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  1. Tac


    pro chronograph $50 works fine I just updated to another 602-505-594four text please Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph.html
  2. Yes and i can fix cars as well.
  3. I have a shop in gilbert and could do it but I may not be qualified. I only have ASE certification a1-a8,. advanced level L1, and previous Ford drivetrain and Ford engine master tech certifications, so you may want to look elsewhere. I worked for a local ford dealer for 17.5 years and have owned my own shop for the last 12 years.
  4. Tac


    i have one of these already and with that ammo it shoots 1/2 moa out of the box. whoever buys this should get a really nice gun.
  5. Tac

    Looking for Jim White head

    if no one responds outdoorsmans are remaking them
  6. Tac

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Ford Raptor??
  7. Tac

    Zamberlan 980 Outfitter GTX RR

    love my zamberlan boots.
  8. Tac

    Annealing with salt

    i found my salt from a place call hightemptools.com
  9. Tac

    1986 Honda 250R

    Those days were fun glad I made to maturity. I had a few close calls down there.
  10. Tac

    Tripod pan head removal

    some of them have a hole through the bottom that you can acces to hold a bolt
  11. Tac

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    suppresed 22 lr less sound than a pellet gun and neighbors will never hear a thing
  12. Tac

    ISO auto repair shop in Tempe

    You could try us. We are Gilbert/chandler area. 602 505-5944
  13. Tac

    Sig 2400ABS vs G7 BR2?

    grab one and use it and go verify. I use s G7 BR2 and love it. If someone will buy me the other i would use it also. I know the one I use has never let me down so far.
  14. Tac

    Bump stock banned

    Don’t worry I,m sure we are all on their list just by being on a web site that talks about firearms.