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  1. L Cazador


    Norma and Lapua are both making it but it is hard to find. Cabelas Glendale had some back in July. I shoot it at a 1000 yards and have built numerous hunting rifles for the 6.5/284 Shehane version. Absolutely awesome cartridge. Building another right now on a Stiller Tac 300 action and one more on a Rem. 700 action for a friend. I recommend reloading this caliber!!
  2. L Cazador

    300 Win Mag hunting loads

    Your Tikka has a very long throat so shooting VLD's is not a good match. Hybrids or a bullet with a tangent ogive will get you closer to the lands while still staying within magazine length. This is why hybrids are less sensitive to load for guns with long throats. Hybrids will also be less sensitive to load changes and environmental changes, ie; they are much easier to keep in tune. Hybrids are a compromise between a VLD with a pointy secant ogive and a less pointed bullet like an Accubond with a tangent ogive.
  3. L Cazador


    I bought this scope from bhuntin. What a great guy to do business with. Item exactly as represented and even better. Would recommend this seller!
  4. L Cazador

    This Doesn't Seem Right

    Anything over thirty inch pounds can crush the stock wood. Maybe it won't split the stock but it will put a balancing act on the action you will never be done with. Pillar bed the stock and be done with it.
  5. L Cazador

    22 super jet

    Nightmann is correct. The 22 Jet ammo is loaded with .222" bullets which were made for the S&W model 43 which shot both 22LR ammo and 22 Jet ammo both of which are .223 diameter. It was presumed the .222" diameter bullets produced lower pressure in the revolver. Hornady is still making 222 diameter bullets and PRVI is still making brass in 22 Jet. I'll bet the bore on your rifle is .223". You will have to check that out by slugging the bore. You can send 4 or 5 fired cases and Whidden can probably make you a set of dies. You're probably looking at $200 for a set but talk to them. That's probably more than the rifle is worth but then there is that family thing.
  6. L Cazador

    22 super jet

    Are you sure it isn't a 22 Jet? No Super in the name. Also known as Remington 22 Jet. Case was based on 357 Mag case and so was the 256 Win Mag.
  7. L Cazador


    Great guy to do business with! Buy with confidence!
  8. L Cazador

    Remington XP100

    Yep ten four there buddy! We'll have an XP100 jam session! I'll show you some XP's that shoot 1 inch groups at 300 yards! Love XP's
  9. L Cazador

    Remington XP100

    Four digits only made in 1963 so second letter in barrel code must be a K. First letter in code will be the month it was made in 1963. The code is on the left side of the barrel by the recoil lug. A 'CK' code would be April, 1963. If you buy it bring it over and we'll shoot the crap out of it to see if it's for real, LLOl ! If you don't buy it let me know, I'll give you a finder's fee. These have really lost some value in the past five years as the "baby boomers like me have stopped collecting them and the new generation like you don't have an idea of their value. My prediction is the prime specimens like the one you're referring to will come back in the next ten years and double or triple in value. But then will the Democrats outlaw firearms and then will it become a piece of useless junk?!!
  10. L Cazador

    Remington XP100

    I sent you a pm and the $800 is pretty close. check to see if barrel code is 1963.
  11. L Cazador

    Remington XP100

    Condition of case, bore, and overall will dictate price. Hard black zippered case with Dupont logo?
  12. L Cazador


    I bought it and want to say that it was exactly as Frank represented it. Maybe better. Great guy to deal with, AAA+.
  13. L Cazador

    *PRICE DROP* Rifle parts for sale and scope rings

    I bought the stock. Honest guy to do business with. I'm very pleased with my purchase. Would recommend!
  14. L Cazador

    WTB rem 700 action

    Check Gunbroker. I just bought a complete brand new heavy barrel Remington 700 w/scope and camo stock for $429 from Georgia Gun. You can sell scope, stock, and barrel and you'll have less than $200 in the action, both .378" and .473" bolt face guns are available. Great price!! You may want to specify what bolt face size you want in your ad.
  15. L Cazador

    Christensen Mesa Long Range 6.5 CM (unfired)

    Buy with confidence, Jim is great to deal with!!