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  1. Tres

    clay thrower

  2. Tres

    Teacher fired for giving ZEROS

    We might as well start paying people for not doing anything! Oh wait Alexandria Cortez already proposed that with her “Green new deal” 🤮
  3. Tres


    Can’t tell by the pics but are they all black? Any livers?
  4. Tres

    GSP, Weim, and Britts

    I believe the gsp is spoken for. Weim still training, will make a good companion dog.
  5. Tres

    Bird dog found

    I will put the word out.
  6. Tres

    GSP, Weim, and Britts

    Weekend bump
  7. Any of you have any Gatorade water bottles that are just laying around and not being used? These work great for watering my dogs on hunts. If you have any you want to get rid of please let me know. I’m in Gilbert thank you
  8. Tres

    GSP, Weim, and Britts

    Just under 2 years
  9. Tres

    GSP, Weim, and Britts

    Quail season started today and by the sounds of it a dog is going to be much needed this year....
  10. Tres

    GSP, Weim, and Britts

    New gsp avail, weim and Britt also still avail. Quail season starts next week! http://www.kninebirddog.com/available-dogs.html
  11. I’m trying to be educated on these pigeons here. Not trying to ruffle your feathers. They taste good? They hard or easy to find?
  12. I’m not being an butt just curious what makes these birds so special? I’m an upland hunter but have no desire to hunt these pigeons. I’m open to trying it if someone can tell me why