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  1. bowelk341

    Antelope Capes X2

    How big are the holes and where are they at on the skins ?
  2. bowelk341

    Antelope Capes X2

    I thought you sold these skins already ?
  3. bowelk341

    SOLD FS Zeiss Conquest 15x56 HD

    Where are you located ?
  4. bowelk341

    300 vanguard Weatherby badlands clutch

    Pictures ?
  5. bowelk341

    Selling Ruger Precision’s 6.5 Creedmoor

    what's the round count ? I know it says offer but how much for just the rifle ?
  6. bowelk341

    Tires From My MiniVan, Free to good Home

    Are you in Phoenix ?
  7. bowelk341

    Timney Elite hunter

    Will this work on a Remington 700 adl 243 ?
  8. bowelk341

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 - sold

    Great glass! If you were in Tucson I'd be checking them out. Someone needs to buy these.
  9. bowelk341

    Antelope Capes X2

    How big and where are the holes ?
  10. bowelk341

    6.5-300 Wby Accuguard

    Hope you got my message that I won't be there in casa Grande Saturday morning.
  11. bowelk341

    Mule deer cape

    Are we still on for today ?
  12. bowelk341

    Heads up ref: Zoocityarmory

    Same to me on some binoculars
  13. bowelk341

    6.5-300 Wby Accuguard

    Is the rifle still available, if so would you be willing to meet in the middle say Casa grande ?
  14. bowelk341

    Mule deer cape

    Is this still for sale ?
  15. bowelk341

    Mule deer cape

    Pictures ?