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  1. Presmyk

    Vortex Diamondback Tactical (SOLD)

    If it falls through let me know
  2. Presmyk

    Leica Rangemaster 1200 RF

    What is the non reflective range on it?
  3. Presmyk

    Wtb 19a flatline map

    Where is the donate appt on here ?
  4. Presmyk

    Wtb 19a flatline map

    Cant pm you for some reason. thanks you sure you dont want me to PayPal you some funds to cover shipping at least. My address is Ben Presmyk 3612 E. Clinton Ln Camp verde Az 86322
  5. Presmyk

    Wtb 19a flatline map

    I'm sure shipping wouldnt be more then a map new, let me know if you have any luck
  6. Presmyk

    Wtb 19a flatline map

    I've never heard of that is it a app?
  7. Presmyk

    Wtb 19a flatline map

    Anyone have a 19a flatline map they dont need anymore? Figured I would try here first
  8. Presmyk

    Vortex viper hs $450

  9. Presmyk

    Vortex viper hs $450

    Selling viper hst going another route no issues and like new 450 . Can send more pics just txt me at 928-301-9169
  10. Presmyk

    Nosler long range accubond 6.5 142 grain bullets

    Where you located?
  11. Presmyk


    What trades looking for?
  12. Presmyk

    PSE Dream Season

    What's ata and bh? Coming north anytime soon?
  13. Presmyk

    Champion 1400/1800 watt generator - like new

    Where you located
  14. Presmyk

    Bowtech tribute 275$ fs ft

  15. Presmyk

    Bowtech tribute 275$ fs ft

    Have a bowtech tribute 60-70 lb set at 29" now but have set of mods for 28.5, comes with ripcord rest octane stabalizer, and string stop, the sight not included . Will consider guns I didnt know I needed or 12x50 binos vortex or????? Can txt 928-301-9169 any questions or offers