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  1. Tac

    Jim white vs outdoorsmans remake

    I looked at one in their shop about a year ago and they had done all the modifications i have done to my jim white head to make it more user friendly. they added tension screws so the head does not flop when you back away from the glass. I have never had one in the field.
  2. Tac

    Tikka ctr

    caliber is 6.5 CM, I estimate about 1000 rounds down the tube shooting berger 140 vld hunting with 44..2 grains of superformance powder. The speed hasnt fallen off yet 2599 was average across chrono previously was 2625. I have shot this over the last two years same powder in all temps has shot very well. It has always grouped around 3/4 to 1 inch at 200. now it is 3-4 inch at 200 and happend basically overnight. I clean the barrel regularly after 100-150 rounds. I tried copper eliminator and two patches had slight bluing but very minor.
  3. I have a tikka ctr that has shot lights out from day one. It now is starting to loose its accuracy with my current bullets I,m not sure what I would find if I tried something else. The jump has moved about .067 from erosion and the rounds to reach this would take it out of magazine length. Should I rebarrel?
  4. anyone using these? shot marker?
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    This is still available
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    Gen 1
  8. Tac


    Ebrm1 reticle
  9. Tac


    Illuminated mil reticle added a picture of the box
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  11. Tac


    used in great condition no marks and glass is great. text 602-505-594four. would like to get $725
  12. Tac


    used in great condition no marks and glass is great been camped out on a safe queen. text 602-505-594four. $500
  13. Tac

    ISO Muzzle Break

    have a mpa brake on my 6.5 self timing works great
  14. Tac


    pro chronograph $50 works fine I just updated to another 602-505-594four text please Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph.html
  15. Yes and i can fix cars as well.