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  1. DAS


    What's the price on the 700?
  2. DAS

    .308 mauser

    Thank you. I really like it, just trying to free up some cash for other things. I'm going to start load development on it if it doesn't sell soon. Going to see how it likes a 175smk with ramshot tac in lapua brass.
  3. Not sure if anyone on here is interested, but here's a link to my Craigslist ad. I'd rather deal with someone from this site than the people on Craigslist. I've got a little room on the price for a cwt member. Thanks for looking https://tucson.craigslist.org/mcy/d/hereford-road-king/7606138175.html
  4. DAS

    .308 mauser

    $800 Bought this recently from another member. Just not using it and wanting to sell to help fund another project.The pic is a screen shot of his description from his ad. I'm located in Sierra Vista and I'm in Tucson often for work Scope not included. Can send more pics upon request May entertain trade offers (firearms) but mostly looking for cash. Text 520-9zero9-five691 for fastest response. Thanks
  5. DAS


  6. DAS


    GSPs are far from "ain't trainable" and in my opinion being "obsessed" with birds is a good thing considering he's a bird dog. Sounds like a good dog to me. Good luck with finding him a good home.
  7. DAS

    Bergara 300 win mag

    Talked to him via pm and text, doesn't seem like a scammer. He was very helpful and informative. Glws
  8. DAS