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  1. Vortex AMG MOA FFP in great shape lenses are perfect. Switching over to MRAD this is the only reason I am selling have the same scope in MRAD. Asking $1300 OBO. I have a set of Seeking rings I will include. This was used on a 6.5x284 exclusively. Location North Scottsdale or North West Phoenix Weekdays during business hours.
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    For sale 7MM STW brass and ammo all the same manufacture R-P head stamp. 25 once fired 25 new primed 15 new not primed 98 loaded rounds. These are reloads I have no information on what powder or bullets were used. Total 163 rounds one price $225 will not split up. Location Scottsdale.
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    It’s all sold
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    Guys cleaning out a few items from the garage one price for everything. $300 Location North Scottsdale 22-225 brass 243 brass 280 brass and ammo 7mm STW brass and ammo 300 savage brass etc. 6 old lanterns. Lyman Turret reloading press 4 M1 Garand stocks multiple reloading dies all kinds.
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    Bullets and Primers

    I will take the CCI large rifle primers
  6. FB67

    Lyman Turret Reloader

    Lyman Tru-Line Jr reloading press with 30-06 dies. Original box. Asking $75 OBO. The die holes are not the standard size they are smaller. You can get dies on EBay for it. Location Scottsdale
  7. Bump with price drop $1500
  8. Bump ……Open to offers or trade for firearms.
  9. 1300 Primers 25 pounds of 7.5 shot $120. location North Scottsdale
  10. Redding Big Boss II with Inline stand $200 Location North Scottsdale or North Phoenix durning business hours weekdays.
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    Location North Scottsdale
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    Bump it up
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    Thursday Bump
  14. Fully refurbished Bonanza reloading press with Inline stand. Asking SPF I will throw in about a pound of Ramshot Hunter powder. Location Scottsdale or North Phoenix.
  15. FB67

    Forster / Bonanza Reloading Press

    Sure Think it cost me $75 with shipping and handling how about $60?
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    Forster / Bonanza Reloading Press

    I did ….I refurbish / restore vintage machinery and this looked like a fun project. The only issue was someone painted over the crinkle paint and and it had some strange brown streaks in the paint like cigarette stains. So I striped it to bare metal degreased and applied two coats of primer then three of red paint and polished all the parts. Works like brand new.