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  1. azhornhunter56

    SOLD - Exo X3 Hip Belt

  2. azhornhunter56

    SOLD - Exo X3 Hip Belt

    Bought a Exo X3 pack off a CW member, but I am too fat for the small hip belt. Selling the small that came with it.
  3. azhornhunter56

    SOLD - Eberlestock Packs

    As of now, yes. Scotth73 messaged and I am holding until he gets back to town.
  4. azhornhunter56

    SOLD - Eberlestock Packs

    Cyber Monday Bump
  5. azhornhunter56

    SOLD - Eberlestock Packs

    Near the former PV Mall area.
  6. azhornhunter56

    SOLD - Eberlestock Packs

    I have a few Eberlestock packs that are barely used. No idea why I have them all and realized I have them in a hunting bin. Let me know if interested in one of them. #1 - Eberlestock Tailhook. Great for carrying a bow in and mounting to your stand tree. SOLD #2 - Eberlestock X1. Has built in rifle scabbard. SOLD #3 - Eberlestock X1. Same #2, just a different camo pattern. SOLD #4 - Eberlestock X2. Has an internal frame and the pack mounted shooting rest. SOLD
  7. azhornhunter56

    Overhead Gun SOLD

    I have a question on the rack but you cannot accept messages. Any chance you can message me?
  8. azhornhunter56

    FS Rockland 12’ Dual Axle Trailer

    Bump. Reduced price to $2,650.00
  9. azhornhunter56

    FS Rockland 12’ Dual Axle Trailer

    Used Rockland dual axle trailer with brake. Trailer inside rail length is 12’ and width is 77”. I reinforced the ramp at the buggy wheel area. Has a spare tire mount, tool box and a spare gas can. The buggy mount in the wood at the back end will be removed. $2,650.00
  10. azhornhunter56

    **SOLD** WTS Custom Offset Smoker

    Holiday weekend bump just in case someone is needing to smoke 8 pork butts, 2 briskets and then hang some venison summer sausage from the archery harvest. Ha!
  11. azhornhunter56

    **SOLD** WTS Custom Offset Smoker

    Custom offset smoker that is all steel. The vertical chamber is 20”W x 20”D x 36”T and has removable shelves and top bar for hanging ribs or linked sausage. The main chamber is 42”W and has a top removable shelf. The fire box is 24”W. Both chambers have a temperature gauge and the smoker is on wheels. Asking $3,500 here on CW.
  12. azhornhunter56

    WTB Teryx 4 Full Windshield

    Bump hoping someone got something new for Christmas and needs to get rid of their old windshield!
  13. azhornhunter56

    WTB Teryx 4 Full Windshield

    Looking for a full windshield, flip up preferred, that will fit a 2014 model year. Thanks.
  14. azhornhunter56


    Solid vest, I have the same. Good deal also. Good luck with the sale.
  15. azhornhunter56

    FN Herstal SPR A1a .308