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  1. Takeoffs from my '18 Ram 2500 Crew cab. Will fit any 4th gen 2500 or 3500 Crew, don't know about 1500's or Quad cabs; the mounting brackets are 73.5" center to center. Comes with all the mounting hardware, pickup near 35th Ave/Thunderbird in NW Phx or near Chase field downtown. $100, and I'll help you install them.
  2. Tony Nile

    Guns trade or sell

    I'm no longer interested
  3. Tony Nile

    Guns trade or sell

    I'm interested in the saint, what kind of trades are you looking for?
  4. Tony Nile

    Any Velvet Pictures Yet?

    Nice 5x5 I found. Looks like he could have been awesome in the fall. Too bad he didn't make it
  5. Tony Nile

    3A/4B Zeniff Dry Lake Hunt Area

    I'm up here now, my hunt ends the 9th. Pm me I'll help him out
  6. Title says it all, 2.5 boxes of brass, Quick internet search shows 50 unfired are going for $50+ after shipping so I guess $40 would be a fair price to ask. Pickup near 35th ave and Thunderbird in NW Phoenix or downtown by Chase stadium.
  7. Tony Nile

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Picture on the left in the red shirt is not the shooter, Not sure about the other 2 pics. This has been debunked across the internet, both liberal and conservative websites... Do a little research before spreading fake news.... Gosar pulled his tweet when he realized his mistake... Be better than that
  8. Tony Nile

    Need help hiring

    Minimum age? 18? 16 year old looking for a summer job?
  9. Tony Nile

    Wall tents wanted

    Got Facebook? listed for $200, ad says its 20 ft diameter
  10. Tony Nile

    (WTB) Razor UHD 18x56. Any condition.

    PM sent
  11. Tony Nile


  12. Tony Nile

    ASPCA rehabs chiken with PTSD

    Rect'um? dang near Killed 'em.
  13. Tony Nile

    WTB kettlebells, bumper plates olympic bar

    One bump from page 6