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  1. L Cazador


    Great guy to do business with! Buy with confidence!
  2. L Cazador

    Remington XP100

    Yep ten four there buddy! We'll have an XP100 jam session! I'll show you some XP's that shoot 1 inch groups at 300 yards! Love XP's
  3. L Cazador

    Remington XP100

    Four digits only made in 1963 so second letter in barrel code must be a K. First letter in code will be the month it was made in 1963. The code is on the left side of the barrel by the recoil lug. A 'CK' code would be April, 1963. If you buy it bring it over and we'll shoot the crap out of it to see if it's for real, LLOl ! If you don't buy it let me know, I'll give you a finder's fee. These have really lost some value in the past five years as the "baby boomers like me have stopped collecting them and the new generation like you don't have an idea of their value. My prediction is the prime specimens like the one you're referring to will come back in the next ten years and double or triple in value. But then will the Democrats outlaw firearms and then will it become a piece of useless junk?!!
  4. L Cazador

    Remington XP100

    I sent you a pm and the $800 is pretty close. check to see if barrel code is 1963.
  5. L Cazador

    Remington XP100

    Condition of case, bore, and overall will dictate price. Hard black zippered case with Dupont logo?
  6. L Cazador


    I bought it and want to say that it was exactly as Frank represented it. Maybe better. Great guy to deal with, AAA+.
  7. L Cazador

    *PRICE DROP* Rifle parts for sale and scope rings

    I bought the stock. Honest guy to do business with. I'm very pleased with my purchase. Would recommend!
  8. L Cazador

    WTB rem 700 action

    Check Gunbroker. I just bought a complete brand new heavy barrel Remington 700 w/scope and camo stock for $429 from Georgia Gun. You can sell scope, stock, and barrel and you'll have less than $200 in the action, both .378" and .473" bolt face guns are available. Great price!! You may want to specify what bolt face size you want in your ad.
  9. L Cazador

    Christensen Mesa Long Range 6.5 CM (unfired)

    Buy with confidence, Jim is great to deal with!!
  10. L Cazador

    Tikka Mag Length //DBM?

    Well said 10 Turkeys, one shot one kill with an accurate rifle is all one needs! One of the drawbacks the Tikka has is a long free bore, it's a lawyer thing and it's not the only rifle on the market with beaucoup free bore! I have a friend with a long action Tikka in 260 Rem. After a long conversation with him about the generous free bore in his Tikka rifle, he bought a Tikka long magazine and modified the bolt stop and viola now that he's able to seat bullets closer to the rifleing and he has a very accurate rifle. Now this is a medium length cartridge in a long action so the same may not be possible with a longer cartridge. The trick is modifying the bolt stop.
  11. L Cazador

    223 Remington Build

    Nice job with the stock. If you don't have brass that has been fireformed to the chamber, fireform new brass first before working on a load. Is this a factory chamber and do you know barrel twist? Also is this a repeater or a single shot? Repeater or single shot will dictate your seating depth and CBTO. After fireforming uniform primer pockets and flash holes. Use a headspace guage to set up sizing die and bump no more than .002". Make a dummy round and find maximum CBTO for your rifle. Hopefully you have a caliper and a bullet comparator to measure the cartridge base to ogive or CBTO. The best way to find CBTO is to remove the firing pin assembly from your bolt and seat in small increments until you feel just a slight pressure on closing of the bolt. This will be the "touch" measurement or touching the lands. From there you will move either into the rifleing or "jam" or away from the rifleing or "off". Start at .010" off for your ladder test and work your powder load in .3 increments from moderate to max. CFE has a good burn rate for heavier bullets in the 223 so it should do well with the 53gr. Vmax. All this may sound like a lot of work but it will bring the best accuracy out your rifle.
  12. L Cazador

    280 ai dies

    Only one way to go. Redding bushing full length die, Redding competition shell holder set, and Wilson straight line seater. The shell holder set will allow you to set the shoulder bump at .002". The bushing die will allow you to set the bullet grip or tension dead nuts on. And the Wilson seater will give you the best runout. If you're a serious target shooter, Neil Jones dies would be even better. Spend good money on dies and they'll give a lifetime of great shooting!
  13. L Cazador

    AZGFD banning yote contest!!!

    Is the Black Cat still open? I thought they ran out of bar flys, hee,hee, ho, ho! Now you know what G&F does with those extra dollars you give them.
  14. Hush you insignificant blow hard. It is not mere pictures that signify success! It is the actions of success itself that prove thine actions. Touche!
  15. I wouldn't want to make you cry, LOL!