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  1. FB67

    WTB Glock 43X or P365

    I have shot them both probably close to 500 rounds each and would lean towards the SIG. In my experience the trigger on the SIG is crisp with just the right amount of take up. Glock triggers are Glock triggers.
  2. FB67


    Great vise for your garage or your gun room.
  3. FB67


    Brand new Wilton 5 1/2 jaw Tradesmen vise this one has never been used asking $280. Location North Scottsdale or North Phoenix
  4. FB67

    Hollywood press

    I have seen them go for $250 to $450 just depends on condition, accessories how much someone wants to pay. There is one on EBay for $1500 it has been on there for 6 months and will probably be on there for another 6
  5. FB67

    Proof Research 6.5 Carbon Fiber Barrel Blank

    I will take it
  6. FB67


    I just sold out all the white box 45 I have brown box 45 some Israeli military most US Military. With prices goin up I am sticking to $325 for this ammo. I have 7 thousand rounds left I have shot about 1000 rounds with no issues. All of it comes in green ammo boxes
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  8. FB67


  9. Found this cool old reloader the other day and just wanted to share. This is the one of the first progressive reloaders and Dillon modeled his first reloader after it.
  10. FB67


    Not doing Tucson anytime soon but if I do I will bring a case
  11. FB67


    Yes Round nose 230 gr. I added bullet size tp post its very good target ammo.
  12. FB67


    Added pic,s A lot of us boomers watched our dads shoot bullseye competitions with this ammo.
  13. FB67


  14. FB67


    Trophy Taker arrow rest asking $25 Location north Scottsdale
  15. FB67

    Couple of Remington’s **SOLD**

    I was so tempted to buy that 223 but just couldn’t justify it. The police 300 win I have is a great gun not sure if they selected the best barrels for these or I just got lucky but it shoots. Both great deals 👍