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  1. STOMP442

    New rifle build question

    Jard makes an amazing trigger for the Tikka if the spring kit doesn't fit your fancy.
  2. STOMP442

    ISO Nikon or Vortex Scope

    Check out Natchezz Shooters supply online. They are having some great deals on Nikon closeouts.
  3. Bump. Still have Dies and a few barrels left.
  4. STOMP442

    6.5 Creedmoor Reload Data

  5. STOMP442

    6.5 Creedmoor Reload Data

    Just use 140 data. 41-42gr of H4350 or R16 is generally the sweet spot.
  6. Weekend Bump with post update. Still got a few things left.
  7. I am assuming you both want the Ruger 7mm Stainless barrel? If you want something PM me.
  8. Nope no heavy barrels at this time.
  9. 223WSSM Die and Boyds Stock SPF.
  10. Trying to clear up some space in the gun room. 1. Die Sets: RCBS .223WSSM, .300 Win Mag & .300WSM. Lee 6.5 Grendel and .30-06. Asking $25 each shipped in Arizona. .223 WSSM Die is Sold 2. Tines Up phone case for Samsung S8 $20 Shipped. 3. Houge grip for Ruger P85, P89, P90, P91. New $20 Shipped. 4. Used Boyds Rem 700 LA ADL prairie hunter stock in Royal Jarcanda. $60 Shipped. Sold 5. Remington 700 Barrels; .243, .260, .270. 7Mag, .30-06, .300 Win Mag. All used take offs. Round counts unknown Blued, Matte and Stainless finishes. These cost me about $20 to ship so I am asking $40 each to cover my time and effort to get to the Post Office. I have way too many of these to take pics and post of each one. We all know what a Remington barrel looks like. .260 & Stainless .300WM and .270WSM SPF all stainless barrels have been sold. 7Mag SPF. 6. Tikka Barrels. Again multiple calibers blue and stainless. Asking the same $40 shipped except for two listed below. A. 24" Stainless Fluted .308 Win. $60 Shipped. B. 22" gloss blue .308 Win with Holland ported brake. $70 Shipped 7. Winchester model 70 barrels. .243, 270 & .30-06 all blued. $40 Shipped. 8. Ruger M77/ M77 MKII Hawkeye Barrels. Stainless 7 Rem Mag and gloss blue .243 $40 Shipped. 7mm Sold. 9. Savage small shank .243 and .270 Barrels. $40 Shipped. .243 Barrel is SPF All items will be sold based on time stamp.
  11. STOMP442

    Anyone selling Labrador puppies?

    I also have a few that are just about ready. PM for details if your interested.
  12. STOMP442

    22 LR build suggestions

    I'm with Jim, I don't think I would spend the time or money restoring anything to be a truck gun. So many options available now to just buy one and throw under the back seat. I would look at any of the Marlin or Savage bolt guns or even one of the Ruger Americans all of which shoot really well for Sub $300 rifles. Or if you wanted a step up the CZ or the Tikka are really nice for the money. Personally, the CZ is too pretty to throw under the seat it needs a nice soft case and a place in the safe to know its loved.
  13. STOMP442

    6.5 06 load data

    The 6.5-06 and the 6.5-284 Norma have essentially the same case capacity. You can use 6.5-284 data which there is a lot more of for a starting point and go from there. H1000 and Retumbo which are near impossible to find right now work amazing in that caliber. H4350 and H4831sc will also work quite well but will be a bit harder on barrels and give up a bit of velocity.
  14. STOMP442


    I want seconds.
  15. STOMP442

    Savage Upgrade Advice

    If you're not a member yet go join up over at savageshooters.com. They have lots of info over there on doing just the kind of thing you are trying to do and you can also find pretty good deals on parts in the classifieds. I am a member there as well so hit me up if you need to.