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  1. Presmyk

    Shotkam gen3 12 gauge $380

  2. Presmyk

    Shotkam gen3 12 gauge $380

    Is a awesome tool to film your shots on the hunt, trap/skeet range and will help you see what and how you are missing. Any questions or want to see video of it in action txt me 928-301-9169. Located in verde valley but can ship it no problem also.
  3. Won this gun and have no need for it so im selling to fund a new shotgun. Located in verde valley. $380 can txt me at 928-301-9169 or pm
  4. Presmyk

    20 Ga Shotshells and Wads SOLD

    Any of those wads happen to be sp20? Ive been on the hunt for some to load aome shells up for my boy this waterfowl season
  5. Presmyk

    Two youth bows

    Where you located?
  6. Presmyk

    Wtb/ or rent cage traps for bobcat

    Email sent on pricing
  7. Im looking for some cages to run for like the first month of tapping season. Will buy or rent or what ever works. Let me.know if anyone has some laying around thank you
  8. Presmyk

    10 year old welder art

    Thanks again!!!!! It was good to meet you
  9. Presmyk


  10. Presmyk

    10 year old welder art

    He is starting on the list of orders and ill pm as he finishes a order
  11. Presmyk

    10 year old welder art

    I watched the video on how to , but still in the hunt for the extended tube for snow goose hunt, not as easy to find a 20 gauge as a 12 gauge mag
  12. Presmyk

    10 year old welder art

    It wouldnt let me load the picture in the pm for some reason
  13. Presmyk

    10 year old welder art

    Ill send a pic when its done and see if you want any changes
  14. Presmyk

    10 year old welder art

    We have a football game in Wickenburg on sept 2nd. We can bring orders down and meet up off 17 at like the sportsmans off yorkshire