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  1. I've had my Teryx4 just shy of one year and really enjoy it as a compromise between sport and utility. I wasn't that interested in a high-sped performance machine, and like you mainly wanted to get the family out for rides, hunting, etc. - my primary likes are: Four permanent, adult-size seats (everyone is comfortable in any seat for long durations) Narrower width, and shorter wheel-base, compared to most four-seaters (i can fit in tighter areas than other friends/family 4-seaters) 800 provides just enough pep (slightly more than others 500s/700s, but dialed down from the 1000s) Permanent rear cargo box for hauling gear (while still maintaining shorter dimensions and 4 full size seats) There are definitely higher performance, and/or more utility competitors, but the Teryx seems to combine a lot from both worlds.
  2. PMs received, I'll be responding in order of date/time.
  3. No problem Azdesertrat - I knew I was rolling the dice. I purchased exactly what I wanted from you...still a great deal.
  4. I am selling a slightly-used full-tilt windshield for (I believe) 2012-2015 Kawasaki TERYX/TERYX4. It has the mounting hardware included. I bought this from a Forum Member back in July and it is exactly as described in the original post (lightly used)....I took a chance that it would fit my 2016 TERYX4, but the 2016 hood contour does not match the bottom of the lower windshield. As such, I never mounted/used it. After looking around, it looks like the 2012-2015 models have a more rounded hood and in 2016+ it changed to a short "w" shaped hood. Based on pictures and internet searching, I believe the one I'm selling is the same as this Kolpin UTV Windshield listed on Amazon. Anyways, hoping to pass along a great deal to someone who can use it...the adhesive weather strip between the upper and lower windshield may need replacing, but otherwise it is in very good condition. Windshield is currently located in 85629, but I can meet anywhere near Tucson and/or in Pima County. For now, I do not want to deal with shipping. $175
  5. swishjth

    6.5 Hornady 147 ELD-m

    Pm sent
  6. swishjth

    Koplin Kawasaki Teryx full/folding windshield

    Text on the way
  7. swishjth

    Ruger 22 precision rifle

    PM Sent
  8. swishjth

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Super cool offer...I would be interested in Hornady 6.5 147 gr ELD-M THANKS in advance.
  9. Thanks for the input P.D. It sounds like east fork is in a little better shape than what I've been told (by a few) about west fork.
  10. Anyone have a current report on water levels and/or fishing quality near buffalo crossing on the east fork of the black river? We are headed up to the White Mountains this weekend and are wondering what east fork is like before we get too carried a way planning on a camping area. The family has spent many years in/around west fork and east fork since the kids always love the stream, but we haven't spent any significant time in those areas since the fire. Is it worth visiting/camping in the area this summer? Thanks in advance for any info.
  11. swishjth

    vortex bino's

    I love my 15x50 Viper HD's. I even decided to test the warranty (month or so ago) and sent them in to repair some minor scratches on the front lenses as well as some eye-cup damage after my tripod fell over. Vortex had them repaired and return shipped within 12 hours of receiving them - no questions asked. When FedEx "delivered" them to my home - but I never received them (and was at home at the alleged time of delivery) I couldn't believe it! I couldn't get any action/resolution from FedEx as they needed to "conduct a 48 hour internal investigation" on where my package had been delivered. I called Vortex, hoping they had some pull with FedEx, and explained the situation. THEY DID - within 6 hours of my phone call to Vortex I received my fully repaired binos. All along I received several friendly follow-up emails/phone calls from Vortex staff keeping me apprised of their discussions with FedEx. Needless to say I was blown away with the warranty/service that everyone talks about - it was the real deal for me. I won't say the optic quality is on level with top of the line brands, but for the money I am TOTALLY satisfied with Vortex and will continue to purchase their line of products.
  12. swishjth

    Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter - Which Stud?

    After an email inquiry through their website - I received a lightning fast reply directly from Outdoorsmans staff. Sharing the answer for those that may be interested: 15x50 Vortex Vipers - Part # 715 Swarovski Stud 10x42 Nikon Monarchs - Part # 714 Pentax Stud
  13. So I'm looking to order an Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter & couple Binocular Studs, but the online store only lists studs for the big brand binoculars...of which I hope to have someday. For now, I was wondering if anyone is using the Outdoorsmans Binocular Adapter setup on: 15x50 Vortex Vipers 10x42 Nikon Monarchs Can you help me with which of the various studs you are using successfully? I plan to call and confirm during business hours, but figured it was worth a try in this forum while I wait. Thanks in advance.