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  1. L Cazador

    Charles Daly 16ga O/U - Made in Belgium

    Yes you need to get a bit closer for some high definition shots! If you really want to sell it? I do those kind of pics when I don't want to let go of my stuff! I tell the wife I tried to sell it! LOL!!
  2. L Cazador

    Brass annealing

    Frankly the only way to anneal is with an AMP annealer everything else is just guesswork. Lapua brass is annealed and that should last for 4-5 firings unless you're doing long range work with your ammo.
  3. I shot competition long range for many years and still shoot short range competition. I use a single kernel tuned beam scale and a FX120 digital scale to verify weights. For 600-1000yard competition I weigh every charge. For short range I use a Neil Jones powder measure and drop my charges. For long range yes a tenth of grain can mean the difference between shooting a 2 inch group or a 5 inch group. I've found that using the correct powder for that rifle can make a huge difference on great extreme spreads. Seating depth and the correct bullet seated at a depth that will produce great ES and great groups also impact accuracy and point of impact, by the way what is POA? With all that said I also sort bullets by weight and base to ogive. My advice is leave nothing on the table! Check out Eric Cortina's video on You Tube on this subject. To go with all this you need to be a good wind reader as well. No easy task. As an aside I use only custom made bullets for competition.
  4. L Cazador

    1946 Winchester Model 70 .270 For Trade

    It all depends on condition, if it's all original, and caliber. Pre war 270 will run anywhere from 900-$2000 today. All pre war rifles had only two holes drilled and tapped on front of receive so if the receiver has a scope mounted it could be worth 50 % less.
  5. L Cazador

    1946 Winchester Model 70 .270 For Trade

    This guy know's his guns!!
  6. L Cazador

    Model Seven 17 Fireball

    I was able to hit consistently out to 300 yards with the 25 grain but the 20 grain is no slouch out at 300 yards. No wind of course. H335 packs the case better and groups are easily in the .250" range. I also got great performance with H-4198 but you can't find that powder nowadays. Enjoy!
  7. L Cazador

    Model Seven 17 Fireball

    I shot 19.4 gr H335 at 4000 fps with CCI 450 with 20gr Zmax. That bullet is pretty feeble in the wind so I favored the 25 grain ither one evaporates prairie dogs unless the wind is blowing and forget it if it's raining and muddy, you'll never see your hits. It's tough on barrels. I smoked mine in 600 rounds. Too much powder capacity for that little bullet! The Hornet is the best case for the 17. You can always throttle it down.
  8. L Cazador

    Scope vs Scope Question

  9. L Cazador


    I'll take the Rockchucker press for $40. I'll take the 222 mag brass and 257 rob brass depending on price, you didn't list price for this. PM inbound.
  10. L Cazador

    WTB reloading press

    Did you check Brownells? They had the RCBS kit on sale for $250. Press, scale, powder dispenser, loading blocks, etc.
  11. L Cazador

    28 Nosler load data w/ H1000

    I don't understand Hodgdon sending you something totally different than what is in their manual? Could your request have been slightly different?
  12. L Cazador

    28 Nosler load data w/ H1000

    There's no data for 195g in the Hodgdon manual. This from the 2023 manual, for the 180g Berger it's 74.8 to 79.6 grains maximum with H-1000. For the 175g Nosler with H1000 it's: 72.8 to 77.5 grains maximum. I would drop the 180 grain starting load by 10 % and work up for the 195 grain. Do yourself a favor and measure the head diameter of your brass so you can determine the maximum load for your rifle. Don't use anybody elses load or try to go by flattened primers etc. Head diameter should not exceed .0008" after fireform. Measure in front of extractor slot to one ten thousandths. On COAL( Cartridge Over All Length) start at magazine length with the starting load and back seating depth off from there. You can buy the new Hodgdon manual for $13, that's not expensive. Lastly you should always start load work with brass that has been fireformed in your chamber!
  13. L Cazador

    WTB 25-20 Single shot and 300 Rook ammunition.

    Jamison was the last to make ammo for it. You might check with them. There is some on Gunbroker. Pay the Piper! I was lucky enough to buy Jamison brass years ago for my 1885. When you're looking also try 25/20 Stevens single shot ammo in your search. Alot of people think the SS stands for single shot, it's actually for Stevens Single shot.
  14. L Cazador

    Browning citori value?

    That's like the property that was so big that it all day to reach the end. It was the car! LOL!!
  15. L Cazador

    Browning citori value?

    The first guy that offers $1k, take it. That has too much wear to sell for more.