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  1. huntitup

    10 month old GSP

    For now he is spoken for pending a meet up later in the week! If anything changes I will keep this post updated. Thanks for the interest I'm sure his next chance will be better than his previous
  2. huntitup

    10 month old GSP

    Looking to find this guy a new home!! The people that owned him had great intentions just not enough time( they left him home alone all day and he tore everything up) these are high energy amazing dogs that require exercise and attention. He is 10 months old has been neutered and given all shots including rabies! He is a big boy for his age but is very sweet. He is full blood GSP but I do not have his papers. Nothing has been done training wise other than the general obedience. I own his mother and we love her she is the best GSP we have ever had but he is too much puppy for my young kids plus I don't have time to have another. I figured I would throw him up here first and try to get him to the right family before I try other avenues let me know if you have any questions thank you!!
  3. huntitup


    You are correct these guns are super accurate and fun to shoot. I have the same problem wanting to have it in the field multiple days a week in and out of the truck it takes a better man than I to keep this nice of a rifle I'm more a use it kinda guy!
  4. I'm selling a like new Kimber 84m in a .22-250. Gun is in near perfect condition it has only had around 200 rounds through it. Beautifull walnut stock topped with a Nikon monarch 5-20x44 scope with side focus in great condition. Only reason for selling is to fund a new gun build ( and it is too nice for me) asking $1350 for the gun with scope or $1050 for just the rifle! Thanks for looking
  5. huntitup

    Scopes- Leupold, Vortex

    Where are you located?
  6. huntitup

    Scopes- Leupold, Vortex

    Is the vortex still available?
  7. huntitup

    2004 Ford F-350 power stroke 4x4

    Tired of having this sit in the driveway willing to drop price to $11500
  8. Selling a 2004 power stroke in good condition with 175k miles. It is the lariat package with tan leather the drivers seat is showing signs of wear but no rips or tears the rest of the interior is nice. There is an aftermarket alarm and remote start on the truck. Truck still runs good and strong I just purchased a new one. There are a few minor dent from use nothing major and the paint is in great shape. There is a flip ball goose neck hitch in the bed. Asking $12500 any questions pm me thanks!
  9. huntitup

    Eberlestock Slingshot, NWT $75 shipped

    Great packs!! PM sent
  10. huntitup

    Amazing bull a 10 year old may never top!!

    The first picture looks odd because the horns were completely covered in frost!! We have seen a few pics of this bull before he broke up and he had a kicker off the right beam just behind the 4th that matched the left side as well as an entire tine snapped off between the g2 and his third that we don't know much about and he has about 6" of his forth missing and still he taped 396"!!
  11. This whole thing started when my buddy and I got hits on our cards the same day not knowing who or what the anticipation began. Well it turns out I got a late bull tag in a separate unit and his card hit wasn't for him but for his 10 year old sons very first hunt!! I have never seen a father so happy about a hunt of any kind. Lets just say this started a lot of firsts, he had to take a hunters safety and teach him how to shoot a high caliber rifle and of course you have to buy him a new gun that he can use. Well my buddy spent the months preparing his son as they would go out and practice shooting weekly. It didnt take this little guy long to prove that 200+ yards was well within his capabilities he was hitting soda bottles dead center at over 150 yards. He had done so well with the new .243 that dad thought he should step up a caliber( just a really good excuse to buy a new gun and not have the bride get mad if you ask me) so off they went and dad bought a new .270 for this much anticipated elk hunt!! Well season was getting closer and closer and my buddy was loosing more and more sleep!!! I had to remind him several times that he will be ok and it's not even your tag haha! Opening morning came and you have never seen a 10 year old so excited for anything. They had done a lot of scouting and knew where they wanted to be at first light! As the morning went on they were seeing bulls just no good shots( we all know how tough getting a new hunter/kid a really good shot can be) as they day went on they more and more bulls just nothing would come together! That evening they had a good opportunity on a group of cows with a few spikes I had told my friend to give this hunt a few days before spikes became interesting not because I wouldn't shoot a spike but more because its the first day and he would get to experience a few days of being with his boy hunting!! And this was the first elk tag for either of them. Needless to say the spikes lived to see another day!! So day 1 was over and the excitement only grew for this young hunter. He got to see so many elk and got to attempt a few stalks and almost got a few shots he was so excited for the next day. Well to make a long story short the next morning was a lot of the same the bulls were there we just couldn't make it happen. On the way out of the first spot headed to another spot the boy yells hey dad some elk!! Dad looks over and immediately says bulls bulls get the gun ready. Dad grabbed the shooting sticks and set them up in the opening the little guy knew exactly what to do!! He threw the gun into the sticks and settled In behind the scope quickly he picked them up in the optics. After a brief 1/2 second decision dad told him which one to put the crosshairs on and like a seasoned hunter that has done this for years BOOM!! For a second it caught every one off guard he had sent a round off not more than 2 seconds from identifying the target and even more impressive was the shot placement I mean he flat smoked that bull he didnt go any where haha! On the hike up the hill to recover the bull nobody knew what he had just done the little guy was so excited he never looked at horns and didnt really care. He said walking up to it maybe its a 6 point hahahaha!!! Ya buddy it's probably at least a 6 point. Ill let the pictures do the rest of the talking what an amazing bull and even more what amazing memories this young man will always have of his first hunt with his dad!! Congrats little buddy and great friggin shot wow!!
  12. huntitup

    Unit 1 bull

    I got permission to post more pics with a short story so when I can I will!! This bull is awesome he has a tine snapped off at the beam that was an extra betwean his second and third on the right beam and he broke off that extra behind the royal on the right beam at about 6". I would love to see any more pics if any others exist?? Or if any of you saw him before he broke off i would love to hear what the tines really were? Thanks
  13. huntitup

    Unit 1 bull

    Just one picture head on