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  1. bowelk341

    Browning X-bolt Max Long Range 6.5 PRC

    I'm south of Tucson so don't think you'll be heading this way or I'd buy it from you. I am curious, How much does that bad boy weigh ?
  2. bowelk341

    Kimber Custom II .45

    If you were in Tucson I'd buy it from you. Coming down anytime soon?
  3. bowelk341

    Palmetto State AR15 .223 Wylde New 600.00

    Still available ? and location please
  4. bowelk341

    Raw Coues Deer Cape

    If you get anywhere near Tucson I'll take it. Let me know
  5. bowelk341

    Meopta Binoculars 15x56 (Cabelas Instinct)

    Price and location would help.
  6. bowelk341

    Kimber Camp Guard - SOLD

    I need one but don't have $1050 for one. Beautiful gun though.
  7. bowelk341


    How many down the barrel ? Do you have any loads made up for it ?
  8. bowelk341


  9. bowelk341

    Reloading Equipment

    Are they selling any rifles or optics?
  10. bowelk341


    How many bullets down the tube and what kind of groups are you getting ?
  11. bowelk341


    Any Roofers on here that service Vail area ?
  12. bowelk341

    Tisas 1911 w/ action job $550

    What part of town do you live in?
  13. bowelk341

    Tisas 1911 w/ action job $550

    Is it a 9mm or a 45 acp ?
  14. bowelk341


    If only you were closer I'm in vail south east of Tucson.
  15. bowelk341

    Merry Christmas 🎄

    Merry Christmas everyone