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  1. I have noticed that when I went below 1lb I had that happen, I have 3 of them and only one was doing that, curious what trigger tech is going to say
  2. B4Dan


    I’ll take it if you’re in phx area
  3. About 1 1/2 years old, set at 1.5lbs, can adjust to different pull weight, new rifles have TriggerTech, keeping all triggers the same, Won’t ship, no trades, send PM if you have any questions, in north valley, $100
  4. B4Dan

    Swaro BTX with 95

    Back up deal fell through
  5. B4Dan

    Barrel threading in phoenix

    Thank you sir
  6. B4Dan

    Barrel threading in phoenix

    Could someone send me contact info for southern precision, I used to have his info, his name is Todd?
  7. B4Dan

    Swaro BTX with 95

    SPF, it’s getting picked up around 27 July
  8. B4Dan

    Swaro BTX with 95

    Just as title says, swaro BTX with 95mm objective, excellent condition, have all boxes, no trades, will not ship, in north PHX, can send more pics, send PM for more info, 4K
  9. B4Dan


  10. Black and decker mower and weedwacker, 5-6 years old, not sure still works good. Tree trimmer not sure of brand, extends maybe to 10’ spreader, it’s seen better days maybe get 2 more years out of it. $50 for everything, putting fake grass down, NE PHX, send pm for any other?
  11. B4Dan

    Rimfire Guys!!

    Bought NF scope and this came with it, had barrel cut down and can pin and welded to make 16”
  12. B4Dan

    Plano 52in case

  13. B4Dan

    Plano 52in case

    Inside measures 51 1/2” x 14” not sure if that works for you
  14. B4Dan

    Plano 52in case

    I’ll check and let you know