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  1. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Who brings fire extinguisher in vehicle and camp?

    I keep a ten pounder in camp. ABC type. Nothing fancy like that amazon link. It’s a must have in my opinion.
  2. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Kodiak canvas 10x14 flexbow tent

    I use this same tent. Plenty of room. I usually setup with two large cots, a table and chairs. Or two cots, the pack n play and two kids sleeping bags on the floor.
  3. Squirrel n Dumplings

    ATV UTV Rental Near St. George Utah

    Does anyone know if you can rent atv's or a two seater utv in/ around St. George for a 4 day hunting trip? All I see is the hourly razor rentals and tours. Thanks!
  4. Squirrel n Dumplings

    WTS Used 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited $11,450

    Not setup for towing the mileage was 117k. It sold today. Thank you,
  5. Thought I would throw this on the classified ads. It really is a good car. Listed on CraigsList and Auotrader. The wife needed a MiniVan now that we have three kids. The highlander is in excellent condition. Clean Car Fax. Three rows of seating. DVD Player with Wireless Headphones for the Kids. Leather seats. Newer Tires from Costco. A/C ice cold, Always garaged, Excellent condition, Fully loaded with all the goodies, Looks & drives great, Must see, No accidents, Non-smoker, Perfect first car, Seats like new, Title in hand, Upgraded sound system, Very clean interior, Well maintained. No tire kickers please. No Low Offers. NO, I don't need help selling. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/6838413603.html
  6. Squirrel n Dumplings

    2009 White Tacoma 4x4 FS

    Great truck.. i’m Heading out this coming weekend for an elk hunt in my 2007 Tacoma. Great hunting vehicle! Somebody should jump on this!
  7. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Unit Advice

    I use the heck out of OnXMaps right from my IPhone. Definitely worth having. Just keep your phone in Airplane mode it will last all day, if not longer. The desktop app will let you do some E-Scouting as well. Lots of discount codes on the internet for 20% off. Try Randy Newberg's website. Looks like a good amount of private land in 30A too. Never hunted it though. Good luck!
  8. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Rim Lakes

    Thinking about an overnight trip to Chevlon later in March. Anyone know if its accessible and good fishing now?
  9. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Day One Results

    Got a Charge! Going elk hunting this fall! Chase Visa
  10. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Son's First Big Game Hunt

    Good Job Dad!
  11. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Summer rental wanted

    My folks from the East coast would like to rent a place in AZ for the months of August and September. I was thinking of the Mormon Lake, Stoneman lake, Munds Park area. VRBO and ARBNB are only listed as nightly rentals. If anyone has ideas or could point me in the righ direction, it would be appreciated. Thanks,
  12. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Emergency Air Evac

    Anyone had to use their SPOT device and the GEOS Search and Rescue? I pay for the spot service and GEOS (which is think is really rescue insurance) on a yearly basis. Just wondering if anyone has had to use this.
  13. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Florida Hunting

    Hey! My hunting career started in florida. Hogs mostly, but alligator, deer and plenty of fishing. We used to hit the swamps with dogs for hogs and deer. Public land is a little weird. I am going to ask my dad who still hunts a bunch near crystal river. I think he applies once every other year for a particular GMU. They line up and camp outside the local court house for a permit. Although, ill have to speak with him. I remember hunting on public land somewhere near Perry for hogs. The whole of the Florida panhandle is pretty rural so their should be plenty of opportunity for you. I’ll get some better info and PM you.
  14. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Kodiak Canvas 10x14 Tent Review - 2017

    This tent is awesome. I have had the whole family on several camping trips. Pack n play, baby bassinet, and a queen size aero bed for the wife and I. Even with all this mess there is still plenty of room to move around and of course stand up. I remember getting it on sale from competitive edge. Free ground tarp etc... The only negative would be the white roof. It glows as soon as the sun comes up. The moving blanket is a great idea.
  15. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Kuiu mobile showroom

    Only through Sunday?