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  1. northAZarcher

    Misc shop equipment- updated

    Where are these located?
  2. northAZarcher

    Caldwell lead sled plus $50

    Pm sent. I'll take it.
  3. northAZarcher


    I'll take a black. Sending PM
  4. northAZarcher

    Stone Glacier, First lite

    Where are you located?
  5. northAZarcher

    Found Optical Device

    If it's expensive, it's mine...
  6. northAZarcher


    Agreed. Here is what I found. The picture he posted is also on a website called SSAA Gun Sales. When I go to that site, it is out of Australia. It won't open the post because it says it has an offer and is taken down.
  7. northAZarcher

    Vortex binos?

    If you are buying a bino with a rangefinder, buy vortex. Ig you are buying one without a rangefinder and in 15x power, buy something else.
  8. northAZarcher


    Had a guy in unit 9 about 6-7 years ago try pushing a herd of antelope over to unit 10 on a paraglider. Little did he know, I already had the buck down!
  9. northAZarcher


    It's a business that requires production. They already took away the hundreds, if not thousands of cameras being used by many businesses. Which I believe they are still out there at some capacity. Just harder to spot now.
  10. northAZarcher

    WTB Swarovski 15x56's

    That sucks... Anyone that reaches out to you through PM for WTB ads and are out of state are highly likely a scam. Best to do face to face if possible or through electronic payments for non 2A products that provide protection. Even CCs will refund.
  11. northAZarcher


    His phone number is clearly visible in the OP. If he is contacted by phone instead of in a post, it's the same thing, no?
  12. northAZarcher

    Wanted Tikka T3X short or long action

    FYI, the long action is identical if you don't already know. Just a simple bolt stop replacement if you find a good deal on a long action.
  13. northAZarcher

    Federal 210 Large Rifle primers

    I'll take them. PM incoming Looks like your inbox is full
  14. northAZarcher

    2024 youth giveaway

    I think GiveSendGo is an alternative to Gofundme and is more 2A friendly.
  15. northAZarcher

    Labradar for sale

    Just joined 4 hours ago, first post! Looks like a copy and pasted picture! 🤔