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  1. DAS

    Bergara B14 HMR 6.5CM

  2. DAS


    GSPs are far from "ain't trainable" and in my opinion being "obsessed" with birds is a good thing considering he's a bird dog. Sounds like a good dog to me. Good luck with finding him a good home.
  3. DAS

    Bergara 300 win mag

    Talked to him via pm and text, doesn't seem like a scammer. He was very helpful and informative. Glws
  4. DAS

    ruger sp101 357

  5. DAS

    Remington 700 and Glock

    Rifle still available
  6. DAS

    Remington 700 and Glock

    Pm me with what you have to offer. Worst I can say is no.
  7. Remington 700 adl, .223, brand new unfired, I have the factory scope that comes with it and the original plastic stock if buyer wants them. (Bipod not included) $400 Glock 21, gen 3, night sights, 3 factory glock mags and case $450 Located in Sierra Vista, will consider trades but mainly interested in cash.
  8. DAS

    Glock 21

  9. DAS

    Glock 21

    Kel Tec sold
  10. DAS

    Glock 21