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  1. STOMP442

    Setting kids up for the shot

    I have been working with my niece since she was 10. We practiced a lot her first few years shooting from prone with a bi-pod. I had a steel pig silhouette that I would place out in the hills that was painted bright pink or orange that would simulate a real world scenario of shooting out in the field. She would be responsible for finding a suitable shooting position and finding the pig in the scope while I ranged the target and told her the dope she needed to dial. She got to where she was good at it and had no problem finding the pig in the scope. But, a bright pink or orange pig is a far cry from finding a deer in a real world scenario. I would almost always have to help her when the time came to find the deer. It always worked out but it always became a stressful moment when the time came. Fast forward to this year, shes 17 and it was her last youth hunt. I put an arca swiss adapter on my rifle and mounted the rifle to my glassing tri pod. I sat down on the side of the hill locked the rifle in on the deer got out of the way and had her slide in behind it and get comfortable. Boom! One and done 430 yards easy peasy. Makes me wish we were doing it that way from the get go.
  2. STOMP442

    WTS: Clearing out a few things

    I know I have one for sure but it was inlet for a Shilen #5 contour barrel.
  3. STOMP442

    WTS: Clearing out a few things

    i have a few yes. what are you looking for?
  4. STOMP442

    WTS Remington 722 & Henry Long Ranger

    Remington is sold.
  5. Located in Safford 1. Remington 722 chambered in .257 Roberts. Has 50ish rounds of factory Ammo $500 2. Henry Long Ranger in .223 Like new less than 200 rounds through it. $900 no scope.
  6. STOMP442


    Call them they will give you data.
  7. STOMP442

    ATF paperwork

    Form 5300.38. Since you are renting you will need to provide a copy of the rental agreement as well as property owners information. Takes about a month to hear back from ATF and everything was done over the phone/email. I just got my license moved over to my new shop a couple weeks ago.
  8. STOMP442

    Vortex Optics Truth

    The one you are running. The Leupold LRP I think is one of the best scopes made. Light weight, clear, simple to use, and reliable. Its too bad they don't make them any more. The VX5HD is the next step up and an awesome scope that still meets your under 2k criteria.
  9. Never Vortex is the correct decision. Especially when it comes to the Viper series.
  10. STOMP442

    Begara vs. Christensen

    I would buy a Tikka T3x lite. Especially if you are just going to shoot factory ammo. Honestly the most accurate little rifles right out of the box nd just as light if not lighter than anything else on the shelf. Spend your extra money on ammo.
  11. STOMP442

    Remington 700 LA

    Long action standard will be .473 face and work perfect for a .280 build.
  12. STOMP442

    ISO 300 PRC Brass or Ammo

    Precision Reloading had ADG in stock last week.
  13. STOMP442

    RCBS Rock Chucker SOLD

    PM Sent
  14. Yes they work great. Here is an entrance and exit of a coues deer shoulder at 756 yards with the 6XC and 110 Sierra Match King.
  15. I have used the 105 Hybrid out of a 6XC for the last few years with excellent results. 110 Match king also worked awesome.