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  1. My daughter is trying to sell her car which is in pretty rough shape- any ideas where she could? I'm thinking like a individual who would buy it to part it out (if that is such a thing...) She's calling a few scrap yards around town later today that specialize in Euro cars to get a few prices. She's not going to part it out herself, and hasn't listed it to craigslist/Offerup/FB Marketplace yet. Thanks for any helpful ideas
  2. https://www.azfamily.com/2023/01/26/college-baseball-player-accused-killing-javelina-with-bat-surprise/
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  4. Tony Nile

    Randall Made Knives Model 5 - 4" As New

    Looks like an 8, not a 5
  5. Tony Nile

    Spring tags

    Usps informed delivery shows mine will arrive today Sat 12/3.
  6. Tony Nile

    Stickers in pants help.

    Don't know if you're making a joke, or missed a few posts... Big or bust is the CWT username. He recommended First light sawbuck pants...
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    Sold pending meetup on Sunday.
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    Shows some wear but all zippers buckles and straps work w/o issue. 2 big pockets on the pack and a detachable gun boot/bow holder which stashes away in a 3rd pocket near the bottom. There are pockets and built in pistol holsters on both sides of the of waist strap. Hydration bladder compatible but you'll have to provide your own. Badlands has a lifetime warranty-they will repair or replace their products for only the cost of shipping to them. Pickup near 35th ave and Thunderbird in NW Phoenix or downtown near Chase Field $75 OBO
  10. Tony Nile

    Wall Tent Rental

    I can vouch for this guy. He lives near 75th ave/ Cactus
  11. Tony Nile

    Resin artist/contractor?

    We recovered the projectile from my son's elk hunt, would like to make a gift from it and the casing similar to this Found a bunch of shops on Etsy who could do it, figured I'd throw it out here to see if there's someone local before buying online.
  12. Tony Nile

    Rifle sling with quick disconnects

    Like this? https://www.rokslide.com/forums/threads/hands-free-backpacking-backcountry-rifle-sling.277354/
  13. Tony Nile

    Son's Youth Cow Elk Tag Success

    Best I can do.