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  1. weldor

    Leupold VX3I 6.5x20x50

    Price drop $800.00
  2. weldor

    Leupold VX3I 6.5x20x50

    170714 matte finish, 30 mm, fine duplex, unused cds. In the box. $825.00 Catalina out side Tucson.
  3. weldor

    savage MSR 6.5 CM with Forge

    Pic's added
  4. I have a very lightly used Savage MSR hunter with a Cmmg Trigger and Bushnell Forge 3x18x50. About 45 rds. Will post pic's later today. Tucson $1550.00
  5. weldor

    Bergara 6.5CM

    Still up!
  6. weldor

    Bergara 6.5CM

    Bergara SP 18" threaded barrel 5/8-24n in Map ultra lite chassis, Timney trigger, Nikon Prostaff 7 4-16 30mm tube with sunshade. 10 rounds fired for Zero check. $2150.00 Outside Tucson
  7. Bump, 6.5 Grendel is a great medium round.
  8. weldor

    Unit 22 south cow?

    Thanks, much appreciated.
  9. weldor


    I have a S&W model 1006 Stainless steel 10mm. I traded for it about 1 1/2 yrs. ago. been a safe queen. It comes with a Hume pancake holster (new) and a box of 10mm. Hoque grips plus the originals . $875.00 Located just outside of Tucson.
  10. weldor

    Hollywood press

    Yea, I seen the same one. From what I have seen on other forums and such looks like anywhere $250.00 to that one.
  11. I have a Hollywood single stage press with the Hollywood powder measure. Looking for advice on what they are worth? Thinking of selling, prices are all over the place on the internet. Thanks in adance
  12. weldor

    S&W 22a 22lr

    Nice, Thanks.
  13. weldor

    S&W 22a 22lr

    Front sight?
  14. weldor


    factory 25 x 45 Sharps upper 20" Stainless shot peened nitrided barrel, Diamondhead handguard. $425.00 Also have a set of RCBS SB factory dies $45.00
  15. weldor

    Athlon ares btr 4.5-27 x50 mil ffp

    Bump for a great scope!