉
  4. Huntnfish

    46A East?

    And not a road in sight.😉 Way to get it done!
  5. Huntnfish

    WTS Owens Armory 6.5 prc

    Thx. Trying to talk my BIL into buying it.
  6. Huntnfish

    46A East?

    Way to go fellas, nice work! Congrats.
  7. Huntnfish

    WTS Owens Armory 6.5 prc

    Who is the barrel maker?
  8. Huntnfish

    143 eldx

    We killed a bedded bull @ 360 yds. Shot in the neck with a 6.5 PRC and the bull just laid his head over. No exit. Next day I shot a cow @ 360 yds. right behind front shoulder, bullet exited with a golf ball size hole. She dropped on the spot. Bullet held together on the bull.
  9. Huntnfish

    Mom fighting for her life with Covid 19

    Hope she gets well. Sorry to hear.
  10. Huntnfish

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    19th and Peoria. My dad used to give Bob Riazzi international skeet shooting lessons. They had the best frickin pizza.
  11. Huntnfish

    Poverty tag

    Yep, but it was legal.😉
  12. Huntnfish

    My dads buck

    Very nice! Congrats to your pops. What road was he off of?😉
  13. Huntnfish

    LOL Expensive Lawn Dart

    Well, it is a muzzleloader.