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  1. DAS

    Stock clean out.

  2. DAS

    Remington. ADL 30 06

    Pm sent
  3. DAS

    Revolver for sale

    I'll consider it. Pm me some pics and more info.
  4. DAS

    Revolver for sale

    Will do. Thanks for the interest.
  5. DAS

    Revolver for sale

    Uberti 1873 S.A. Cattlemen .45lc, 4.75" barrel (Colt 1873 saa replica) Gun is brand new in box, unfired $425 May consider trades for other guns but would rather have the cash. Located in sierra vista, but could probably meet in Tucson.
  6. DAS

    Custom Remington 700

    Trued Remington 700 BDL .264 Win Mag Lothar Walther barrel Harrell's Precision muzzle break Timney Calvin Elite Trigger Graytan firing pin Tactical bolt knob 20 moa rail H.S. Precision stock All metal cerekoted black $2250 This gun has been proven to 1000 yards Will provide load data with sale. I'm posting this for a friend, for more information please call 520-249-7439 Scope, rings, and bipod not included.
  7. DAS

    Vortex Viper 15x50hd

    Vortex Viper 15x50hd $500 Removed from box for pics, otherwise brand new. Willing to trade up for some good 10x42's. Will entertain other trades as well. Located in Sierra Vista but could probably meet in Tucson.
  8. DAS

    2 Custom Rifles and Gear

    What's the barrel profile and round count on the 260?
  9. I'm in. Rifle: Remington 700 tactical .223 Factory trigger set at 3lbs EGW base, Weaver tactical rings, Right now it has a 4-12 vortex crossfire but I've been saving for an upgrade so it might get a new scope before I shoot. Load: Federal brass CCI 400 26.1 varget 69 smk