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  1. ALEXB. sent you a PM I don't want to hijack this thread
  2. Welcome to the site. It might help if you gave more details like make and model of scope, age and condition of rifle and cash price. I might be interested in trading for my Like new Ruger SR 9 full size with 3 17 rnd mags and 2 holsters. want to see your photos
  3. Desert muley

    Range finder and GPS

    Leupold RX-111 True ballistic Range Finder $150.00 Garmin eTrex 10 GPS $50.00 Selling for a relative. Located in Oracle near Tucson but will ship
  4. Desert muley

    WTT Harris Bipod 13.5-27" for 6-9"

    PM Sent
  5. Desert muley

    WTB a cheap rangefinder

    I have an older model Bushnell Yardage Pro that I no longer use. It is missing the small cover for the battery but it still works fine I just wedge the battery in with a small stick. 4x magnification good for animals out to 200 yards, trees to 450 ,and reflective targets out to 800 yards. $75.00 shipped
  6. Desert muley

    Bill Quimby

    I am proud to say that I have known Bill close to 40 years. I first met him at his daughter Stephanie's wedding an I was a coworker of the groom, I soon moved to Louisiana where I spent 7 years hunting and fishing in the Bayous and swamps. When I returned to Tucson I was reunited with the family when I was invited on a dove hunt with Bill and Robert Greene. Rob and I then became hunting partners for the next 30 years, We loved to go to Greer and stay at the cabin. We would go up in the spring and open the cabin for Turkey hunts then go back in the fall for elk hunts and close it up for winter. I spent more days and nights there than I can count. I always enjoyed hearing Bill tell of his adventures. Some of my favorite hunts with Bill are a couple of cow elk hunts that he guided for me and my then 14 year old son. Bill showed my where and how to kill a turkey.I remember one turkey hunt where I was on crutches due to a sports injury but the three of us still managed to hang some French doors. He was a unique individual and will be missed
  7. Desert muley

    Bill Quimby

    I have relayed all of your kind words and thoughts to the Quimby/Greene family.Bill passed peacefully early this morning.
  8. Desert muley

    Bill Quimby

    The family of long time CWT member and fellow hunter Bill Quimby has asked for prayers as he is in poor health and will be going into hospice care..
  9. Desert muley

    Looking for bullets

    I have 3 boxes Located in Oracle. Where are you?
  10. Desert muley

    Tile installer needed.

    PM sent
  11. Desert muley

    cooler air and rain, any bugles yet?

    My brother lives 5 miles east of Payson says they are keeping him awake all night and a big 6x was pushing on his gate
  12. Desert muley

    Card Hits

    credit card has $45.00 pending charge it's on
  13. Desert muley

    Sierra Pro-Hunter 7mm bullets

    WTS/WTT 1 unopened box of 100 140 gr. I have changed to Berger and will not use these $25.00 OBO
  14. Desert muley

    Unit 1 camping areas

    I like to camp over by Canero Lake just outside of Greer over by Greens peak
  15. Desert muley

    San tan valley home

    That's good advice I have found lots of wrong info on sites like zillow and trulia realtor.com will be much more accurate for finding prices in your area. Unless you are a lawyer and know all of the laws and what disclosures you are required to make you could find yourself in a very expensive law suit.