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  1. northAZarcher

    G7 BR2 Laser Rangefinder

    What distances do these range too?
  2. northAZarcher

    Covert MP8 with Bearbox

    Just throw a few sasquatch stickers on your truck. And your only goal in life is to find him with trail cameras.
  3. Save $20 on shipping for orders over $99
  4. northAZarcher

    6mm ARC - AR Build?

    Haven't built a 6 arc, but i want to at some point also. I have built 1 gas gun for a 224 Valkyrie for my coyote gun. I bought a Wilson Combat barrel for $300. It's not fluted like the one they make for the 6 arc so mine is a little heavier. But my 224 is one of the tightest shooting rifles I own. I also am not shooting factory ammo. I am reloading my rounds. Now if I can find some time to hunt some coyotes! Hard to see, but stacking them in the same hole in the black.
  5. northAZarcher

    Silencerco bogo sale.

    ATF can shove it up their A$$. Won't giive them any money for my constitutional rights.
  6. northAZarcher

    Tacoma parts

    Location and price for front shocks?
  7. northAZarcher


    I would guess crackheads. Cartels are making millions/billions in drugs and human trafficking. Don't think they need to bring unwanted attention by breaking into homes.
  8. northAZarcher

    CCI 250s in stock @ Brownell

    https://www.brownells.com/reloading/components/primers/rifle-primers-05cab2e6/?sku=749013739&irclickid=xWgU4v15LxyIWyCxdWUjfVDVUkASiQU%3AIzJ%3ATs0&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-Itwine-_-IR-_-59979&utm_content=59979&aid=3465274&utm_source=ir&utm_campaign=3465274&utm_medium=affiliate&source=ir Expensive.... But you know what they say about beggers...
  9. northAZarcher

    7mm Rem Mag Ammunition

    Pm sent
  10. https://www.precisionreloading.com/cart.php#!c=26&l=NS&s=in&ca=.284
  11. northAZarcher

    Berger 6.5 156 grn elite hunter and 140 hybrid in stock

    Glad you were able to get what you needed.
  12. For anyone looking. https://www.gaprecision.net/ga-store/reloading/berger-6-5mm-140-grain-hybrid-target-bullet.html https://www.gaprecision.net/ga-store/reloading/berger-6-5mm-156-grain-eol-elite-hunter-bullet.html
  13. northAZarcher

    Matt from CRS firearms ATF case

    No different than the pistol braces, bump stocks, FRT triggers. They are overstepping their powers but it takes years to go through the courts.
  14. https://www.scheels.com/p/nosler-accubond-bullets/3034-53742.html?cgid=rifle-bullets#start=1 .277 -130 grain .308 - 165 and 180 grain
  15. northAZarcher


    There are some 180 nosler on long range hunting if you are in need. https://www.longrangehunting.com/threads/180-accubonds.329044/