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  1. northAZarcher

    Vortex's Lifetime Transferable Warranty Is The Real Deal...

    Put some swaros and vortex binos side by side on a tripod and looked at a mountain side. Never looked through a pair of vortex binos again. They weren't on the same level. Not even close.
  2. northAZarcher

    Cost to paint a house (Exterior)??

    The prep work is everything when it comes to a re-paint. Power washing, caulking, scraping, sanding helps make the finished product look good and holds up longer. If they don't spend any time prepping and get right into the painting, it's not going to hold up in the long run. I wouldn't put any cheap paint on my house. Make sure they use quality paint. Better to spend a little more now then have to redo it in a few years.
  3. northAZarcher

    Mormon Lake Question

    Yes they have a few pumps. Thinking you only pay during business hours though. About 20-25 minutes or so and you can get to munds park on forest service road 240.
  4. northAZarcher

    Looking for varget

    If you would have been a day sooner, I was in Gilbert helping my oldest daughter move. Might be heading to Tucson in the next few weeks to scout for the youth deer hunt that might not happen for Makayla!!!
  5. northAZarcher


    When I saw the price, I thought it had some upgrades for the rest and sight but was everything it came with. I bought my daughter one for like $360.
  6. northAZarcher

    Hodgdon powder H1000 H4831SC

    I'll take the H1000 if it's available. PM sent
  7. northAZarcher

    H1000 and Varget at Bruno’s maybe

    dang, really need some H1000 but will be out in the woods all weekend.... Wish they did online pickup orders.
  8. northAZarcher

    New pack recommendation?

    I just recently bought a mystery ranch. I had a kuiu pack before that. As much as I liked my kuiu, am glad I made the switch. It fits me better and fills like it distributes the weight better. I do like the organization of the kuiu better. The mystery ranch (metcalf) doesn't have many pockets. If I were to buy another one I would try the Exo pack. Heard lots of great things about them. But for the price I got my pack, I couldn't pass it up.
  9. northAZarcher

    7 SAUM load help

    Looking for any help for some minimum and maximum for RL 26 for a 7 SAUM. Using 162 grain eldx bullet. I found some starting points for the H1000. Not much for the 26 though. Using the adg brass.
  10. northAZarcher

    EnChroma Color blind glasses

    Chalk another one up from not seeing colors well. I can see the animals, but blood trails that are small are a waste of my time. Glad I haven't needed to much help due to seeing many fall. Wish G&F would allow dogs to help track for us that have a hard time seeing red. They allow cross bows and other opportunities to the disabled.
  11. northAZarcher

    Proof Research 6.5 Carbon Fiber Barrel Blank

    May I ask what route you decided to go?
  12. northAZarcher

    MEOPTA vs SWARO???

    Yeah, because people start threads wondering if they should buy Tasco or swaros.....
  13. northAZarcher

    MEOPTA vs SWARO???

    There's also a reason many skipped the swaros and decided to buy the meopta instead...
  14. northAZarcher

    Remington 700 Magpul 6.5 CM **price drop again**

    Last price drop! $750
  15. northAZarcher

    Hoarding ammo

    I just bought 350 rounds the last couple weekends at sportsman's. Just have to be around when they stock it, which I was. We already went through half of it. Wife bought her first handgun and we are working on shooting it now. Hopefully we can find more at some point!