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  1. L Cazador

    What’s this from???

    Wow what a difference in headspace! And Layne Simpson designed the Shooting Times Westerner! I think even he thinks belted cartridges are a pain 🙄! Lots of experts out there!! This proves that poor reloading techniques cause problems!
  2. L Cazador

    What’s this from???

    Belted magnums headspace on the belt. When you neck size only or you don't push the shoulder back (shoulder bump) you wind up with partial headspace on the shoulder. This is great until the unsupported cartridge head expands. The "head" is the part of the cartridge case that holds the primer and includes the belt and rim. Shoulder bump is not the complete remedy as the diameter of the head and the diameter of brass at the shoulder junction is not completely restored. That's why you have that bright area right there before the shoulder. There are dies that will size the head but frankly it's not going to completely recover original dimensions due to brass springback. That's why I say buy new brass. Belted cartridges are nothing but a pain! That's why I stopped shooting them over 30 years ago. All of my magnums are unbelted!!
  3. L Cazador

    What’s this from???

    If it's a belted magnum the head diameter has expanded past chamber dimension. Toss the brass or buy a custom die that will restore the head size. Easier to buy new Norma brass.
  4. L Cazador

    looking for Remington long action for a build

    You may want to try: Brownells.com. They have Monday cyber sale today. Brand new Remington actions long or short, repeater or single shot.
  5. L Cazador

    300 PRC THOUGHT?

    the 300 Norma would be the best option if you reload. It will be a long time before quality brass for reloading becomes available for the PRC.
  6. L Cazador

    Seating depth and pressure?

    I think you may be misinterpreting this. Seating bullets with more jam or more into the rifleing will increase pressure. It's rare getting more pressure off the rifleing but it's possible with certain powders. In my 45 years of reloading this has always been the case. This is why I feel it's important to find bullet touch first and then work on seating depth.
  7. L Cazador

    Scaled quail in southeast AZ for Havasu stripers, Bass, etc

    There's folks like that everywhere! Disgusting behavior is exactly what it is. This year there might be an excuse since they changed the opening date to later in the month, just excuses, some people don't read. I've seen evidence of harvested birds before the season the last few years! I go out and scout for quail like I scout for deer and I've even seen trucks of dogs and their excuse is that were training the dogs and shooting blanks. I've communicated this to Game & Fish and there's little they can do. Don't give up, it's takes a lot of walking to get any quail nowadays! Early morning is best if you have dogs. Their noses are gone with the heat of the day so they're only good for a couple of hours, besides there's no snakes for at least two hours at this time of year, LOL! That includes hunters who don't like to get up early!
  8. L Cazador

    Scaled quail in southeast AZ for Havasu stripers, Bass, etc

    I don't know if Scaled quail have made a comeback in South Eastern Arizona. I hunted them for years and their numbers have really declined. The Gambel quail seem to have taken over in these areas, as it seems they are more resilient to drought conditions. I hunted the Safford area, Sunizona, and the Dragoons. If you get out after them and have any success let us know how it went.
  9. There isn't a Remington 700 that is straight and there isn't a rail made that is straight. With that said, bed that rail don't just "slap it on"!!
  10. I use it in my 22BR with heavy bullets, my 6X47 Lapua, my 243, and my 6.5 Creedmoor. Anywhere 4350 is applicable Re-16 will be a better powder both in velocity and accuracy.
  11. L Cazador

    Trigger tech special slam fire

    You may have an issue with the trigger pins or the bolt itself. This is an issue for a gunsmith or Remington but I can already tell you Remington's answer, it's your aftermarket trigger. Does it happen with factory trigger?
  12. L Cazador


    Norma and Lapua are both making it but it is hard to find. Cabelas Glendale had some back in July. I shoot it at a 1000 yards and have built numerous hunting rifles for the 6.5/284 Shehane version. Absolutely awesome cartridge. Building another right now on a Stiller Tac 300 action and one more on a Rem. 700 action for a friend. I recommend reloading this caliber!!
  13. L Cazador

    300 Win Mag hunting loads

    Your Tikka has a very long throat so shooting VLD's is not a good match. Hybrids or a bullet with a tangent ogive will get you closer to the lands while still staying within magazine length. This is why hybrids are less sensitive to load for guns with long throats. Hybrids will also be less sensitive to load changes and environmental changes, ie; they are much easier to keep in tune. Hybrids are a compromise between a VLD with a pointy secant ogive and a less pointed bullet like an Accubond with a tangent ogive.
  14. L Cazador


    I bought this scope from bhuntin. What a great guy to do business with. Item exactly as represented and even better. Would recommend this seller!
  15. L Cazador

    This Doesn't Seem Right

    Anything over thirty inch pounds can crush the stock wood. Maybe it won't split the stock but it will put a balancing act on the action you will never be done with. Pillar bed the stock and be done with it.