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  1. I've got a reamer going right now for the 245g in my 300 Norma mag/35 degree. I'm doing a 1000 yard benchrest rifle on my BAT M action as well as a hunting rifle with the new Bartlien barrel steel. One year wait but gotta love that big carrot out in front of me!
  2. L Cazador

    No Mano y No Mano

    It's Spanglish!! LOL!!
  3. L Cazador

    No Mano y No Mano

    That should be "No mano a mano". Great pics!
  4. L Cazador


    Great service but you won't be able to buy more than a couple of pounds max at probably $60? High price and then a limit! Everybody hang on. Come this summer supplies and prices will be more reasonable.
  5. L Cazador

    Bullet weight VS twist

    It's length not weight that you are stabilizing. The 175-180 will be marginal. You're best off with 168's . That deer, elk, or antelope will not know the difference in those 12 grain lighter bullets. Besides accuracy trumps velocity or a weight difference of 12 grains. Touche!
  6. L Cazador

    .338 lapua what happened?

    It's still out there for 1000 yard target shooters but the new 300 Norma is gaining popularity with the Long Range shooters. It's the same head diameter so the bolt for the 338 will work for the 300 Norma. A lot less recoil and super accurate! Price of components is not a big issue as is availability.
  7. L Cazador


    All same lot?
  8. L Cazador

    Whats the deal with unit 10?

    It's silly but yes they only allow access to the Boquillas ranch a week before the hunt. On top of the access permit charge for you, you will also have to pay for an assist permit for each person in your vehicle that does not have a tag for the same unit. You can hunt the northern and eastern part of the unit. A difficult situation since those parts of the unit have the least amount of water due to drought conditions. The Boquillas has a big pipeline system for water but they have restrictions on hunting near livestock water. Check HuntBigBo.com for more info.
  9. L Cazador

    Best powder scale

    I use an old tuned Ohaus 1010 beam balance scale and it's single kernel accurate. I also own an electronic FX120I that is superbly accurate. If you buy a digital scale be sure to hook it up to a clean power source. Your power source should include a good quality surge suppressor with a line conditioner. I've seen very good scales ruined by bad power sources. A tuned beam scale runs about $200 and a FX120I about $500. A good surge suppressor is about $100 and a quality line conditioner another $100.
  10. The first shot out of a cold or clean barrel will always be quite different. Was that 3037 your first shot? If you go to those last three shots that's an extreme spread of 52 which is about as good as it gets with factory ammo. You can cut that ES in half with reloaded ammo.
  11. Weigh your own cases with water. Decap the case and clean the primer pocket. Then add wax or modeling clay to the primer pocket. Weigh the case after doing this then make note of weight. Add water to the top of neck and weigh again. Subtract the empty weight from the water filled weight and you have your water capacity. Your NECO program will be much more accurate with this unit of measure. If you can weigh at least 5 cases and get an average. Weighing cases with primers spent or live can easily throw this off as spent or live primers will vary greatly in weight. Also it's best to resize the case as water capacity will change on sized cases as well. It's best to use an eye dropper and fill the case from the bottom up as you might get an air bubble that can throw measurement off. NECO QL's accuracy is only as accurate as the info you feed into it!
  12. L Cazador

    rock creek 284 barrel

    Is it chambered 284 Win? If it's chambered what action is it threaded for? Also what length?
  13. L Cazador


    if primers are still available. I'll take them or trade for Varget.
  14. That ring around the bullet may be due to excess seating pressure. I don't think it has anything to do with your seating die or stem. What's going on is your sizing die is over sizing the neck. Two ways to remedy this is go to a bushing die or neck turn the brass. Also possible is those bullets are very long and it could be you're jammed against the powder charge and there's no room to seat any further. Like mentioned before you can easily take the stem out and make an epoxy mold in that seating stem for just that bullet. A little heat can melt that epoxy if you make a mistake. I've never been a fan of standard dies. A bushing full length die is what I use and a Wilson in line seating die for benchrest or hunting rifles. Been doing that for over 40 years. But then again these are difficult times.
  15. L Cazador

    WTB - Small Primers *edited*

    I have an 8 pounder minus a few ounces of CFE223, $350. Or trade for RL33 or trade for 5K primers.