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  1. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Backcountry coffee

    It looks like black Rifle Instant is back in stock. I ordered some. I gotta quit buying that Starbucks instant!
  2. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Satellite TV For Camping This weekend

    Taking the family camping this weekend and do not want to miss a full day of SEC Football. Anyone know of a place I can rent a satellite dish with service? or anyone want to rent out theirs for cash? Thanks!
  3. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Cost to paint a house (Exterior)??

    DIY. use the best paint you can. Roll alittle bit each weekend. I have done this several times. The trick is to paint more often then you think, this eliminates the prep work. Just power wash one weekend. And start rolling from a 5 gal bucket! Plus you can listen to as many hunting podcasts as you want and the wife can’t have a say!
  4. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Marsupial Bino Chest Harness

    Will this fit 15x56?
  5. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Hunting Access From Highways

    Does anyone know what the rules are for vehicle/ hunting access from highways? Say I-17. Is it legal to park off the shoulder and hike in? Is there a requirement for parking a set distance from the shoulder?
  6. Squirrel n Dumplings


    love it. just remember to download the maps and put your phone in airplane mode when out hunting. Turning down the screen brightness helps battery life too.
  7. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Unit 1 Turkeys

    I see turkey all the time while fishing the black river. But when your not looking for them....
  8. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Anyone know when they will starting posting results?
  9. Squirrel n Dumplings


    2007 Tacoma 4x4 for Sale 160k miles
  10. Squirrel n Dumplings

    RV Batteries

    What is everyone doing for RV Batteries that is working? Will the cheaper Lead Acid work if I keep fluids in check? Is the upgrade to AGM or other inevitable? How about a disconnect switch or small solar trickle charger while in storage? Thanks!
  11. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Hunters trailhead or gohunt, (or other)

    Does GoHunt go on sale? Website says $149 / year now. Thinking about trying this out.
  12. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Black River

    Good Update Dan. Thanks,
  13. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Black River

    Anyone heard when the reservations might open back up for black river permits? Trying to plan my annual black river trip. The San Carlos Facebook back has not posted any updated since late March. Thanks!
  14. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Corona Related Online Sales!

    Anyone seen any good online sales yet? I would expect retailers to push this soon if not already.
  15. Squirrel n Dumplings

    Tires From My MiniVan, Free to good Home

    Yes. Phoenix. 51 and shea