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  1. Thanks for the input P.D. It sounds like east fork is in a little better shape than what I've been told (by a few) about west fork.
  2. Anyone have a current report on water levels and/or fishing quality near buffalo crossing on the east fork of the black river? We are headed up to the White Mountains this weekend and are wondering what east fork is like before we get too carried a way planning on a camping area. The family has spent many years in/around west fork and east fork since the kids always love the stream, but we haven't spent any significant time in those areas since the fire. Is it worth visiting/camping in the area this summer? Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. swishjth

    vortex bino's

    I love my 15x50 Viper HD's. I even decided to test the warranty (month or so ago) and sent them in to repair some minor scratches on the front lenses as well as some eye-cup damage after my tripod fell over. Vortex had them repaired and return shipped within 12 hours of receiving them - no questions asked. When FedEx "delivered" them to my home - but I never received them (and was at home at the alleged time of delivery) I couldn't believe it! I couldn't get any action/resolution from FedEx as they needed to "conduct a 48 hour internal investigation" on where my package had been delivered. I called Vortex, hoping they had some pull with FedEx, and explained the situation. THEY DID - within 6 hours of my phone call to Vortex I received my fully repaired binos. All along I received several friendly follow-up emails/phone calls from Vortex staff keeping me apprised of their discussions with FedEx. Needless to say I was blown away with the warranty/service that everyone talks about - it was the real deal for me. I won't say the optic quality is on level with top of the line brands, but for the money I am TOTALLY satisfied with Vortex and will continue to purchase their line of products.
  4. swishjth

    Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter - Which Stud?

    After an email inquiry through their website - I received a lightning fast reply directly from Outdoorsmans staff. Sharing the answer for those that may be interested: 15x50 Vortex Vipers - Part # 715 Swarovski Stud 10x42 Nikon Monarchs - Part # 714 Pentax Stud
  5. So I'm looking to order an Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter & couple Binocular Studs, but the online store only lists studs for the big brand binoculars...of which I hope to have someday. For now, I was wondering if anyone is using the Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter setup on: 15x50 Vortex Vipers 10x42 Nikon Monarchs Can you help me with which of the various studs you are using successfully? I plan to call and confirm during business hours, but figured it was worth a try in this forum while I wait. Thanks in advance.
  6. swishjth

    Bulk ammo

    It seems like Tucson's gun show on January 5-6 was basically sold out of common bulk ammo within an hour of opening...
  7. swishjth

    Another school shooting

    sounds like shotguns maybe the next target for the anti's?
  8. swishjth

    Archery bobcat

    Congrats! ...it would be awsome to have a similar opportunity some day.
  9. swishjth

    Late Season Rally

    You Payne's (and Ryan!) are ridiculous!! Well done and congrats. -JTH
  10. swishjth

    10th Anniversary of CouesWhitetail.com!!

    Congrats on the 10 years Amanda. I don't post much, but this site is my primary daily internet habit...I sincerely enjoy browsing all of the information and posts that others contribute. Merry Christmas...and Happy Birthday to your Mom.
  11. swishjth

    "My" Hunt!

    well done and congrats. I enjoyed your write-up.
  12. swishjth

    WTB 9mm compact or subcompact.

    ...you know I'll come a runnin...hopefully I'm on spead dial, she has the green light.
  13. swishjth

    Redington Pass coues Whitetail

    Awesome Buck Morgan! Congrats and keep your dad in line. -JTH
  14. I've had the nikon monarch 10x42's for a while and love them...but last year i "moved up" to Vortex Viper 15's. The 15's are life-changing when it comes to counting points, etc. (at longer distances), but a tripod is certainly required for my taste. I cannot comfortably spend very much time behind them off-hand...can't hold them still enough. In short, the 10's are my all-purpose binos providing plenty of power and are extermely comfortable on the move - they also do very well on a tripod. The 15's are awesome, but I have to setup on a tripod to reap their benefits. A more "top of the line" brand may help resolve this, I'm not sure, but unfortunately I don't get out enough to justify the extra $$. Good luck and I would also advise you to visit one of the large sporting good stores to see which brands "fit" your face, if you have the chance. Apparently, my eye spacing may be closer than some and I had trouble getting a few of the major brands to close tight enough together...You will also get a side-by-side comparison of quality. Once you decide on brand, then you can likely find a smoking deal online.
  15. swishjth

    Online draw system fails AGAIN!

    Thanks for the tip! I deleted my cookies and tried again this morning...went through at 5:30 am FINALLY!!