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  1. Tres

    ISO 28ga O/U

    I’m starting to look for one again. Anyone have one?
  2. Tres

    Franchi 48 AL 28ga

  3. Tres

    Franchi 48 AL 28ga

  4. Tres

    Franchi 48 AL 28ga

    Morning Bump
  5. Tres

    Franchi 48 AL 28ga

    It’s a nice shotgun, I enjoyed shooting it once on Mearns 2 years ago and once on dove last year. I just prefer over unders. has 3 chokes, no manual or box Asking $600 Has a few minor blemishes. I am in Gilbert. PM me if interested.
  6. I am not going. I’ll have to schedule one in a couple weeks.
  7. Summer time is coming up and snakes are starting to come out. Protect your dogs by teaching them life lessons! Friday 9am March 19th 2021 Bob Henson at Desert Pheasant Recreation in Coolidge Az Will be doing snake avoidance training If you are in this area and want to get your dog done Call or text Bob at 520.709.1019
  8. Tres

    12 Gauge Shotgun Ammo

    Same here. little bump
  9. Tres

    28 Gauge shotgun Ammo

    I’ll take 2nd
  10. Tres


    Enjoy the puppy age right now. Give it a few months. where are you located
  11. Tres


    Yes both of my Britts are from them. I am on a different waiting list for another pup that is due in April.
  12. Tres


    There is a decent amount of bird dogs out here. If you want to be around gun dog guys look into Arizona pointing dog club, NSTRA, and Quail Forever.