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    WTS Plano Archery Bow Hard Case

    I threw away the original box and then missed the deadline to return thru Amazon. Thought I would offer here to the community.
  2. Purchased on Amazon and doesn't fit my bow (Triax). Paid $128, asking $90, brand new never used. Local pickup only, willing to meet in east valley for exchange. Thanks
  3. I want to bring back this old post from 2012 to open discussion regarding the new proposed AZGFD Hunt Guidelines for 2018 thru 2023. They have posted a draft on AZGFD site with language that makes BIG changes to mountain lion hunting in AZ: (If I am reading it correctly, these are the major points) - No more Daylong hunting (night hunting) - No more multiple bag limits - Season limited to Sept. 15 to June 15 - No longer managing Mountain Lion by Units, they are creating new Mtn. Lion "Management Zones" that supposedly allow them to regulate populations in a more biological manner. This is a huge shift in only five years and I think Arizona hunters need to take note. In an email exchange I had with Amber Munig, wildlife manager, she said the main two reasons for eliminating Daylong hours was: concerns for fair chase and secondly not many people were doing it. Personally, I think these big changes in only a few years, raise some questions. If not many people are doing it, than why get rid of it for the few who do? Why not allow Daylong hours in multiple bag limit areas like 16A? (Well, previously multiple bag limit units). Are Mtn Lion populations in a big decline statewide? I'm curious what others think and respectfully welcome other view points to better understand the big changes.