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  1. FB67

    2015 Jeep Wrangler

    How much is it
  2. FB67

    Axis Works build

    Yes that is with it suppressed . Thanks
  3. FB67

    Axis Works build

    It wasn’t bad on Sunday walked right in
  4. FB67

    Axis Works build

    I have two boxes and will be working up a load for it also have 8 pounds of 4350 We were out at Cowtown with the 6.5x47 and at 1080 it was on point. I am really enjoying this rifle been using my suppressor on it that I bought for the 300 WIN it’s like shooting a 22.
  5. FB67

    Axis Works build

    I did some load testing this weekend not that I needed to just wanted to try out a hotter load. I had pushed a few powders through the rifle and am very happy with VV N550. I wanted to push it past 37.8 gr. because that was as hot of a load with N550 I had ran and the groups opened up a bit at 37.8gr. I figured I would try 38.0gr. just to see if it might tighten up and pick up some speed well it didn’t tighten up. I am sticking with 37.5gr. These are three shot groups at 100 yards and 37.5 gr. makes it crazy accurate.
  6. FB67

    christensen arms 7mag optics?

    Look at the Zeiss V6. 3x18 x50. I have one on a 300 win and it is crystal clear and tracks great
  7. Where are you located
  8. FB67

    Axis Works build

    Berger 140gr. long range target. Pushing it with 37.5 gr of Vhitvori N550 with CCI BR primers . 030 off jam.
  9. FB67

    Axis Works build

    Sorry for the cockeyed PIC here is the speeds I am getting from the 6.5x47 the s-d is good so real happy with my loads. When I pushed it faster my groups opened up a bit so going to leave it right here. We had it out to 1080 a few times now and I am very happy with this rifle 😀
  10. FB67

    Large Wilton Vise

    I hear ya the price seems high until you have to buy one brand new then it is less then half. Like anything if it is something you use everyday and need and depend on it to make money the price is very reasonable, if you want it to hold a lawnmower blade to sharpen probably not what you need.
  11. FB67

    Large Wilton Vise

    Thanks for the free bump it is one of the best vises Wilton makes.
  12. FB67

    Large Wilton Vise

    Wilton 600 S vise weighs 140 pounds 6 inch jaws. It has been cleaned, repainted, and the spindle is lubed, this style has the jaws attached from the rear. Welders, fabricators machinist heavy equipment operators etc, if you need a vise that will last forever and don't want Chinese junk this should do it. Asking $850........... this vise retails for $1800 new. Location Scottsdale or Phoenix.
  13. FB67

    Axis Works build

    You know how much money the richest man in town left after he passed away.......all of it.........
  14. FB67

    Axis Works build

    I may change out the stock and scope get it down to 9 pounds or less kinda like this 300 win Mag Eric built for me. This is the weight before scope on the 300 win