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  1. northAZarcher

    Stereo Components

    That's old school! Used to have one like that back in the day!
  2. northAZarcher

    New to 6a

    Daughter had the tag last year. We were done within an hour of opening morning. Just get out and listen. We had 3 spots picked out as backups to our plan A. You will have opportunities. Heard them last weekend and today.
  3. northAZarcher

    Rut Activity

    I was in 6a last weekend and again today. Last weekend was nuts cows in heat, bulls screaming. Today a couple bulls bugled from just across a canyon from when I arrived to when I left a few hours later.
  4. northAZarcher


    Where are you located?
  5. northAZarcher

    Cooper 295/70/18 tires

    Where are you located?
  6. northAZarcher

    6.5 Creedmoor

    What's the weight on this?
  7. northAZarcher

    Tons of glass for sale

    Where are you located?
  8. northAZarcher

    Close- Rifle sold

    Sorry about your daughter. Hopefully it wasn't to serious. Did the dog make it out alive? I would have to restrain myself if my dog ever went after my kids.
  9. northAZarcher

    FS: 25-06 Reloading Setup

    Pay me 20 bucks and I'll take it!
  10. northAZarcher

    Anyone work at Discount Tire

    It was about 2500 miles. Some off road because I was hunting the strip. My buddy had the same thing happen to him but he was out in the woods in unit 10. I usually tighten them down after I get it home now.
  11. northAZarcher

    Anyone work at Discount Tire

    I have lost a tire while driving from discount tire. Coming back from the az strip. 89a isn't the best place to pull right off the road. Cameron was about a mile away when I heard some knocking. I slowed down and as soon as I turned into the gas station, off my rear tire went. Pulling teeth to get them to pay for it. Wanted to punch their adjuster in the mouth when he came it inspect it. With that said, my son works for them now so I have him do all my work.
  12. My car. Well not yet. Have the body and some parts but have a long way to go! But still have the dream!
  13. northAZarcher

    German Shorthair Pups

    Very sorry to hear that.
  14. northAZarcher

    German Shorthair Pups

    Where are you located?