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  1. bowelk341

    Stolen Rifle

    I didn't say he didn't here anyone. I just said he was gone a couple minutes. Do you know anything firstcousewas 80?
  2. bowelk341

    Stolen Rifle

    No it wasn't in the truck or camp. It was partially his fault. He left it in his side x side but was only gone for a couple minutes. Just sad people can't leave your stuff alone. Thanks I'll keep my eyes open on fb.
  3. bowelk341

    Stolen Rifle

    My buddies 300 weatherby accumark topped with a leupold vx111 4.5-14x50 was stolen last week in unit 10 on the youth cow hunt. If you have any info please contact me on here thanks.
  4. bowelk341

    Nightforce SHV 5-20x56

    What reticle does it have ?
  5. bowelk341

    Looking for a Spotting scope

    Yes I have the 20-60x85 angled vortex razor HD Gen1 for sale. I took it out of the box and installed the eye piece but never used it. I paid $900.00 for it so I'll sale it for $900.00 +shipping.
  6. bowelk341

    Looking for a Spotting scope

    Where are you located ?
  7. bowelk341

    Nightforce Spotting scope

    Ok was hoping you were in Tucson or come this way. If so I would buy it. I don't get up that way at all. Thanks
  8. bowelk341

    Nightforce Spotting scope

    Location ?
  9. bowelk341

    Scammer***Davis Walter***

    I just got the same message as well. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. bowelk341

    Weatherby Mark V Accumark .300 Wby-price drop

    If you'd take $1200 I'd buy it from you. Sorry so low but that's all I have to put on a rifle right now.
  11. bowelk341

    Weatherby Mark V Accumark .300 Wby-price drop

    Surprised someone hasn't picked this up. These are excellent rifles.
  12. bowelk341

    WTS Vortex Viper HD 20-60x85- Price Drop

    If your in Tucson and still have it let me know.
  13. bowelk341

    WTS Vortex Viper HD 20-60x85- Price Drop

    To bad your not in Tucson, Safford is to far to look at it. Great scope though. Should be a fast sell.
  14. bowelk341

    Mathews Creed XS Left Hand

    Ok if you haven't sold it by then let me know.