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  1. A 9 twist better on brass? I've been shooting the 280A! since 1990. Always shot 165-170 weight bullets with 8 or 8.5 twist. Todays bullets are even longer and require 8-9 twist with 9 twist on the marginal side for best accuracy. I'm helping a friend put one together right and it'll be an 8 twist Brux on a Kelbly Atlas action. My advice to him was to buy Lapua 30/06 brass and neck down.
  2. Why build a 280AI when you have a 7/08 shooting like that. 👍!
  3. Before you do anymore testing measure head diameter and check for expansion. Anymore than .0008" over new brass is too hot. If you're under that measurement then you should be able to go up in .5 grain increments till you see that head expansion over .0008". What you think is .005" off the lands may be well into the lands. I wouldn't trust that measurement. If you're into the lands, that could drive pressure significantly. By the way did Phoenix Rifles make a barrel stub for you for measuring headspace and seating depth. Also did they give you a blueprint of the reamer specs they used on your rifle. It may not be too late to ask for this.
  4. L Cazador

    Question about 6.5 creedmoor

    I'm with Lance on 130 grain bullets delivering best performance in the 6.5 Creedmoor. The cartridge designed after the old 300 Savage case, a shortened 308 is best off with 120-130 grain bullets. There just isn't enough powder room for a slow burning powder to properly deliver those heavy bullets. Frankly the 140 grain bullets gained popularity only because of the paper punchers where energy is of no consequence.
  5. L Cazador

    I need a trigger swap

    Easy peasy. Remove barreled action from stock. Put it in a vice trigger up. Remove bolt. Put safety in "on" position. Now drive the rear pin towards the left side just enough so the bolt release and spring clear the pin. Watch out for flying parts, namely the bolt release spring. A plastic bag around the whole thing will keep the spring from disappearing but not completely necessary. Now that you have removed the bolt release and spring you can drive the rear pin to the right till it exits. Now you're ready to remove the front pin and the trigger. The sear spring on the old trigger may come loose so keep that in mind. The Timney should be self contained and easy to move to the other rifle. Go to YOU TUBE for video.
  6. L Cazador

    RL-26 market value?

    Ace has spherical and flake powders. These powders are made here in the US by St. Marks in Florida. Being locally made powders their prices not going to contain the export/import taxes otherwise levied on extruded powders.
  7. L Cazador

    Winchester 22 Rifle

    Great guy to deal with and he takes very good care of his firearms! Very happy with my purchase! Buy with confidence.
  8. L Cazador

    Wtb 20 new pcs Lapua 243 brass

    Why just 20 pieces? If you haven't tried it and are just checking to see how it will work, no worries, it's the best. Brunos had some in a couple of weeks ago and I thought I saw it at Sportsmans as well.
  9. L Cazador

    RL-26 market value?

    $40-45 a pound. Shipments of the extruded powders are starting to come in. Since none of the extruded powders are made here, it's hit and miss with shipments coming in. Looks like next fall before a lot of the extruded powder begins to catch up.
  10. L Cazador

    Nightforce NXS Scope

    Ok #505 and #507 are both illuminated. 505 is 50mm and 507 is 56mm obj. .
  11. L Cazador

    Nightforce NXS Scope

    Nightforce says C505 is illuminated. I'm confused, and don't trust optics planet. I'll wait to hear from owner.
  12. L Cazador

    Winchester 22 Rifle

    I'll take it.
  13. L Cazador

    Nightforce NXS Scope

    I don't see it on the box, illuminated or not?
  14. L Cazador

    Binoculars with glasses

    I've got the same problem you have, astigmatism, and have to wear glasses. I use only Swarovski binos. The trick is the diameter of the ocular lens is going to limit the amount of field you see with glasses. This has nothing to do with the field of view of the binos. That eye box is limited with glasses and the more curvature your glasses have, the more limited it will be. There are some inexpensive options on the market but you'll be limited on power. The higher the power the worst it gets. You'll be limited to 10X or less. There are Vortex HD's as well as others that meet this criteria. The magic number .845". Any ocular lens that is smaller than that is going to greatly diminish the field of view wearing glasses!
  15. L Cazador

    WTB CCI SRP and or SPP

    Check Brunos. They had them a couple of weeks ago. $140 per thousand.