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  1. STOMP442

    New rifle build 6.5 300wsm

    I have built quite a few of them. Great cartridge and performance. The only downside to this cartridge is having to neck down .270WSM brass and turning the necks. Other than that its all positive. Better quality brass available than the crappy Hornady for the PRC and more widely available and cheaper than the SAUM and better velocity than both of them. Sweet spot with the 140s seems to be right around the 3150fps mark. H1000 and Retumbo work well.
  2. STOMP442

    WTS: 28 Nosler FL Die Set

    Sold pending meet up on Sunday. If it falls through I'll let you know.
  3. STOMP442

    WTS: 28 Nosler FL Die Set

    Still available.
  4. STOMP442

    WTS: 28 Nosler FL Die Set

    I am in Safford. Price includes shipping.
  5. STOMP442

    WTS: Tikka & Remington Barrels

    Remington #5 sold.
  6. STOMP442

    WTS: 28 Nosler FL Die Set

    Like new RCBS FL 2 piece die set for the 28 Nosler. $45 Shipped.
  7. STOMP442

    WTS: Savage 17HMR

    Bump. Still Available.
  8. I have a whole bunch of take off barrels that I don't have room to store. Most of these are used with unknown history or round counts. I do have a few that are new and unfired. See list below for description and pricing. Not really looking to make any money just cover my shipping cost and trip to the Post Office. TIKKA BARRELS 1. .300 Win Mag 24" Stainless Fluted and threaded 1/2-28 with thread protector. $100 2. .300 Win Mag 24" Blued with brake. $50 3. .300WSM 24" blued. $50 4. .308 Win 22" blued. $40 5. .270 Win 22" blued. $40 6. .270 Win 22" blued. $40 7. .243 Win 22" blued. $40 8. .22-250 Rem 22" blued. $40 REMINGTON BARRELS 1. New unfired Remington Model 7 22" .243 Win Mossy Oak camo. $60 2. Remington Model 7 18" .260 Rem. $40 3. New unfired 24" .243 Win. $60 4. New unfired 20" .243 Win. $60 5. New unfired 24" .260 Rem. $60 6. New unfired 24" .308 Win. $60 7. Used 24" .30-06. $40 8. Used 26" Stainless .300 Win Mag with brake. $60 9. New 26" Stainless .300 Win Mag. $60 10. Used 24" .243 Win. $40 11. Used 24" .243 Win. blued. $40 12. Used 24" .30-06 blued. $40 13. Used 24" .270 Win blued. $40 14. Used 24" .270 Win blued. $40
  9. Awesome vid and even better reaction. Nice shooting!
  10. STOMP442

    WTB RL26 powder

    Im sure I will still have it. Hit me up if you come through.
  11. STOMP442

    WTB RL26 powder

    I have 2lbs I believe but I'm located in Safford.
  12. The rifle should be fine for the hunt especially if it's shooting like that. I would at some point after the hunt make sure it is seated properly in the stock.
  13. Hate to break it to you but if the rifle has been out of the stock it needs to be re-zeroed or at minimum checked. If you do not have it seated properly on the lug you will be wayyyy high. The tikka mag should slide in and click into place with very little pressure, especially in a factory stock. If I were you I would make some time to check zero before my hunt. I would hate to miss a nice buck over something so easily checked.
  14. Have you had the action out of the stock? If so and you didn't get the action set back over the recoil lug just right you can cause a binding issue. I can't even count how many times I have had a tikka come into the shop that wasn't fully seated over the recoil lug properly. The other thing to look for is a possible tight spot in the magazine well. Could be it just needs a little sanding to free up.
  15. STOMP442

    My Biggest Coues Yet.

    Thats a beautiful buck! He looks completely different at every angle, very cool.