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  1. Huntnfish

    Need assistance identifying shotgun stocks

    The one one on the left with the forend looks like a Kreighoff K-80.
  2. Huntnfish

    Custom 6.5 ss

    Sent you a text.
  3. Huntnfish

    Rim and reservation lakes access

    Seen some pics last week of some nice pike out of Lake Mary. Think they were caught before this storm rolled in. A couple looked to be 20-22 inches.
  4. Huntnfish


    I might be interested if you do. Let me know. Thanks.
  5. Huntnfish

    Are coues deer in trouble?

    Very nice, with a recurve no less. What did that that bruiser score? Congrats.
  6. Huntnfish

    FS Swarovski BTX w/115mm Objective Lens

    Do these come with blank warranty cards? If so, I will take it all. Can be reached with text faster. Barry 602-920-2739
  7. Huntnfish

    New fire?

    Yep, only at about 25-30 acres right now. Hopefully they can get it knocked down pretty quick.
  8. Huntnfish

    Update on a Cool Find

    Very cool, nice work Edge.
  9. Huntnfish

    N E 1 know this guy?

    What a complete douche.
  10. Huntnfish

    Sag 3/30

    Seen pics of a 12 from Sag. If your not there early, no parking.
  11. Huntnfish

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Very sad news. Prayers for family and friends.
  12. Huntnfish

    Arizona mountain lion attacks person

    Couger in a hot tub.👍
  13. Huntnfish

    Arizona mountain lion attacks person

    Guy at work was right behind this group, and they told him the cat attacked one of their PFDs 20-30 mins. before it attacked him.
  14. Huntnfish

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    They are.