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  1. northAZarcher


    I don't have any extra 9mm but I'll take the H1000 for $50 if you can hold it until I can make it back down to the valley.
  2. northAZarcher

    CCI 450

    I'll take them! I can grab them from you whenever your bullets come in! Lol! Or I have a box of 6.5 hornady eldx bullets I can spare if you are needing some of those?
  3. northAZarcher

    Raffle for Junior

    I'm in for 20. Just let me know who to get the money to since I'm in Flagstaff.
  4. northAZarcher

    ISO 7.6 Creedmoor

    Check midway USA! They had some for 8 dollars a round and 50 dollars for commercial ground shipping! Nor bad for today's going rate! And Larry Potterfield is such a nice guy that he'll leave the light on for you!!!
  5. northAZarcher

    143eldx in stock

    I think it's just bored employees sending out notifications getting everyone excited. It is almost April fool's day!
  6. northAZarcher

    Sure missed CWT yesterday

    What is the flu???
  7. northAZarcher


    Just edit your title. To "found"
  8. northAZarcher

    WTB Powder Retumbo or RL33

    Where are you located?
  9. northAZarcher


    That's interesting, because on their website it says they don't sell direct to the public, that you need to contact a retailer.
  10. northAZarcher

    6.5 Hornady 143 ELD-X Ammo

  11. northAZarcher


    Yeah, I'm going to call and demand they give me 10 extra bonus points because I feel by them taking so long, I didn't get drawn!!!
  12. northAZarcher

    300 prc ammo in stock

    Another heads up https://www.budsgunshop.com/product_info.php?products_id=713087037&utm_source=auto&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=in_stock
  13. northAZarcher

    6.5 prc brass in stock

    I'm sure you have some that are. You would hope they are only selling good brass though?
  14. northAZarcher

    6.5 prc brass in stock

  15. northAZarcher

    Hornady 7mm 175 ELD-X bullets

    Second if falls through. I'm right across the freeway!