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  1. L Cazador

    270 reloading

    There's no way to set your sizing die bump without a headspace guage and there's no way to set up your seating die without a bullet comparator that measures cartridge base to ogive. You'll need to know how to find your seating depth for your rifle as well. The Sierra manual is excellent. You'll also need a manual decapper. If you're meticulous you'll need all these items to get it where you like.
  2. L Cazador

    270 reloading

    Loading a bottle neck cartridge like the 270 requires some precision tools to properly set your dies up. So you may want to start with a good caliper that will measure to the third decimal. Next you may want to buy a Hornady headspace gauge and also a bullet seating comparator. Both of these tools offer enough precision to set your dies up for a proper sizing bump for proper headspace and correct cartridge base to bullet ogive measurements. Next buy a reloading book or visit one of the powder websites for loads that may work in your rifle. Not a good idea using someone's pet load in your rifle. What works in other rifles may turn out hazardous in your rifle. Finally start with new brass or ammo that has been fired in your rifle. For a novice buying once fired brass can turn out to be a lot of head scratching and problem solving you may or may not be able to solve. Glad to help with any questions.
  3. L Cazador


    That's a sporter model BDL and some came with rubber butt pad. Mid 90's gun. Value much less than varmint model which has heavy barrel. Barrel code will indicate manufacture date. 25/06 rare in Varmint heavy barrel but common in sporter.
  4. L Cazador

    New to long range

    It's best to weight sort virgin cases after trimming and uniforming primer pockets. A case that's just a few thousands longer will render a heavier weight. While after trimming it may fall into the group. Hornady is not known for consistent measurements either.
  5. L Cazador

    Ban on Russian guns and ammo

    That's part of the NATO small arms treaty. Serbia's PRVI Partizan and PPU is under that Russian ban. Next is banning powder and ammo from Sweden, Germany , and Finland. That's Vhitavouhri powder, Norma and Lapua brass and RWS as well. Not good news for our sport.
  6. Running two patches of anything and then dry patch does nothing more than condition the bore. I have verified this with a bore scope. No removal of any copper or carbon fouling is evident. Two patches soaked with Kroil are best for conditioning when putting the real job of cleaning off!
  7. L Cazador

    .260 Rem SAAMI .060" FB?

    Send a dummy round to JGS and have a reamer made. You will need an Ackley case with the bullet seated to where you intend to start. I'm thinking .220" freebore with 140"s. I would not do a 140g. on this case, 130 max weight for 260 Ackley and 26 Inch barrel bare minimum to burn slow powder properly. Good luck!
  8. I've got a reamer going right now for the 245g in my 300 Norma mag/35 degree. I'm doing a 1000 yard benchrest rifle on my BAT M action as well as a hunting rifle with the new Bartlien barrel steel. One year wait but gotta love that big carrot out in front of me!
  9. L Cazador

    No Mano y No Mano

    It's Spanglish!! LOL!!
  10. L Cazador

    No Mano y No Mano

    That should be "No mano a mano". Great pics!
  11. L Cazador


    Great service but you won't be able to buy more than a couple of pounds max at probably $60? High price and then a limit! Everybody hang on. Come this summer supplies and prices will be more reasonable.
  12. L Cazador

    Bullet weight VS twist

    It's length not weight that you are stabilizing. The 175-180 will be marginal. You're best off with 168's . That deer, elk, or antelope will not know the difference in those 12 grain lighter bullets. Besides accuracy trumps velocity or a weight difference of 12 grains. Touche!
  13. L Cazador

    .338 lapua what happened?

    It's still out there for 1000 yard target shooters but the new 300 Norma is gaining popularity with the Long Range shooters. It's the same head diameter so the bolt for the 338 will work for the 300 Norma. A lot less recoil and super accurate! Price of components is not a big issue as is availability.
  14. L Cazador


    All same lot?
  15. L Cazador

    Whats the deal with unit 10?

    It's silly but yes they only allow access to the Boquillas ranch a week before the hunt. On top of the access permit charge for you, you will also have to pay for an assist permit for each person in your vehicle that does not have a tag for the same unit. You can hunt the northern and eastern part of the unit. A difficult situation since those parts of the unit have the least amount of water due to drought conditions. The Boquillas has a big pipeline system for water but they have restrictions on hunting near livestock water. Check HuntBigBo.com for more info.