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  1. Huntnfish

    Hunting Report ?

    Thought that after I looked again, some on the other side by his mouth. He might suck at taking pictures, but he's pretty good at killin big bucks. Good job.
  2. Huntnfish

    Hunting Report ?

    Nice! What's up with his left eye?
  3. Huntnfish

    Vortex viper pst 6-24x50 moa

    If this scope is still for sale, I will take it. PM sent.
  4. Huntnfish

    2018 pictures

    Nice pics. Looks like the same buck in pics 6&7, just all rubbed out. Thx. for sharing.
  5. Huntnfish

    Wanna see a huge buck?

    He's all right for a last day shooter I guess.😉
  6. Huntnfish

    Weather report

    9-10" in Flagstaff. My wife said 2-3" in Verde.
  7. Huntnfish

    Prayers for my son

    Thoughts and prayers to your son and family.
  8. Huntnfish

    Remington ultimate breech plug. Free 454 ammo.

    I will take two boxes of HSM 7mm and the Harris bipod. Where are you located? Will take the Caldwell also.
  9. Huntnfish

    ND in Montana - Very Sobering

    Sad lesson for all of us. Back in the 70's and 80's, my dad was the safety officer for AZGFD and would travel all over the state setting up the hunter safety classes. He would always instill the importance of safe gun handling, almost to a fault. I am very thankful for his persistence to this day.
  10. Huntnfish

    Todd Rice and Sonoran Outfitters

    Maybe try his lawyer, or the state Attorney General?
  11. Huntnfish

    Hunters n Ranchers

    Nice job! We used to help out at the king anvil ranch back in the 70's. Not that we needed access, back then it was all open to hunting. We we're always welcome, and even stayed in bunk houses and ate supper with them. Great memories.
  12. Huntnfish

    6A Bull

    Anyone know of any youngsters in 6A right now with a bull tag? My buddy is watching over 100 elk bedded, and would like to get a youngster on them. Send me a PM.
  13. Huntnfish

    Lost Items

    Ouch, hope you get them back.
  14. Huntnfish

    Horny Toads

    Yep, the 2 I seen were little as well. One was up close and personal as I was lying on the ground, it moved right in front of my face and gave me a bit of a jump start.
  15. Huntnfish

    Horny Toads

    Seen 2 in unit7 helping on a goat hunt three weeks ago. Before that, haven't seen one in quite a while.