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  1. FB67


    Where are you located ?
  2. FB67


    Very clean 4 inch jawed Wilton Machinist vise, model 400, jaws are like new. It has been cleaned repainted and greased. I am asking $375 located in North Scottsdale or North Phoenix. Thanks for looking.
  3. FB67


    Hold on boys I need to pop some more popcorn this is getting spicy
  4. FB67


    1911 WW2 Colt slide and HS-P barrel in great condition. I am asking $475 for both OBO. Thanks for looking. Location Scottsdale or Phoenix
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  6. FB67


    I found my old tackle box with a bunch of older archery things in it. Broadbands, fletcher, tools etc. All of it $30 I am in North Scottsdale off Pima and Dynami
  7. FB67

    Wilton Vise

    Ha no need for toilet paper or Ammo now the ramen noodles we may be able to work out a deal 🙂
  8. FB67

    Wilton Vise

    Very clean Wilton Tradesman 5 Inch vise. It is missing one pipe jaw they sell them on Ebay. Great for the work bench or gun room. Made in the USA I am asking SOLD Location Scottsdale or Phoenix.
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  10. FB67


    A 9MM can shoot over 20K rounds before showing any accuracy issues. Just saying
  11. Looking to get SPF for both not going to separate well worth it. Location North Scottsdale or North Phx
  12. Vihtavuori N320 is a good powder for lighter loads. I shoot 180 gr Sierra's with 11gr. of N320. Its not violent and lot more fun to shoot.