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  1. FB67

    GITZO Ball Head

    Tripod is sold Still have Ball head asking $120
  2. Just sold tripod head is available for 120

  3. FB67

    GITZO Ball Head

    GITZO Ball Head GH2780QR Asking $120 Location Tempe
  4. FB67

    H-S Precision Stock Remington 700 LA

    SPF it weighs 2.5 pounds
  5. Remington 700 PSS Long Action HS precision stock. Never bedded in great shape asking $175 OBO Location Tempe One of the standout features of the PSS is the stock. These stocks, as supplied on the PSS, are made by H-S Precision of South Dakota. The stock is “layers of aramid fibers and fiberglass cloth mixed with uni-directional carbon fibers, and an epoxy based gel-coat and laminating resin.” This is all laid up around an aircraft-grade aluminum bedding-block which was designed by H-S with some input from Remington. This has to be one of the best bedding methods in existence as it requires no bedding compounds, which do wear out over time, and provides a very stable and weather resistant method of mounting a barreled action to a stock. This is also essentially the same stock that H-S provides to the U.S. Army for its M24 sniper system. The M24 stock differs from the PSS in that it has an adjustable length of pull but appears nearly identical otherwise. The center core of these stocks is what is referenced as “reaction injection molded, polyurethane structural foam.” Put all of this together and you get what is arguably the best sniper rifle stock that can be had. Another feature not seen on many production rifles is the presence of a palm swell on the pistol grip. This swell is present on both sides to facilitate right or left handed shooters. Some shooters like this feature and some don’t. It depends to a large degree on the size and shape of the hand. Stocks also feature dual sling swivel studs on the forend so that a sling can be used with a bipod mounted at the same time. The buttstock is fitted with a thin black rubber recoil pad as standard.
  6. FB67

    Winchester model 50 12 Gage Shotgun

    Bump with price reduction $250
  7. FB67

    Leupold 15x45x60 Spotting Scope

    SPF see you Friday Broken Wheels
  8. FB67

    ATN night vision scope $275

    For the record I sold it to the guy from Prescott for $250.
  9. FB67

    ATN night vision scope $275

    It works both in daylight and dark you are more then happy to try it out.
  10. FB67

    ATN night vision scope $275

    Not really sure think maybe two or three years at the most. It has a light that attaches to it also I forgot to post. I was given to me by a friend who got it from his father in-law.
  11. FB67

    ATN night vision scope $275

    Still available
  12. ATN Night Vision scope I think it's 5x20 but I dont know much about these. I turned it on and it works. Asking $275 Location Tempe
  13. FB67

    Winchester model 50 12 Gage Shotgun

    It has the interchangeable tubes it is not the all in one adjustable style