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  1. Presmyk


    Sold to drcarr
  2. Looking for a lever gun prefer marlin or Henry and 45-70 , 30-30 but I'm open to any brand and caliber even a 22.or 17 for the kids
  3. Presmyk


    Camp verde
  4. Presmyk


    Bought from memeber on here thats the picture of original add, only thing I've changed is put a stock off the long range model on it. Selling rifle, all nosler brass and ammo i am keeping scope and rings, roughly 250 rounds , sell for $850 or possible trades or partial trades for other guns, (lever action, 9mm carbine or) can pm or txt for more info or pics 928-301-9169
  5. Presmyk

    WTB WTT large pistol primers

    Id trade few hundred large for small but im up in camp verde
  6. Presmyk

    WTB Savage A17 ammo

    Copper star gun shop in camp verde has some
  7. Presmyk

    30 caliber pulldowns ISO

    What are pull.downs?
  8. Presmyk

    WTB .300 blackout brass

    Can.cut aNd turn into 300 black out brass
  9. Presmyk

    WTB large pistol primers

    The local gun shop in camp verde onlly has large pistol and large rifle don't help down there but if coming through
  10. Presmyk

    One box of .223 ammo(40 rounds)

    I need that! Of course all the goods are never northern az lol
  11. I know its a slim chance but wouldn't be the first time people came through on here lol, I'm looking for a roof cover (ember cover) for 12x20 cabelas alaknak wall tent. Checked online and the were out of stock in glendale
  12. Presmyk

    223/5.56 mixed head stamp brass fs/ft

    I'd say at least1/3 is Winchester, federal, Remington