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  1. Scrambles can’t breed as they are hybrid. i want to bag a scramble one day. I just don’t think I’m that lucky
  2. Tres

    WTB Pump or Semi auto Shotgun

    What does he consider inexpensive?
  3. Oh yes that is in the works!! Haha
  4. Haha I actually got 3 but I shot the head off of the 3rd one. It would’ve ruined the picture.
  5. Garcia’s Back in the Mud JH aka Blake is just over 3 years old and is 37lbs. He got his AKC Junior Hunter title when he was around 8month old. At 2 he went to Colorado for the American Brittany Club futurities and placed 3rd in both confirmation (show) and 3rd in Gun Dog Field trials. He ranges between 60-300yards depending on the terrain. His pedigree is loaded with both NSTRA and AKC field Champions. He is intense in the field but calm in the house. He has his hips and elbows OFAd as good. PM me if interested or if you have questions.
  6. I love my britts. These are my first 2. Losing my lab Daisy broke my heart. I’ll be getting another Brittany soon. The 8 year old is gonna start slowing down a bit and will have to start staying home on some hunts which will break his heart.
  7. Got 3 today. Only hunted from 6:30-8:30.
  8. I’m shooting 7s this year. I generally use #6 or #7.5s.
  9. Tres

    FS: 28 Gauge

  10. Tres

    Mr heater distribution post

    If sonny doesn’t take it I will
  11. Tres

    WTB sxs shotgun

    I have a friend selling a 20ga shotgun. I think it’s a CZ Bobwhite.
  12. Tres

    Miscellaneous hunting/camping stuff

    Wish you were closer
  13. Tres

    New Mexico elk 2020

    What part of NM are you in??