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  1. you need a count or?
  2. ill get a count pm me address and cover shipping
  3. im going through ammo cans and have some brass i do not need. i do not have exact counts but have some 357 mag mostly nickel plated wih some 38 spcl mixed in, about a box of 303 british, box of 300 savage, bunch or 30-30, 2 box of 222 Remington, about 8 boxes of 270 win, 3 boxes of 243 win. make offer or trade for stuff i can use bullets brass in .204 ,6.5 , small rifle or pistol primers, 9mm bullets. can get better counts on it as needed
  4. Presmyk

    No longer for sale

    what happen
  5. Presmyk

    Badlands 4400

    if you come through camp verde anytime soon let me know
  6. im looking for a.good 4x4 quad for hunting, and a ttailer around 14' to haul quads bikes and dump runs. can pm me or txt me 928-301-9169
  7. Presmyk

    WTB kids quad

    those see same ones i showed you on amazon
  8. Presmyk

    Trade...Bushmaster AR15 for ???

    have pics and info on the buggy?
  9. Presmyk


    Walmart had 1 lb for the last 2 weeks 30$
  10. Presmyk

    Hide tanning

    moyle mink tannery is where i send.stuff wvwry now and then
  11. Presmyk

    BNIB Manners EH-5A (adjustable) Thumbhole

    what it weigh?
  12. Presmyk

    WTB Polaris Ranger

    how much asking?
  13. Presmyk


  14. Presmyk

    Turkey Ammo, Saw, Powder, and Call

    ill take it the Turkey loads varget and saw ,im in campverde
  15. Presmyk