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  1. mjt71

    Vizsla Puppies

    Great breed and very loyal dogs. We got our boy from Schabens out of Iowa.
  2. Selling my Penn Fathom FTHII30LD. Single speed, gear ratio 5.3.1, 36” per turn. I used this one time this season for rock fish. It has I think 350 yards of 65lb J braid which was probably around $70 to have put on at Phoenix Fishing Supply. Paid $259 for it on Charkbait.com. Very lightly used and works perfect. Asking $225 Located in QC. Matt 480.302.1592
  3. mjt71

    WTB chicken coop

    Looking to buy a chicken coop for 6-8 chickens. Live in QC area. thanks, matt
  4. mjt71

    Delta scroll saw model 40-540

    I think there are a few blades for it in the blade holder. I will verify.
  5. Delta scroll saw model 40-540 manufacture 1997 multi speed saw. This has just been sitting in my shop and haven’t used it. Not sure of the value but will ask $100 obo or will trade for 556 or 45acp ammo. Location Queen Creek Thanks, Matt 4803021592
  6. Probably 10 years old or more but works good. We kept it inside the house. Just moved the QC and no longer need it. $100 obo Queen Creek ( Ellsworth and Chandler Heights) Thanks, Matt 4803021592
  7. mjt71

    Rustic dresser

    $80 obo
  8. mjt71

    Rustic dresser

    Also is has rollers underneath for east moving. Built like a tank
  9. mjt71

    Rustic dresser

    Selling dresser my Dad built many years ago. Outer dimensions L-38/W-21/H-60 inside drawer dimensions L21/W15/H8.5 $150 or trade for 45 ACP ammo East Mesa Thanks, Matt 4803021592
  10. TTT tires are rated for 70k. They have ~27k on them. No plugs or patches obvious.